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Page "adventure" ¶ 5
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

No and one
No one was behind it, but in the rear wall of the office I noticed, for the first time, a door which had been left partially open.
No one hurried.
No matter how many registry rocks they came to on this journey, each one exerted its own appeal.
No one had much to say.
No one seemed to know for sure what had happened, nor was there any purpose or responsibility in the muttering feet and urgent voices behind the driver, beyond finding out.
No one came ''.
No one patted the dog.
No one wanted a larger family or no children, and none hoped for a castle or said that living in less settled circumstances would be satisfactory.
No one asks questions about the free union of the sexes in West Venice so long as the partners share the negative attitudes of the group.
No one seemed to hear him, no one heeded.
No one will deny that such broad developments and transitions are of great intrinsic interest and the study of ideas in literature would be woefully incomplete without frequent reference to them.
No load of sin had been laid on my shoulders, nor did earnest effort enable me to become conscious of one.
No one is to judge others ''.
No one suggested that the ethical effects of the art were irrelevant.
No one, he wrote, took any corn of Greville's, for his bailiff of husbandry `` swore a greate oathe thatt who soe came to put hys hande into hys sackes for anye corne shuld leave hys hande behynde hym ''.
No page seems to be complete without the statement of at least one unproved generalization.
No one was ever educated through bull-sessions in anything other than, to quote him again, `` perfumed bullshit.
No one who has studied the radical Right can suppose that words are their sole staple in trade.
No, they must look the other way and climb one more painful step up the ladder.
No one would question such an errand.
No one told on Ludie, not even when he slipped live grasshoppers into the mite-box.
No one is stupid.
No one will even suspect that it is your work ''.

No and walked
No sooner had Betsey come out of the ring than Mrs. Long walked into the Working Competition with Ch. Cadet or Noranda, another home-bred product, and won!!
:... talking it over the next morning he told me that he had had many visions lately — he had seen the figure of himself which met him as he walked on the terrace and said to him — " How long do you mean to be content " — No very terrific words & certainly not prophetic of what has occurred.
In a 2010 interview with fan blog " No Pink Spandex ", David Yost revealed that he had left the show in the subsequent Power Rangers: Zeo production due to homophobic reactions to his sexuality, citing that he walked off set one day because " was called ' faggot ' one too many times.
No thanks, thought I, as we left the hated shores in the distance, for the hours I have walked over your stones barefooted, with hides on my head, – for the burdens I have carried up your steep, muddy hill, -- for the duckings in your surf ; and for the long days and longer nights passed on your desolate hill, watching piles of hides, hearing the sharp bark of your eternal coyotes, and the dismal hooting of your owls.
Although the tracks on Beautiful walked a fine line between sincere tribute and gentle parody, it proved to be the biggest success of their career, selling in excess of 40, 000 copies and reaching No. 32 on the album chart.
Squier called it his finest album since Don't Say No, yet Capitol did little to promote it, and Squier walked away from the music business to pursue other endeavors.
[...] and he walked about until, as he said, his legs began to fail, and then he lay on his back, according to the directions, and the man who gave him the poison now and then looked at his feet and legs ; and after a while he pressed his foot hard, and asked him if he could feel ; and he said: " No "; and then his leg, and so upwards and upwards, and showed us that he was cold and stiff.
No sooner had Harvey walked out to bat, stand-in captain Lindsay Hassett was caught to leave Australia at 5 / 20 in pursuit of 60.
Around 1: 30 in the afternoon he walked into the passageway of the building at No. 39 on Wenceslas Square and ignited his chemical-soaked clothes.

No and country
No longer is the United States the only major industrial country capable of providing substantial amounts of the resources so urgently needed in the newly developed countries.
Johnson took to the Senate floor after the election demonstrated the schism in the country, giving a sensational speech headlined by the New York Times: "... I will not give up this government ... No ; I intend to stand by it ... and I invite every man who is a patriot to ... rally around the altar of our common country ... and swear by our God ... that the Constitution shall be saved, and the Union preserved.
The album was a multi-platinum success and produced the pop hit " Lucky One " ( No. 18 pop and No. 2 AC ; No. 1 on Radio & Records ) as well as the title track ( a duet with country music star and future husband Vince Gill ) ( No. 37 pop ) and a cover of Joni Mitchell's frequently covered " Big Yellow Taxi " ( No. 67 pop ) ( in which she changed the line " And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see em " to " And then they charged the people 25 bucks just to see em ").
No territorial changes were made to either country, but the Bulgarian unification was recognized by the Great Powers.
No country anywhere in the world today has an enforceable gold standard or silver standard currency system.
The single reached No. 38 on the country charts.
The 72 signatories and 166 parties to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights recognise this rule, under Article 14 ( 7 ): No one shall be liable to be tried or punished again for an offence for which he has already been finally convicted or acquitted in accordance with the law and penal procedure of each country.
* National Road No. 1 connecting the Atlantic seaports with Kinshasa and southeast Katanga, the most important economic area of the country due to its copper and other mines.
* National Road No. 2, Kisangani-Bukavu – Goma, connecting the principal waterway systems of the country, namely Kinshasa-Kisangani on the Congo River and the Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika systems on the eastern edge of the country.
* Tripoli-Cape Town Highway: this route crosses the western extremity of the country on National Road No. 1 between Kinshasa and Matadi, a distance of 285 km on one of the only paved sections in fair condition.
Though it topped the country albums charts, it stalled at No. 71 on the pop albums chart ; the album's single, " Light of a Clear Blue Morning " only reached No. 87 on the Hot 100.
The result, 1977's Here You Come Again, became her first million-seller, topping the country albums chart and reaching No. 20 on the pop albums chart ; the Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil-penned title track topped the country singles chart, and became Parton's first top-ten single on the pop charts ( reaching number three ).
Parton's soundtrack album from her own 1992 film, Straight Talk, however was less successful, though her 1993 album Slow Dancing with the Moon won critical acclaim, and did well on the charts, reaching No. 4 on the country albums charts, and No. 16 on the Billboard 200 albums charts.
In 1987, the release of the country-based Love Tracks album gave rise to the hit singles " Love in My Heart " ( a top-10 in Australia ), " Can't Blame the Wreck on the Train " ( US country No. 49 ), and " Eventually ".
No other western hemisphere country saw such rapid growth.

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