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North and America
She carried, besides her captain, a crew of twenty-one and provisions for a voyage of exploration of the Arctic waters of North America.
This time he turned westward, to the middle Atlantic coast of North America.
A century of exploration had established that a great land mass, North and South America, lay between Europe and the Indies.
In western Europe and North America, where the level of economic development is higher, grains and other seed products furnish less than one-third of the food consumed.
Next we imagine our blizzard raging over all the land areas of the entire globe -- North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, all covered with peas four feet deep ; ;
Their autumn tints are all fairly low keyed compared with the fiery stabs of crimson, gold, purple, bronze, blue and vermilion that flame up in North America.
Here the peoples spoke the tongue of Iceland because that island had gotten the jump on the Hawaiian-Americans who were busy resettling North America and the western half of South America after the Apocalyptic War.
Then there was North America, where American was the native speech of all except the twenty descendants of French-Canadians living on the Hudson Bay Preserve.
The cakes are marketed and can the found in cities either in Algeria or in Europe or North America.
A number of fossil cryptobranchids have been found but there are only three living species, the Chinese giant salamander ( Andrias davidianus ), the Japanese giant salamander ( Andrias japonicus ) and the hellbender ( Cryptobranchus alleganiensis ) from North America.
The rough-skinned newt ( Taricha granulosa ) from North America and other members of its genus contain the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin ( TTX ), the most toxic non-protein substance known and almost identical to that produced by pufferfish.
Buildings made of sun-dried earth are common in West Asia, North Africa, West Africa, South America, southwestern North America, Spain ( usually in the Mudéjar style ), Eastern Europe and East Anglia, particularly Norfolk, known as ' clay lump.
In more modern English usage, the term " adobe " has come to include a style of architecture popular in the desert climates of North America, especially in New Mexico.
The Atlantic Ocean is bounded on the west by North and South America.
In modern times, some idioms refer to the ocean in a humorously diminutive way as the Pond, describing both the geographical and cultural divide between North America and Europe, in particular between the English-speaking nations of both continents.
The third is between Japan and western North America.
* Around 1010, Thorfinnr Karlsefni led an attempted Viking settlement in North America with 160 settlers, but was later driven off by the natives.
The Arctic Circle passes through the Arctic Ocean, the Scandinavian Peninsula, North Asia, Northern America and Greenland.
After being wounded in a leg and suffering other injuries, he moved to North America in 1916 ( first to Canada, then the United States ) to coordinate the shipment of artillery to Russia.
Nobel travelled for much of his business life, maintaining companies in various countries in Europe and North America and keeping a permanent home in Paris from 1873 to 1891.

North and was
For over a hundred years Southerners have felt that the North was picking on them.
In the pre-Civil War years, the South argued that the slave was not less humanely treated than the factory worker of the North.
Mr. Justice Taney's Dred Scott decision in 1857 was unpopular in the North, and soon became a dead letter.
it was visiting University of North Carolina alumni in New York to ask them for contributions to the Graham Memorial Building fund.
Pope was convicted last year of having aided North Celebes rebels by flying bombing missions.
It was the opinion of some of us that these must be part of the Committeemen who had been in the Battle of the North Bridge, which entitled them to a sort of veteran status, and we felt that if they employed this tactic, it was likely enough the best one.
more doubtful, but possible, ( with an assist from the North ) was the neutralization of the Latin American countries ; ;
His chief discovery was important -- the Great North ( later, the Hudson ) River -- but it produced no northwest passage.
The ship's compass was useless because of the nearness of the magnetic North Pole.
For he seemed to sense at once that before him was no South Sea, but the solid bulk of the North American continent.
Thus at the same time that William Henry Harrison was preparing to pacify the aborigines of Indiana Territory and winning fame at the battle of Tippecanoe, Anglo-Saxon settlement made a great leap into the center of the North American continent to the west of the American agricultural frontier.
O'Banion was born in poverty, the son of an immigrant Irish plasterer, in the North Side's Little Hell, close by the Sicilian quarter and Death Corner.
In his teens O'Banion was enrolled in the vicious Market Street gang and he became a singing waiter in McGovern's Cafe, a notoriously low and rowdy dive in North Clark Street, where befuddled customers were methodically looted of their money by the singing waiters before being thrown out.
Within about an hour with the help of reports from seismic stations in Alaska, Arizona and California, the quake's epicenter was placed at 51 degrees North latitude and 158 degrees East longitude.
Bursting from the lips of a charging cavalry trooper was the last sound heard on this earth by untold numbers of Cheyennes, Sioux and Apaches, Mexican banditos under Pancho Villa, Japanese in the South Pacific, and Chinese and North Korean Communists in Korea.
The regiment was dug in on the east side of the river and the North Koreans were steadily building up a concentration of crack troops on the other side.
There was Sounder, too, also a veteran of the North Rim, and Rastus and the Rake from a pack of English fox-hounds, and a collie from a London pound, and Simba, a terrier.
He was born in the North and did his military training in the South.
He was also, if Pam North was right, a closer acquaintance of Lauren Payne's than she, now, was inclined to admit.
Miss Shirley Joan Meredith, a former student of North Texas State University, was married Saturday to Larry W. Mills, who has attended Arlington State College.
The victim, Norman B. Wiley, 38, of the 900 block North Charles Street, was treated for cuts at Franklin Square Hospital after the robbery.
A 62-year-old Smithfield man, Lester E. Stone of 19 Beverly Circle, was in satisfactory condition last night at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, North Providence, with injuries suffered when a car he was driving struck a utility pole on Woonasquatucket Avenue in North Providence near Stevens Street.

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