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only and should
Recognizing that the Rule of Law is `` a dynamic concept which should be employed not only to safeguard the civil and political rights of the individual in a free society '', the Congress asserted that it also included the responsibility `` to establish social, economic, educational and cultural conditions under which his legitimate aspirations and dignity may be realized ''.
The latter in turn assured him that `` were I arraigned at the bar, and you my judge, I should expect to stand or fall only by the merits of my cause ''.
Ideally speaking, it should be allowed to operate only where the public has a great stake in the continuity of supply or services, and where the actions of a single proprietor are secondary to the needs of society.
In the ideal state, for instance, he argues that the young citizens should hear only the most carefully selected tales and stories.
and, since the historian should only be interested in strictly terrestrial activity, his research should eliminate the supernatural.
`` And from now on, for the rest of this trip, I will only drink what you agree that I should drink ''.
Truly, that Liberals should choose Louis 14, as a bogey-symbol of conservatism is grotesquely ironic, considering the Louis 14, character of their Grand Monarque, FDR: not only in his accretion of absolute power and personal deification, ( le roi gouverne par lui meme ), but in the disastrous effects of his spending and war policies.
U.S. aid, therefore, should increasingly be designed to provide incentives for countries to take the steps that only they themselves can take.
While there should be no general age limit or restriction to one sex, there will be particular projects requiring special maturity and some open only to men or to women.
When the automobile was in its embryonic stage, such roads as existed were pretty much open roads with the tacit understanding that horses should not be unduly terrified being about the only rule governing where, when and how fast a car could go.
Not only should every educator above the rank of instructor be expected to be a member of one of the professional organizations, but his first qualification for membership as an educator should be so sharply scrutinized that membership would be equivalent to certification to teach the subject.
It makes materials handling the only construction cost that ( like earthmoving and roadbuilding ) should be lower today than in 1929.
if a substantial fraction of the dust is orbiting about the Earth, only about one third the above-mentioned average velocity should be used in deriving the mass.
When necessary, we should make it clear that countries which choose to derive marginal advantages from the cold war or to exploit their potential for disrupting the security of the world will not only lose our sympathy but also risk their own prospects for orderly development.
It should be American policy not only to encourage effective land reform programs but also to underline the relation of such reforms to the economic growth and modernization of the society.
If adjectival meanings show relatively low retentiveness of stems, as I am confident will prove to be the case in most languages of the world, why should our basic lists include 15 per cent of these unstable forms, but only 8 per cent of animals and plants which replace much more slowly??
If only state funds were used to pay for the vocational education, it could be argued that the state should not have to bear the cost of vocational training which would benefit employers in other states.
In the rare case where a corporation's only substantial asset, or its most important one, is a claim for refund, perhaps its transfer should not be permitted, whether the reorganization takes the form of a statutory merger or of the acquisition of assets for stock.
That a writer who is gay cannot be serious is a common professional illusion, sedulously fostered by all too many academics who mistakenly believe that their frivolous efforts should be taken seriously because they are expressed with that dreary solemnity which is the only mode of expression their authors are capable of.
Fromm also cites a poll on attitudes toward work restriction conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation in 1945, in which 49 per cent of manual workers said a man ought to turn out as much as he could in a day's work, while 41 per cent said he should not do his best but should turn out only the average amount.
It should be noted that photoluminescence, due to `` Bremsstrahlung '' generated within the viewing screen by electron impact, appears to be important only if anode voltages in excess of 30 KV are utilized.
The actions of Bridget should be examined, since she was there and opportunity did exist, if only to establish her innocence.

only and provision
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
Since the provision of skywave service requires adequate freedom from interference, only class 1, stations are capable of rendering skywave service.
As bishop, he immediately adopted an ascetic lifestyle, apportioned his money to the poor, donating all of his land, making only provision for his sister Marcellina ( who later became a nun ), and committed the care of his family to his brother.
Johnson's defense relied on the provision of the Tenure of Office Act that made it applicable only to appointees of the current administration.
