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North and south
It is situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent, with Canada to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, with Russia further west across the Bering Strait.
The Gulf Stream and its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, for example, warms the atmosphere of the British Isles and north-western Europe and influences weather and climate as far south as the northern Mediterranean.
King William Street, Adelaide | King William Street, named in honour of King William IV, looking south from North Terrace, Adelaide | North Terrace in 2006 before the extension of the tram line.
North Andaman Island is south of Burma, although a few smaller Burmese islands are closer, including the three Coco Islands.
Queen Charlotte Sound defines its western side, while to the south lies Tory Channel, which is on the sea route from Wellington in the North Island to Picton.
The plateau, on whose centre stands the town of Ajmer, may be considered as the highest point in the plains of North India ; from the circle of hills which hem it in, the country slopes away on every side-towards river valleys on the east, south, west and towards the Thar Desert region on the north.
Annual sunshine hours vary from 2200 near Cranbrook and Victoria to less than 1300 in Prince Rupert, located on the North Coast, just south of the Alaska Panhandle.
The North Atlantic Ocean lies to the north of the islands, and the Caribbean Sea lies to the south.
Traveling north to south, the first neighborhood, the " North Residential Neighborhood ", has high-rise residential buildings, a large hotel, Stuyvesant High School, a movie theater and a modern branch of the New York Public Library.
) After leaving New York City, it is the main north – south street of western Yonkers, New York through Sleepy Hollow ( known as ether North or South Broadway in most sections ), before becoming Albany Post Road ( and Highland Avenue ) at the northern border of Sleepy Hollow, New York.
File: BM ; RM18-GR, The Parthenon Galleries 1 Temple of Athena Parthenos ( 447-438 B. C ) + North Slip Room ,-Full Elevation & Viewing North -. JPG | Room 18-Parthenon statuary from the east pediment and Metopes from the south wall
* Agassiz ( Harvard North ) ( Area 8 ) is bordered on the north by the Somerville border, on the south and east by Kirkland Street, and on the west by Massachusetts Avenue.
* North Cambridge ( Area 11 ) is bordered on the north by the Arlington and Somerville borders, on the south by railroad tracks, on the west by the Belmont border, and on the east by the Somerville border.
Having defeated the warlords in south and central China by military force, Chiang was able to secure the nominal allegiance of the warlords in the North.
The south coast, including the Mesara Plain and Asterousia Mountains, falls in the North African climatic zone, and thus enjoys significantly more sunny days and high temperatures throughout the year.
The coyote ( or, or ; Canis latrans ), also known as the American jackal or the prairie wolf, is a species of canine found throughout North and Central America, ranging from Panama in the south, north through Mexico, the United States and Canada.
The Chicago River is the south border ( right ) of the Near North Side, Chicago | Near North Side and Streeterville and the north border ( left ) of Chicago Loop, Lakeshore East and Illinois Center ( from Lake Shore Drive's Link Bridge with Trump International Hotel and Tower ( Chicago ) | Trump International Hotel and Tower at jog in the river in the center )
* Vaccinium macrocarpon or Oxycoccus macrocarpus ( Large cranberry, American Cranberry, Bearberry ) native to northern North America across Canada, and eastern United States, south to North Carolina at high altitudes ).
This was due to North Vietnam's support of " uprisings " in the south and concern the nation would fall.
Megalithic tombs are found from the Baltic Sea and North Sea coasts south to Spain and Portugal.

