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Nor and did
Nor did a constellation's stars vary in brightness during the course of their nocturnal flights.
Nor did the Trial devote much attention to exposing the usefulness of anti-Semitism to the Nazis, both in building their own power and in destroying that of rival organizations and states.
Nor have we remembered that in the melting pot of America the hundreds of isolated and semi-isolated ethnic, regional and occupational groups did not fuse into a homogeneous national unit until long after education and industrialization had caused them to cast oral tradition aside as a means of carrying culturally significant material.
Nor did the dancing involved really seize the attention at any time.
Nor did looking at Anne ease the tension as it usually did.
Nor did they care.
Nor did it implement the stored program architecture that made practical fully general-purpose, reprogrammable computers.
Nor did his piety prevent him from expropriating strategically sited church lands, especially estates along the border with the Danelaw, and transferring them to royal thegns and officials who could better defend them against Viking attacks.
Nor did the Aegean objects which were lying obscurely in museums in 1870, or thereabouts, provide a sufficient test of the real basis underlying the Hellenic myths of the Argolid, the Troad and Crete, to cause these to be taken seriously.
Nor did the tears and weeping of the people, as they implored his aid, deter him from giving the signal of departure and receiving into his army all who would go with him.
Nor did Buckingham and Ashley get on very well with each other.
Nor did impeding markets for final goods to the planning system enfranchise consumers in meaningful ways.
Nor did the vague statements of those who insisted upon his " powerful ambition ... and unusual energy of will " actually account for his revolutionary connections.
Nor could the atmospheric engine be easily adapted to drive a rotating wheel, although Wasborough and Pickard did succeed in doing so towards 1780.
Nor did his friends, family or associates comment on his beliefs.
Nor did he seek to rule as an absolute autocrat.
Nor did he improve his dignity with his own participation in the ceremonial of bloody sacrifices.
Nor did its Germanic traditions offer any code of civil law required of urbanised society, such as Justinian I caused to be assembled and promulgated in the Byzantine Empire.
Nor did Directive 16 provide for a combined operational headquarters under which all three service branches ( Army, Navy, Air Force ) could work together under a single umbrella organisation to plan, coordinate and execute such a complex undertaking ( similar to the Allies ' creation of SHAEF for the later Normandy landings ).
Nor did conservatives like the Elder Moltke and Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Nor did PS have any sort of interactivity built in ; for example, supporting hit detection for mouse interactivity obviously did not apply when PS was being used on a printer.
Nor did he conceal his intention to separate the French Church entirely from Rome.

Nor and save
Nor were there any rules to save him.
Nor can any man save himself by good works or by a commendable `` moral life '', although such works are the natural fruits and evidences of a saving faith already received and naturally expressing itself through such avenues.
Occupy and rule Terok Nor with an iron fist, observe new Rituals with the protocol-obsessed Kreetassans, and journey into the Delphic Expanse to save Earth with a desperate Starfleet.
Nor could it alter the constitution, save upon the emperor's initiative.
" Nor knew the Greeks, save in the laughing page, The philosophic emblem of our age ."...
Nor did they recall doing us any injury, save that if they had anything of the best quality in their possession we might consider them unworthy of having it and judge it worthy of our possession.

Nor and himself
" 21: 2 In the New Jerusalem, God " will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God .." 21: 4 As a result, there is “ no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple .” Nor is there a need for the sun to give its light, “ for the glory of God illuminated it, and the Lamb is its light.
Nor did he take on any of the articulation of administration foreign policy ( a responsibility left to Secretary Haig who at first thought of himself as the " Vicar " of foreign affairs.
Finrod himself had not expected the caves to survive as Elven territory ; in the Silmarillion he remarks " Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son might inherit.
Nor were they entirely baseless, since it was he, himself ; who was shown to have originated them.
Nor had he shown himself unduly ambitious or self-seeking in the pursuit of office, and he had proved himself ready to sacrifice high place to the claims of professional honour and duty.
Nor was it clear who the dictator was to be-Valois himself did not indicate a willingness to occupy the position, and Maxime Weygand may have been the preferred candidate of some members of the Faisceau.
Nor is there an instance of a Nipal chief taking bribes from, or selling himself for money to, the British or any other foreign State.
Nor did Hunt confine himself to oil painting.
Nor was he able to close himself off against media comment.
Nor should it be forgotten that Hartley himself, for all his paternal interest in the doctrine of vibrations, was careful to keep separate from its fortunes the cause of his other doctrine of mental association.

Nor and during
Odo later worked for the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor aboard the orbiting Terok Nor ore-processing space station, and later for the Bajorans / Federation aboard Deep Space Nine ( the Federation name for Terok Nor ), in both cases as chief of security.
A popular Cardassian board game is Kotra, which, as Garak describes it, favors bold tactical maneuvers over defensive play ; hence Garak's criticism of Nog's attempts to regroup his pieces during a game they played in the episode " Empok Nor ".
Binghamton receives significant snows at times during the year from Nor ' easter storms as well.
Nor was he seriously wounded in the stomach during the Battle of Okinawa in the latter stages of World War II.
Nor was there among them formerly any image or statue of the Divine Being ; during the first one hundred and seventy years they built temples, indeed, and other sacred domes, but placed in them no figure of any kind ; persuaded that it is impious to represent things Divine by what is perishable, and that we can have no conception of God but by the understanding ".
Nor should it be confused with Confederate Colonel George W. Baylor, who fought in Louisiana during the American Civil War.
Another severe and devastating flood event occurred in Lost Valley during the April 2007 Nor ' easter.
Nor does it deal with world affairs, although it was written during World War II.
Quark came to the station while it was named Terok Nor during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
Nor ' easters often dump heavy snow and wind on the town during the winter, and accumulations of one foot of snow or greater are not uncommon when these storms move through the area.
Nor is there any known evidence that the young Smith was persecuted for telling the First Vision story during the 1820s.
Nor was he the only one ; in 1795 Richard Warner wrote a potboiler entitled Netley Abbey, a Gothic Story in two volumes, featuring skullduggery at the abbey during the middle ages.
Operation Archery, also known as the Vaagso Raid, was a British Combined Operations raid during World War II against German positions on Vaagso Island ( Nor: Vågsøy ), Norway, on 27 December 1941.
Nor do workers have a substantive role in organizing work ; Ota Sik, noted economic reformer during the 1960s, characterized the Czechoslovak worker as " alienated from the production process, from the fruits of labor, and from the management of industrial enterprises.
Nor does it measure a quarterback's win-loss record, how many times he has fumbled or been sacked, or evaluate his leadership and performance during different situations.
Nor can any player during a return hit the ball off the floor before it touches the front wall.
Nor may the Ombudsman, except with written permission from the Prime Minister, hold any other paid office or engage in any other paid occupation during their term as Ombudsman.
Nor did the street benefit from a consumer boom during the 1990s, as this was largely diverted toward a series of new shopping malls opened in the city's north side.
It is due to this crosswind that the secondary runway, 11 / 29, is a cross-runway ( at a right angle to the primary runway ), and is used during Nor ' westers by all aircraft up to Boeing 777.
Nor was he the only architect practising the concept during the Palladianism.
Nor were any horses injured during the shoot ; in fact, the number of hours the horses could be used each day was actually shortened to keep them out of the summer heat.
Nor are information-theoretical rules broken in the inventive procedures for superimposing more than one band,: disentangling them in the received image needs assumptions of object invariance during multiple exposures, i. e., the substitution of one kind of uncertainty for another.

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