The term " last rites " refers to administration to a dying person not only of this sacrament but also of Penance and Holy Communion, the last of which, when administered in such circumstances, is known as " Viaticum ", a word whose original meaning in Latin was " provision for the journey ".
The Nova 4 / Eclipse S / 140 was based on four AMD 2901 bit-slice ALUs, with microcode in read-only memory, and was the first Nova designed for DRAM main memory only, without provision for magnetic core memory.
With regard to a safety net, Hayek advocated " some provision for those threatened by the extremes of indigence or starvation, be it only in the interest of those who require protection against acts of desperation on the part of the needy.
In 1975, Gygax and Kaye were only 36 years old, and Kaye had not made any specific provision in his will regarding his one-third share of the company.
* positive, meaning that they require active provision of entitlements by the state ( as opposed to the state being required only to prevent the breach of rights )
The provision of basic accommodation, in times past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning or climate control.
Almost all hedge fund performance fees include a " high water mark " ( or " loss carryforward provision "), which means that the performance fee only applies to net profits ( i. e., profits after losses in previous years have been recovered ).
The law included a provision allowing for instruction in Latvian only in public high schools since 2004.
Thus, not only the existence of the crime depends on there being a previous legal provision declaring it to be a penal offense ( nullum crimen sine praevia lege ), but also, for a specific penalty to be imposed in a certain case, it is also necessary that the penal legislation in force at the time when the crime was committed ranked the penalty to be imposed as one of the possible sanctions to that crime ( nulla poena sine praevia lege ).
The congregation as a whole has only the responsibility to vote on: 1 ) the call of the pastor ( subject to presbytery approval ) and the terms of call ( the church's provision for compensating and caring for the pastor ); 2 ) the election of its own officers ( elders & deacons ); 3 ) buying, mortgaging, or selling real property.
Under Article VI of the United States Constitution, private contracts cannot be abridged ; this provision has been held by the United States Supreme Court to mean that the federal government or a State can only ( annul or invalidate ) a contract if it directly opposes an important public policy.
The new law prescribed a copyright term of 14 years, with a provision for renewal for a similar term, during which only the author and the printers they chose to license their works to could publish the author's creations.
Some booksellers argued that the deposit provision only applied to registered books, and so deliberately avoided registration just to be able to minimise their liability.
Section 3 of the Twentieth Amendment replaced that provision of the Twelfth Amendment by changing the date for the commencement of Presidential terms to January 20, clarifying that the Vice President-elect would only act as President if the House has not chosen a President by January 20, and permitting the Congress to direct, through legislation, " who shall then act as President " if there is no President-elect or Vice President-elect by January 20.
Unlike the federal government, which only has those powers granted to it in the Constitution, a state government has inherent powers allowing it to act unless limited by a provision of the state or national constitution.
Sir, I am not going to criticise these proposals, and I am only referring to them as signs that there is much to be done — that their condition is far from satisfactory ; and it is eminently, as I think, our duty to develop in the first instance, every means that we may possibly devise whereby, if possible, the labourer may be able to make this provision for himself, or to approximate towards making such provision far more efficaciously and much more closely than he can now do.
The reform had by then received some modifications in points of detail by the reform commission, in which one of the leading members was Clavius, who afterwards wrote defences and an explanation of the reformed calendar, including an emphatic acknowledgement of Lilio's work, especially for his provision of a useful reform for the lunar cycle: " We owe much gratitude and praise to Luigi Giglio who contrived such an ingenious Cycle of Epacts which, inserted in the calendar, always shows the new moon and so can be easily adapted to any length of the year, if only at the right moments the due adjustment is applied.
The presidential election of 1824 is notable for being the only election since the passage of the Twelfth Amendment to have been decided by the House of Representatives in accordance with its provision to turn over the choice of the president to the House when no candidate secures a majority of the electoral vote.
This provision of McCain-Feingold, sponsored by Maine Republican Olympia Snowe and Vermont Independent James Jeffords, as introduced applied only to for-profit corporations, but was extended to incorporate non-profit issue organizations, such as the Environmental Defense Fund or the National Rifle Association, as part of the " Wellstone Amendment ," sponsored by Senator Paul Wellstone.

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