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from Brown Corpus
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bullet and Cook
Brigid Cook was shot in the right thigh, causing the bone to fragment, the bullet lodging there.

bullet and who
William Lewis made the rounds of all who lived near him again, that August morning after a bullet landed at his feet, and once more he accused and threatened everyone.
Eyewitness Lieutenant Edward Doherty, the officer in charge of the soldiers who captured Booth and Herold, stated that " the bullet struck Booth in the back of the head, about an inch below the spot where his shot had entered the head of Mr. Lincoln.
Once again, the anti-tank defences were overwhelmed and about 380 New Zealanders were taken prisoner including Captain Charles Upham who gained a second Victoria Cross for his actions including destroying a German tank and several guns and vehicles with grenades despite being shot through the elbow by a machine gun bullet and having his arm broken.
When the doctors had Gusenberg stabilized, police tried to question him but when asked who shot him, he replied " Nobody shot me ", despite having sustained fourteen bullet wounds.
Niven stated, " Anyone who says a bullet sings past, hums past, flies, pings, or whines past, has never heard one -- they go crack!
The rifle and the cartridge developed to utilize this powder were known generically as the 8mm Lebel, after the officer who developed its 8 mm full metal jacket bullet.
A stray bullet also struck Deborah Faith Humphrey, 14, who died from her gunshot wound.
In his coroner's report, Mathews did not mention Billy's arm wound, but witness Keefe, who examined the arm closely, testified later that Clanton was shot through the right arm, close to the wrist joint and " the bullet passed through the arm from " inside to outside ," entering the arm close to the base of the thumb, and exiting " on the back of the wrist diagonally " with the latter wound larger.
When Dane informs Ryback that there is no way to stop the satellite from destroying Washington, Ryback shoots him, the bullet destroying his computer and injuring Dane, who falls out of a window of the train.
Steven aims the gun above his head, grazing himself with the bullet, and is punished by incarceration to an underwater cage, full of rats and the bodies of others who earlier faced the same fate.
The Jordanian government claims that the gunman turned his weapon on the young prince, who was saved when the bullet was deflected by a medal on his uniform which had been given to him by his grandfather.
Among the hospital patients who escaped were a Corporal Mayer of the NNC ; Bombardier Lewis of the Royal Artillery and Trooper Green of the Natal Mounted Police who was wounded in the thigh by a spent bullet.
The rebellion ended on September 24, 1877 following the final engagement with Imperial forces which resulted in the deaths of the remaining forty samurai including Saigō, who, having suffered a fatal bullet wound in the abdomen, was honourably beheaded by his retainer.
The cause is later revealed to be down to a flammable liquid raining on Standish, who mistook it for the actual rain at the time, and a spark from a rigged bullet in his gun.
Benteen, who inspected the body, stated that in his opinion the fatal injuries had not been the result of. 45 caliber ammunition, which implies the bullet holes had been caused by ranged rifle fire.
According to Klein, this fits perfectly in with the Swedish folklore that Charles ’ magical protection, ( in contemporary times, he was rumoured to be of such strong breed and character that he was bullet proof ) had been broken by a killer who shot him with the king ’ s own coat button.
Furthermore, a soldier was said to have found the bullet, brought it home and bragged about it to a local priest, who warned him that the killers might come after him.
The kulknappen or bullet-button story is further corroborated by other evidence ; the soldier who found the bullet and brought it home was called “ Nordstierna ”, which really was the name of a veteran of the Northern War who worked in a farm at Deragard where the bullet was recovered from the gravel pit.
In 1784 Maxwell, who was severely wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill by a bullet through his shoulder, was chosen to represent Heath at the General Court in Boston and obtain a division of the town from Charlemont.
On 8 January, Liddell notes receiving a report from the Security Control Officers who were responsible for meeting the arrivals that states " there were no signs of a bullet wound.

bullet and was
A bullet tore the earth from beneath his foot when he was a stride or two from safety.
The bullet had torn through the flesh just above the knee, inflicting an ugly gash that was forming a pool of blood on the floor.
`` I'd wind up full of bullet holes '', he said, and there was no question that he was talking about bullets fired by his coworkers.
There was also a lesson, one that has served ever since to keep Americans, in their conflicts with one another, from turning from the ballot to the bullet.
Ruger learned that this was because the higher velocity achieved in a long barrel was upsetting the shape of the unjacketed revolver bullet.
He moved only about 30 feet after the 240-grain slug hit him -- and this was after the bullet had passed through a sapling.
Next morning she was found dead in her suite with a bullet from a
At about 2: 30 p. m., while leading one of those charges against a Union camp near the " Peach Orchard ", he was wounded, taking a bullet behind his right knee.
The bullet had in fact clipped a part of his popliteal artery and his boot was filling up with blood.
: The neatness of his attire was almost incredible ; I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound.
The notch was made by the bullet that killed him.
He attended as operating surgeon when President Garfield was fatally wounded by the bullet of an assassin in 1881.
Fierce fighting broke out throughout the foreign areas and railway station, and Beatty was injured by a bullet in the left arm and wrist.
It found the analytic model used by the FBI for interpreting results was deeply flawed, and the conclusion, that bullet fragments could be matched to a box of ammunition, was so overstated that it was misleading under the rules of evidence.
After his return to the front, he was wounded in the throat by a sniper's bullet.
The bullet had missed his main artery by the barest margin and his voice was barely audible.
The shot was initially made from lead already used as ammunition for the slings, and begun with the ballistic shape of a modern bullet, but was rapidly replaced by the cast iron ball.
The firearm was loaded through the muzzle with gunpowder, optionally some wadding and then a bullet ( usually a solid lead ball, but musketeers could shoot stones when they ran out of bullets ).
A major innovation in small arms and light artillery came in the second half of the 19th century when ammunition, previously delivered as separate bullets and powder, was combined in a single metallic ( usually brass ) cartridge containing a percussion cap, powder, and a bullet in one weatherproof package.

bullet and ambush
Conchita decides to leave the Comancheros and move west after she falls in love with the scout Flint McCullough, but she is killed by bullet from her own people when they ambush the wagon train.
Across the street, Holy Name Cathedral still bears the bullet holes today from the ambush on Weiss.

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