North and east
The regiment was dug in on the east side of the river and the North Koreans were steadily building up a concentration of crack troops on the other side.
* Alnus maritima — seaside alder, east coastal North America, plus disjunct population in Oklahoma
The area between the east and west coast highlands, which north of 17 ° N is mainly desert, is divided into separate basins by other bands of high ground, one of which runs nearly centrally through North Africa in a line corresponding roughly with the curved axis of the continent as a whole.
The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Puerto Rico. Its geographic coordinates are.
In 2009, the North Carolina Department of Transportation began widening 1. 1 miles of U. S. 421 ( King Street ) to a four to six-lane divided highway with a raised concrete median from U. S. 321 ( Hardin Street ) to east of N. C. 194 ( Jefferson Road ), including a new entrance and exit to the new Watauga High School, at a cost of $ 16. 2 million.
North Keeling Island is an atoll consisting of just one C-shaped island, a nearly closed atoll ring with a small opening into the lagoon, about wide, on the east side.
It borders both the Caribbean Sea ( to the east ) and the North Pacific Ocean ( to the west ), with a total of 1, 228 km of coastline ( 212 km on the Caribbean coast and 1, 016 km on the Pacific ).
It is bordered by Mexico to the north, the Caribbean Sea to the east, the North Pacific Ocean to the west, and Colombia to the south-east.
The pattern of distribution of these stories suggest they have a common origin in the eastern Asiatic coastal region, spreading as peoples migrated west into Siberia and east to the North American continent.
: Caribbean, it occupies two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Haiti
The kingdom was bounded to the north by the River Stour and the Kingdom of East Anglia, to the south by the River Thames and Kent, to the east lay the North Sea and to the west Mercia.
In 1542, he left for his first missionary activity among the Paravars, katesar / kadaiyar Pattamkattiyars ( head of fishery coast ) and mukkuvars, pearl fishers along the east coast of southern India, North of Cape Comorin ( or Sup Santaz ).
Fleeing from what they saw as oppressive social conformity, a loose collection of writers, poets, artists, and students ( later known as the Beats ) and the Beatniks, moved to Greenwich Village, and to North Beach in San Francisco, in many ways creating the east coast-west coast predecessor to the Haight-Ashbury-East Village hippie scene of the next decade.
Hungary has three major geographic regions ( which are subdivided to seven smaller ones ): the Great Alföld, lying east of the Danube River ; the Transdanubia, a hilly region lying west of the Danube and extending to the Austrian foothills of the Alps ; and the North Hungarian Mountains, which is a mountainous and hilly country beyond the northern boundary of the Great Hungarian Plain.
The discovery of the giant Forties oilfield in October 1970 signalled that Scotland was about to become a major oil producing nation, a view confirmed when Shell Expro discovered the giant Brent oilfield in the northern North Sea east of Shetland in 1971.
The territory the tribes covered came to be known as Illyria to Hellenistic and Roman authors, corresponding roughly to the area between Adriatic sea in west, Drava river in North, Morava river in east and the mouth of Vjosë river in south.
Harwich () is a town in Essex, England and one of the Haven ports, located on the coast with the North Sea to the east.
North of 20 ° south latitude the minimum surface temperature is 22 ° C ( 72 ° F ), exceeding 28 ° C ( 82 ° F ) to the east.

North and west
Thus at the same time that William Henry Harrison was preparing to pacify the aborigines of Indiana Territory and winning fame at the battle of Tippecanoe, Anglo-Saxon settlement made a great leap into the center of the North American continent to the west of the American agricultural frontier.
The Atlantic Ocean is bounded on the west by North and South America.
The bays and gulfs of the Aegean beginning at the South and moving clockwise include on Crete, the Mirabelli, Almyros, Souda and Chania bays or gulfs, on the mainland the Myrtoan Sea to the west, the Saronic Gulf northwestward, the Petalies Gulf which connects with the South Euboic Sea, the Pagasetic Gulf which connects with the North Euboic Sea, the Thermian Gulf northwestward, the Chalkidiki Peninsula including the Cassandra and the Singitic Gulfs, northward the Strymonian Gulf and the Gulf of Kavala and the rest are in Turkey ; Saros Gulf, Edremit Gulf, Dikili Gulf, Çandarlı Gulf, İzmir Gulf, Kuşadası Gulf, Gulf of Gökova, Güllük Gulf.
In the west, organized Arianism survived in North Africa, in Hispania, and parts of Italy until it was finally suppressed in the 6th and 7th centuries.
The largest species are red alder ( A. rubra ) on the west coast of North America, and black alder ( A. glutinosa ), native to most of Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, both reaching over 30 m. By contrast, the widespread Alnus viridis ( green alder ) is rarely more than a 5 m tall shrub.
* Alnus rubra — red alder, west coastal North America
The dress of the Lhop resembles the Lepcha, but they bear little similarity with the Bhutia in the North and the Toto in the west.
In such pre-industrialized, or poorly developed infrastructure regions, many barges are purpose-designed to be powered on waterways by long slender poles thereby becoming known on American waterways as poleboats as the extensive west of North America was settled using the vast tributary river systems of the Mississippi drainage basin.
Gate sat in the southwest corner, Middle sat in the far northeast, South sat in the table to the west of Middle, while North sat to the west of the southeast corner.
* History of the west coast of North America
The 1913 Handbook of Indians of Canada ( reprinting 1907 material from the Bureau of American Ethnology ), claims that North American natives practicing cannibalism included "... the Montagnais, and some of the tribes of Maine ; the Algonkin, Armouchiquois, Iroquois, and Micmac ; farther west the Assiniboine, Cree, Foxes, Chippewa, Miami, Ottawa, Kickapoo, Illinois, Sioux, and Winnebago ; in the South the people who built the mounds in Florida, and the Tonkawa, Attacapa, Karankawa, Caddo, and Comanche (?
Thompson mapped and established trading posts in Northwestern Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Western Canada ; including Kootenae House and Saleesh House ; the first trading post west of the Rockies in Montana extending North West Company fur trading territories.
* Esbjerg Airport ( EBJ ), a small airport in the west of Jutland with regular flights to Aberdeen and Stavanger ( although primarily serving North Sea Oilrigs ).

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