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Northumberland's and patron
Northumberland's patron, Thomas Wentworth, favoured war with Scotland, while Northumberland did not want to go to war, and feared that his estates in northern England would be occupied during the hostilities.
In spite of Northumberland's political conversion, he did not vote in favour of the bill of attainder against his old patron, Archbishop Laud.

Northumberland's and was
However, the popular support for the proper Tudor dynasty – even a Catholic member – overruled Northumberland's plans, and Jane, who had never wanted to accept the crown, was deposed after just nine days.
There is no doubt that Cecil saw which way the wind was blowing, and disliked Northumberland's scheme ; but he had not the courage to resist the duke to his face.
He married Eliza Anne " Annarella " Warington in Messina on 7 October 1815, when they were 27 ; she was ten weeks the younger ; a portrait of them can be seen at http :// www. pinetreeweb. com / bp-admiral. htm ; this was painted while they were cataloguing the Duke of Northumberland's collection, see bibliography below.
* Henry VIII of England's reign ( 1491 – 1547 ): The west part of the Duke of Northumberland's River was made past Heathrow.
* 1638 or 1647: Inhabitants of Heathrow and around unauthorizedly blocked the Duke of Northumberland's River to stop flood damage that it was causing.
The traditional view is that it was Northumberland's plot to maintain his power by placing his family on the throne.
While this was technically lawful, these events contributed much to Northumberland's growing unpopularity.
Cranmer's canon law was finally wrecked by Northumberland's furious intervention during the spring parliament of 1553.
The Duke of Northumberland's oration, held before Jane the previous day, did not move her to accept the Crown — her parents ' assistance was required for that.
It began in 1987 as a part of the town's sesquicentennial celebrations, and was conceived by the Art Gallery of Northumberland's former Director / Curator Peter Tulumello and former Concert Hall Manager Mark Finnan.
He was opposed to Northumberland's plot for the exclusion of Mary Tudor from the throne, but this did not save him from speedy imprisonment when she became queen.
The garrison was first led by Sir Andrew Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland's brother, who hoped to distribute Tyndale's Bible in Dundee.
Northumberland's first expedition as admiral in 1636 was to force Dutch ships fishing in waters claimed by England to purchase English fishing licenses, in exchange for which the English fleet would offer protection from the Dunkirkers.
Northumberland's political faction was strongly pro-French and anti-Spanish, so he rankled at the thought of aiding the Spaniards.
Northumberland's brother Henry was involved in the First Army Plot of 1641, an attempt to rescue Strafford from the Tower of London and to forcibly dissolve the Long Parliament.
During the subsequent fighting between royalist and parliamentary forces, Northumberland's control of the navy was a crucial factor in securing parliamentary victory As a result, Charles I removed Northumberland from the post of Lord High Admiral in late June 1642 and Northumberland relinquished the position.
Returning to London, Northumberland's peace party was increasingly attacked by the party favouring continued war: for example, in June, Northumberland was accused of complicity in Waller's Plot, though he was never prosecuted.
During the period of Restoration politics, Northumberland's closest ally at court was Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester, while Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon remained a constant enemy, a rivalry which climaxed with Northumberland voting in favour of Clarendon's impeachment in 1667.
After Northumberland's execution, Dudley Castle was forfeited to the crown, and in 1555 was restored to Lord Quondam's eldest son, Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley.
Edward VI was dying and his appointed heir was his cousin Lady Jane Grey, Northumberland's daughter-in-law.

Northumberland's and later
A report spread that Hatton had contrived Northumberland's death, and some years later Sir Walter Raleigh, in writing to Sir Robert Cecil, referred to Hatton's guilt as proved.

Northumberland's and by
Its historic importance is evidenced by Northumberland's castles, the two World Heritage Sites of Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, and Hadrian's Wall.
The ball is fetched from Alnwick Castle in procession, preceded by the Duke of Northumberland's piper.
As a reward for the support given to Mary I by the bailiffs and citizens during the Duke of Northumberland's attempt to prevent her accession, the Queen issued a new charter in 1553, confirming the 1548 charter and in addition granting the city its own Sheriff.
Northumberland's support for the war wavered shortly thereafter, however, in the wake of setbacks faced by parliamentary forces in 1642 – 43.
Newcastle was held by Northumberland's sons, Sir Henry Percy, known as " Hotspur ", and his brother Sir Ralph Percy.
Nowadays the ball is fetched from the castle in procession, preceded by the Duke of Northumberland's piper.
A procession moved to the principal alehouse for the ' riding of the fair ', led by the Duke of Northumberland's pipers, dressed in light blue and adorned with the Duke's sign of a crescent moon.

