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Nonconformist and members
Around 15 % of households in Birmingham were members of Nonconformist congregations in the mid-18th century, compared to a national average of 4 – 5 %.
Despite this, Birmingham's Enlightenment was by no means a purely Nonconformist phenomenon: the members of the Lunar Society had a wide range of religious backgrounds, and Anglicans formed a majority of all sections of Birmingham society throughout the period.
The family were members of the local Welsh Congregational Church and while other children recited verses on the Sunday morning, as it is a tradition in Nonconformist churches, he would recite a whole chapter.

Nonconformist and from
The term Nonconformist generally replaced the term " Dissenter " from the middle of the eighteenth century.
Chamberlain warned Robert Morant about Nonconformist dissent, asking why voluntary schools could not receive funds from the state rather than the rates.
It is a non-consecrated space and contains a unique selection of stained glass windows and statues depicting leading figures from Nonconformist movements, including Cromwell, Sir Henry Vane and William Penn among many others.
Chapel services are still conducted in a Nonconformist tradition and the college chaplain is always from a Nonconformist denomination.
* Kennedy, Paul " The Nonconformist " pages 109 – 114 from The Atlantic, Volume 287, Issue # 4, April 2001.
While some of these authors came from Welsh-speaking families, they generally tended to associate this language with the repressive religion of Nonconformist chapels.
* The Five Mile Act ( 1665 )-This final act of the Clarendon Code was aimed at Nonconformist ministers, who were forbidden from coming within five miles of incorporated towns or the place of their former livings.
* Five Mile Act ( 1665 )-This final act of the Clarendon Code was aimed at Nonconformist ministers, who were forbidden from coming within five miles of incorporated towns or the place of their former livings.
A moderate supporter of reform, from 1815 Brotherton was a member of a group of Nonconformist Liberals, meeting in the Manchester home of John Potter, termed the Little Circle.
Other Nonconformist churches include the Albert Road Evangelical Church ; the Carreg Llwyd Church, which was founded in 1964 and Cabin Lane Church-a plant from Carreg Llywd Church in 1980, to the eastern expansion of Oswestry.
These arose from the Nonconformist religious movement during the Puritan reformation of the Church of England.
Hymns from all three churches were sung: All people that on earth do dwell from the Scottish Presbyterian psalm tradition ; the Methodist favourite O for a thousand tongues to sing by John Wesley ; the Congregationalist O God of Bethel ; and When I survey the wondrous cross by the British Nonconformist, Isaac Watts.
Early in the 19th century the house was leased for a time as a Nonconformist school, and from 1847 it was leased to William Sewell who founded Saint Peter's College, Radley.
Most large stations have an Anglican chaplain, a Roman Catholic chaplain, and a third chaplain from a Presbyterian or Nonconformist denomination.
Starting from a career in the literary world, and having a Nonconformist background, he became an Anglican clergyman in 1943.
There have been three Nonconformist places of worship in the village: the oldest was a Quaker meeting house, 1806 ; from 1832 it was in use by the Baptists but was converted to a dwelling house in 1871.
All the churches owned by the charity are listed buildings, and most are former Anglican churches, either from the Church of England or the Church in Wales, although three were private chapels, one, the Strict and Particular Baptist Chapel, Waddesdon, was a Nonconformist chapel, and another, St Mary of the Angels Church, Brownshill, was a Roman Catholic church.
It divided the older Nonconformist part of the cemetery from the consecrated Anglican ground.
The term Soviet Nonconformist Art refers to art produced in the former Soviet Union from 1953-1986 ( after the death of Joseph Stalin until the advent of Perestroika and Glasnost ) outside of the rubric of Socialist Realism.
Notable Soviet Nonconformist artists from Moscow include: Ilya Kabakov, Oleg Vassiliev, Erik Bulatov, Komar and Melamid, Genia Chef, Leonid Sokov, Viktor Pivovarov, Ülo Sooster, Boris Sveshnikov, Vladimir Yakovlev, Anatoly Zverev, Lydia Masterkova, Vladimir Nemukhin, Ernst Neizvestny, Oscar Rabin, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Eduard Steinberg, Lev Kropivnitsky, Valentina Kropivnitskaia, Alexander Yulikov, Andrei Grositsky, Vasily Sitnikov, Dmitrii Krasnopevtsev, Leonid Lamm, Igor Shelkovsky, Edward Drobitsky, Julia Dolgorukova and others.
From Gulag to Glasnost: Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union.
Regina Khidekel " From gulag to Glasnost: Nonconformist Art from the Soviet Union " ARTNews, February 1996

Nonconformist and which
There he prepared his Fresh Suit against Ceremonies — the book which made Richard Baxter a Nonconformist.
In Wales the strong traditions of Nonconformism can be traced back to the Welsh Methodist revival which led to Wales effectively being a Nonconformist country by the mid 19th century.
In 1946 the LNC obtained consent to build their own crematorium on a section of the Nonconformist cemetery which had been set aside for pauper burials, but chose not to proceed.
Welsh traditional music declined with the rise of Nonconformist religion in the 18th century, which emphasised choral singing over instruments, and religious over secular uses of music ; traditional musical styles became associated with drunkenness and immorality.
The vicar would not allow a funeral sermon to be preached in the church because Sharp had been involved with the British and Foreign Bible Society, which was Nonconformist.
There were formerly three Nonconformist chapels, two of which are now closed and one demolished.
With the support of Hodder and Stoughton he founded the British Weekly, a Nonconformist newspaper, which also gained great influence over opinion in the churches in Scotland.
Poole also wrote English Annotations on the Holy Bible, a work which was completed by several of his Nonconformist brethren, and published in 2 vols fol.
Here he was a leading member of the party which advocated the removal of Nonconformist grievances and the disestablishment of the church in Wales.
It has a parish church ( Anglican ), a Nonconformist chapel ( Independent ), and a local pub ( Ye Olde Bull Inn ) which serves J. W.
There are also New Testament Church of God ( in Upper Chorlton Road, formerly a Nonconformist chapel, and lacking the upper part of the spire which was deliberately removed ), and Spiritualist ( in Alexandra Road South ) churches.
Nonconformist churches are Protestant churches which do not conform to the doctrines of the established Church of England.
In 1991 they founded the Kolodzei Art Foundation which has presented many exhibitions on Russian Nonconformist art.
The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection of Soviet Nonconformist Art, which contains roughly 20, 000 works of art, was donated to Rutgers University in the mid-1990s, where it is on permanent display at the University's Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum.
He was Congregational minister at Ware, Hertfordshire ( 1831 ) and Leicester ( 1834 ), and in, 1841 founded The Nonconformist, a weekly newspaper in which he advocated the cause of disestablishment.
His Friendly Debate between a Conformist and a Nonconformist was a controversial tract which excited considerable feeling at the time of its publication in 1668, but he lived long enough to soothe by his moderation and candour the exasperation it had caused.

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