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None and many
None of them is the official flag of Taiwan Republic yet, and many design options are present.
None of the many summaries from the pens of Jewish philosophers and rabbis has been invested with similar importance.
None of the African species of hornbills are seriously threatened, but many Asian hornbills are threatened due to hunting and habitat loss, as they tend to require primary forest.
None of the poems are attributed to a particular author though many of them show strong individual characteristics and are likely to have been the work of individual poets.
None of them accepted the offer and the collection was split up and auctioned ; many of the drawings later found their way into the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum.
None of the journalists were laid off, but many took a voluntary redundancy package when the paper was greatly restructured.
None of us are perfect and God knows, I have made many mistakes.
None of the reprints contained complete runs of the strip, although Bloom County Babylon contained many of the strips that preceded Loose Tails.
None of the ancient sources states this in so many words.
None of these attempts was completely successful and many of the proposed theories were descriptive.
None of these mammals is related to the living mammals of the island, many of which belong to unique groups ( see List of mammals of Madagascar ).
None of Diogenes ’ many writings has survived, but details of his life come in the form of anecdotes ( chreia ), especially from Diogenes Laërtius, in his book Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers.
None of the Nessers attended college, despite many offers.
Smiley shows up as a non-speaking background extra ( wearing an odd, unusually stern expression ) along with many other muppets in the musical skit " Some / None ".
None of the investigated monks were ever charged, although many were sent to reeducation camps.
None of the guests died, as a hastily-prepared emetic supplied by a doctor at the scene allowed the victims to vomit the poison out of their systems, though many suffered considerable agony.
None of the properties have been returned, and many have been destroyed.
None of the people directly involved in rigging any of the quiz shows faced any penalty more severe than suspended sentences for perjury before the federal grand jury that probed the scandal, even if many hosts and producers found themselves frozen out of television for many years.
None of the explicit criticism of clergy that marks many of the other tales and character sketches is obvious here.
* Abella, Irving M and Troper, Harold M. None is too many: Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948.
None quite gave the standard model, but it seemed as though one could get close with enough effort in many distinct ways.
None of Yardley's many later attempts at writing were as successful as The American Black Chamber, though he published several articles and three spy / mystery novels ( The Blonde Countess, Red Sun of Nippon, and Crows Are Black Everywhere ).
None of this is helped by our basic uncertainty as to who the plebs actually were ; many of them are known to have been wealthy landowners, and the " lower class " label dates from the late Republic.
None of the folios of this manuscript so far found is signed, though many have been attributed to different artists.

None and saw
None of these submarines ever saw battle.
The two leaders saw no way to prevent reunification, however, as " None of us was going to declare war on Germany ".
None of these saw the light of day, but the GEM / XM source code is now freely available under the GNU General Public License.
None of his fellow players in the Slater Squad saw Henman as a potential British Number 1, with most believing Marc Moreso to be the group's brightest hope.
After a long period of record label shopping, " Even Rats " and other songs finally saw release on the album Eisenhower, released in November 2006 on Bar / None Records.

None and there
In a few of her novels, including Death Comes as the End and And Then There Were None, there are multiple victims.
None of them is however said to have had his residence there, as the Swedish king and his retinue routinely moved between the Husbys, parts of the network of royal estates called Uppsala öd.
None of his professors seem to have influenced him, nor are there suggestions that his colleagues affected him.
None of John's known illegitimate children were born after he remarried, and there is no actual documentary proof of adultery after that point, although John certainly had female friends amongst the court throughout the period.
None of the band came from Guildford: Black is from Ilford, Burnel from Notting Hill, Cornwell from Kentish Town and Greenfield from Brighton, while Wärmling came from Sweden and returned there after leaving the band.
I then queried them on this matter: ‘ What benefits are there to be gained from eating these leaves ?’ To which they replied, ‘ None whatsoever, it ’ s just another expense for us as we ’ ve grown accustomed to it ’.
None of them are found in the Americas although a remarkably similar but not closely related genus, Dracontium, has evolved there.
None of his meager possessions, including a key, provide any clue how he got there from the battleground of France.
None has ever won, and there has not been a shortlisted classical album since 2002.
None of the Latin inscriptions of the district need be older than Sulla, but some of them both in language and script show the style of his period ( e. g. 3087, 3137 ); and, on the other hand, as several of the native inscriptions, which are all in the Latin alphabet, show the normal letters of the Ciceronian period, there is little doubt that, for religious and private purposes at least, the Paelignian dialect lasted down to the middle of the 1st century BC.
None are so reliable that their estimates can be fully relied upon ; there are always assumptions which may be very difficult to confirm.
None of these events were reported in the press, and they only became known to the public after 1990, because the official Communist Party line in Russia and Poland was that there were no Germans in these areas.
None of the atypicals ( Clozaril, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Abilify and Geodon ) had been approved for children, and there was little research on their effects on children.
None of the tracks on ( ) have titles ; band guitarist and keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson said of this choice, " we didn't want to put titles on the record just because there are supposed to be titles on the record.
None were hospitalized and there were no reported third degree burns.
None of the points on this line is included in any of the other sets in the cover, so there is no proper subcover of this cover, which therefore contains no countable subcover.
None of Cohl's Eclipse films have survived, so little is known of his work there — it appeared to consist of object animation and travelogues.
Baseball legend, Ed Barrow, who managed Crawford in his first two years with Detroit, and went on to convert Babe Ruth to an outfielder as general manager of the Yankees, once said that “ there never was a better hitter ” than Crawford .” One of his contemporaries, Fielder Jones, said of Crawford: “ None of them can hit quite as hard as Crawford.
In addition to DuPont's neoprene, Standard Oil had licensed German patents for a copolymer called Buna-N and a related product, Buna-S. None had been manufactured on the scale now required, and there was pressure from agricultural interests to choose a process which involved making raw materials from farm products.
None know where they are, how they got there, or why.
None of that would do in a railroad locomotive ; however, there was no diesel engine suitable for that purpose then.
None of the original 17th century buildings survive, but there are many handsome 18th and early 19th century houses.
None of the electronic signatures in these examples are " digital signatures ", as that term is commonly used, in that there is no cryptographic assertion of the signer's identity, and no integrity check on the text received.
None of the heavy industry remains ; on the site of the Alloy works there is now a small industrial estate of a number of small engineering firms, motor maintenance, building supplies and a health centre for the area.
None of Slauerhoff's works have been translated into English, but there are a number of German, French, Italian, Ukrainian, and Portuguese translations of his prose works and Russian translations of his poetry.

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