Northumberland's and .
The playwright William Shakespeare had already used the family history of Northumberland's family in his Henry IV series of plays, and the events of the Gunpowder Plot seem to have featured alongside the earlier Gowrie conspiracy in Macbeth, written some time between 1603 and 1607.
In an attempt to increase trade and rescue the English economy, Mary's counsellors continued Northumberland's policy of seeking out new commercial opportunities.
Lord Scrope then withdrew northwards, taking Northumberland's army with him.
After the Duke of Northumberland's attainder the entire Dudley inheritance had disappeared.
* 1653: Petitions were lodged to try to stop the Duke of Northumberland's River from being reopened.
Jane had been married to Northumberland's son, Guilford Dudley, on 25 May 1553.
* Northumberland Estates, which manages the Duke of Northumberland's agricultural, forestry and property interests.
As his death approached, Edward changed his will so that his Protestant cousin Jane Grey, Northumberland's daughter-in-law, could inherit the Crown.
At the heart of Northumberland's problems with the episcopate lay the issue of the Church's wealth, from the confiscation of which the government and its officials had profited ever since the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
Overall, Northumberland's provisions for reorganized dioceses reveal a concern in him that " the preaching of the gospel " should not lack funds.

patron and saint
He pressed his palms together and addressed himself to the patron saint of divers in a hurried and anxious whisper.
A common theory about the building is that the rounded feature to the left of centre, terminating at the top in a turret and cross, represents the lance of Saint George ( patron saint of Catalonia, Gaudi's home ), which has been plunged into the back of the dragon.
He was canonized and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on December 16, 1931 by Pope Pius XI and patron saint of the sciences.
The Saint Albert the Great Science Academy in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, which offers preschool, elementary and high school education, takes pride in having St. Albert as their patron saint.
In the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion, he is a saint and pre-eminent Doctor of the Church, and the patron of the Augustinians ; his memorial is celebrated 28 August, the day of his death.
He is the patron saint of brewers, printers, theologians, the alleviation of sore eyes, and a number of cities and dioceses.
St. Vojtěch was later made the patron saint of Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Prussia.
One well known member of this religious and ethnic community is Saint Abo, martyr and the patron saint of Tbilisi, Georgia.
St. Titus is the patron saint of the United States Army Chaplain Corps.
** Sithney, patron saint of mad dogs
The patron saint of the Bulgarian Army is St. George.
Benedict of Nursia () ( c. 480 – 543 ) is a Christian saint, honored by the Roman Catholic Church as the patron saint of Europe and students.
St. Raymond of Penyafort ( 1175 – 1275 ), a Spanish Dominican priest, is the patron saint of canonists, due to his important contributions to the science of canon law.
Columbanus is the patron saint of motorcyclists.
Columba is the patron saint of the city of Derry, Ireland where he founded a monastic settlement in c. AD 540.
It was renamed after the construction of a chapel holding a replica of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron saint of Bolivia.
The largest was called Royal Island, another St. Joseph ( after the patron saint of the expedition ), and the smallest of the islands, surrounded by strong currents, Île du Diable ( the infamous " Devil's Island ").
** Brigid, patron saint of Ireland
He is considered to be a patron saint of Roman Catholic missionaries in foreign lands.
The government building is located in the centre of the capital city, in front of the parish church of the Virgin of Rosario, the patron saint of Puerto del Rosario municipality.
The name Ambrosian Republic takes its name from St. Ambrose, a popular patron saint of Milan.
He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment and one of the two patrons of Italy ( with Catherine of Siena ), and it is customary for Catholic and Anglican churches to hold ceremonies blessing animals on his feast day of 4 October.
The local costumes are extremely picturesque, and are well seen on the day of St John the Baptist, the patron saint.
* Saint Bavo, patron saint of Ghent ( 589 – 654 )

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