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Nevertheless and French
Nevertheless, the Duke could think of no circumstances why the French would leave their strong positions and attack his army, even if Villeroi was first reinforced by substantial transfers from Marsin ’ s command.
Nevertheless, it was the French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace, who pioneered and popularised what is now called Bayesian probability.
Nevertheless, this work was important in David's career because it was the first completed painting of the French Revolution, made in less than three months, and a work through which he initiated the regeneration process that would continue with The Death of Marat, David's masterpiece.
Nevertheless, it was a huge hit in Europe, grossing nearly three times its $ 5 million budget among French audiences, and highly praised amongst North American film students.
Nevertheless, the French government maintained the treaties, hoping to expand trade.
Nevertheless, it clearly was founded with the armed support of the revolutionary French Republic.
Nevertheless, the process of creating a written Dutch constitution was mainly driven by internal political factors, not by French influence — until Napoleon forced the Dutch government to accept his brother as monarch.
Nevertheless, the radicals, led by Wybo Fijnje and Anthonie Willem Ockerse, in cohorts with Pierre Auguste Brahain Ducange, the secretary of the French ambassador, now started to plot the coup d ' état of January 21 – 22, 1798, which, with the assistance of general Daendels, put the radicals in power.
Nevertheless, the Quebec French accent is mostly closer to that of Poitou or of Normandy and also some parts of Wallonia.
Nevertheless, Gaultier was an important exponent of the French style brisé, and as such an influence on harpsichordists such as Johann Jakob Froberger.
Nevertheless, the linguistic facts do not support an hypothetical theory: the word trover is mentioned in French as soon as the 10th century before trobar in Occitan ( see above ) and the word trovere > trouvère appears almost simultaneously in French as trobador in Occitan ( see above ).
Nevertheless, Charles Emmanuel obtained the help of French troops to free Alba from the Spaniards ( January 1617 ), as the new King Louis XIII resumed his father's former alliance with Savoy.
Nevertheless, the Weygand General Delegation ( 4th Office ) collaborated with Germany by delivering to Rommel's Afrika Korps 1200 French trucks and other French army vehicles ( Dankworth contract of 1941 ), as well as heavy artillery pieces accompanied with 1000 shells per gun.
Nevertheless, Chamberlain assumed correctly that French officers in the region were ordered to act without fighting the British, and in March 1898, the French proposed to settle the issue – Bussa was returned to Britain, and the French were limited to the town of Bona.
Nevertheless, the official language of Senegal is French.
Nevertheless, his style is more often compared to Robert Schumann and to French composers such as Gounod than to Mikhail Glinka or to Cui's Russian contemporaries.
Nevertheless, Poulenc never questioned the validity of traditional tonic-dominant harmony ; lyrical melody pervades his music and underlies his important contributions to vocal music, particularly French art song.
Nevertheless, its layout and floor plan betray a strong influence of French architectural trends in housing design that had become known in New York in the 1870s.
Nevertheless, Rameau's pre-eminence in the field of French opera was soon acknowledged, and he was later attacked as an " establishment " composer by those who favoured Italian opera during the controversy known as the Querelle des Bouffons in the 1750s.
Nevertheless, while Gluck's popularity survived the French Revolution, Rameau's did not.

Nevertheless and were
Nevertheless, it remained one of the most splendid churches of the Eastern Empire, where the Byzantine Emperors were crowned.
Nevertheless so short was the supply of seed that the settlers were forced to retreat to Fort Daer for food.
`` Nevertheless, you were its agent.
Nevertheless, Blair and others were impressed by his use of words.
Nevertheless, Antoninus was virtually unique among emperors in that he dealt with these crises without leaving Italy once during his reign, but instead dealt with provincial matters of war and peace through their governors or through imperial letters to the cities such as Ephesus ( of which some were publicly displayed ).
Nevertheless, although the Sassanids were checked for the time, the conduct of the Roman army showed an extraordinary lack of discipline.
Nevertheless, in 1171 Amalric visited Constantinople himself and envoys were sent to the kings of Europe for a second time, but again no help was received.
Nevertheless, Phillip believed in discipline, and floggings and hangings were commonplace, although Philip commuted many death sentences.
Nevertheless, a 2009 systematic review and meta-analysis of trials in people diagnosed with schizophrenia found that less than half ( 41 %) showed any therapeutic response to an antipsychotic, compared to 24 % on placebo, and that there was a decline in treatment response over time, and possibly a bias in which trial results were published.
Nevertheless, the Knickerbocker Rules were rapidly adopted by teams in the New York area and their version of baseball became known as the " New York Game " ( as opposed to the " Massachusetts Game ", played by clubs in the Boston area ).
Nevertheless, the often fanciful accounts of these beasts were widely read and generally believed to be true.
Nevertheless, the liberal regime and the Constitution proved to be ephemeral: they were suppressed by Ferdinand VII when he returned to the throne in 1814.
Nevertheless, the Manchus adopted the Confucian norms of traditional Chinese government in their rule and were considered a Chinese dynasty.
Nevertheless, millions of people were rehoused as a result of the Attlee government's housing policies.
Nevertheless, many in the Senate remained hostile to Claudius, and many plots were made on his life.
Nevertheless, Western states that survived into the latter half of the 20th century were considered " strong " by simple reason that they had managed to develop the institutional structures and military capability required to survive predation by their fellow states.
Nevertheless, before the establishment of a literary standard of Macedonian in 1944, in most sources in and out of Bulgaria before the Second World War, the southern Slavonic dialect continuum covering the area of today's Republic of Macedonia were referred to as Bulgarian dialects.
Nevertheless, the upper layer remained suspended above the lower layer because its waters were warmer and thus less dense.
Nevertheless the new values were still higher than the levels which Vespasian and Titus had maintained during their reigns.
Nevertheless, several important wars were fought in Gaul, against the Chatti, and across the Danube frontier against the Suebi, the Sarmatians, and the Dacians.
Nevertheless, many essentials of these diagnostic systems were introduced into the diagnostic systems, and remarkable similarities remain in the DSM-IV and ICD-10.
Nevertheless, as a direct result of the failings of the Dieppe raid, the British made several innovations – most notably Hobart's Funnies – specialized armoured vehicles which, in the course of the Normandy Landings, undoubtedly saved many lives on those three beachheads upon which Commonwealth soldiers were landing ( Gold Beach, Juno Beach, and Sword Beach ).
Nevertheless, these fighters could only achieve modest increases in top speed due to problems of compressibility created as aircraft and their propellers approached the sound barrier, and it was apparent that propeller-driven aircraft were approaching the limits of their performance.
Nevertheless, the Fujiwara were not demoted by Emperor Daigo but actually became stronger during his reign.

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