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only and was
It was the only thing in his life for which he felt guilt.
His looting of the orderly room had taken only a minute or two and the vicinity was still clear of guerrillas.
It was pitiful to see the thin ranks of warriors, old and young, wheeling and twisting their ponies frantically from side to side only to be tumbled bleeding from their saddles by the relentless slam, slam of the cruelly efficient Hawkinses.
The fire had gone down, and the man was only a shadow against the trees.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
It was the only thing about her that was the least bit hard to remember.
under the circumstances I was only too willing to confess all.
only the counter at one end was lighted by a long fluorescent tube suspended directly above it.
On a shelf in the office behind the counter was a small radio dialed permanently on a station which broadcast only vulgar commercials and cheap popular music.
Once, pressing him, I learned that his job was only part-time, in the afternoons when nothing went on in the hall.
Though only a relatively short walk separated it from my own part of town, its character was wholly foreign to me.
The river was only a few blocks away but an unbroken line of piers prevented me from seeing it.
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
This desire, I went on, growing voluble as my conviction was aroused, had mounted at such a rate recently that I now found its realization necessary not only to my physical but also to my spiritual wellbeing.
The only reason we brought you was to get Miller out.
The only thing which would have attracted attention was that two wore the uniform of prison guards, three the striped suits of convicts.
He had belonged to this land and, perhaps, had desecrated it -- and this was the only material symbol that remained of him.
There was only one place where the mountain might receive her -- that unnamed, unnameable pool harbored in its secret bosom.
Now, he could only play the last card in what was probably the world's coldest deck.
He was only vaguely aware of the sluicing rain.
He paused only long enough to ascertain that Jess's buckskin was still missing and that his own gray was all right, then climbed through a back window and dropped to the ground outside.
There was no lock on the door, only an iron hook which he unfastened.
Again he stood in the darkness listening, but there was only the scrape of a shod hoof on a plank floor.

only and Belgian
On publication of the latter, Poirot was the only fictional character to be given an obituary in the New York Times ; 6 August 1975 " Hercule Poirot is Dead ; Famed Belgian Detective ".
This was because the FP had always only been officered by Belgian or other expatriate whites.
The Belgian Government made no effort to train Congolese commissioned officers until the very end of the Colonial period and there were only about 20 African cadets in training on the eve of Independence.
Despite these improvements, a second invasion by the former Katangan gendarmerie, known as Shaba II in May – June 1978, was only dispersed with the despatch of the French 2e régiment étranger de parachutistes and a battalion of the Belgian Paracommando Regiment.
King William I was also given rule over Belgium, but this lasted only until the conclusion of the Belgian Revolution in 1831.
Early in 1994 Major vetoed the Belgian politician Jean-Luc Dehaene as President of the European Commission ( in succession to Jacques Delors ) for being excessively federalist, only to find that he had to accept a Luxembourg politician of similar views, Jacques Santer, instead.
As of the 2012 Formula One season Schumacher is the only driver left competing in Formula 1 to have raced against Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, whose record of total career wins he beat with his 52nd win at the 2001 Belgian Grand Prix.
The only teenage soap opera on Belgian television was Spring ( Jump in English ), aired at youth channel Ketnet.
Its meaning narrowed yet again during the French and Dutch periods and at Belgian independence the term designated only Belgians speaking a Romance language ( French, Walloon, Picard, etc.
Apart from a second place at the Belgian Grand Prix, the only other European Championship race, the French Grand Prix, resulted in a disappointing 11th place finish.
A week after Messines Ridge Haig gave his objectives to his Army commanders: wearing out the enemy, securing the Belgian coast and connecting with the Dutch frontier by the capture of Passchendaele Ridge, followed by an advance on Roulers and Operation Hush, an attack along the coast with an amphibious landing and that if the manpower and artillery were insufficient, only the first part of the plan might be fulfilled.
Bernhardt had an affair with a Belgian nobleman, Charles-Joseph Eugène Henri Georges Lamoral de Ligne ( 1837 – 1914 ), son of Eugène, 8th Prince of Ligne, with whom she had her only child, Maurice Bernhardt ( 1864 – 1928 ).
At the matinee, that didn't sell out, Herman Brood and Belgian musician Jean Blaute dropped by for the only live-performance of Als Je Wint ( When You're A Winner ; a song about success and equally-lasting friendships ).
The year featured in the coins can date back to 1999, when the currency was formally established ( only Belgian, Finnish, French, Dutch, and Spanish coins have 1999 ).
Belgian euro coins feature only a single design for all eight coins: the portrait or effigy of King Albert II of the Belgians and his royal monogram.
At his request, his memoirs about Prince Charles ( which he wrote at Churchill's suggestion ) were only published after de Staercke's death in 2003, with the help of and a preface by Belgian historian Jean Stengers.
Even Churchill admitted that their position was perilous: in a telegram to Lord Gort on 27 May, only one day before the Belgian capitulation, he wrote, " We are asking them to sacrifice themselves for us.
When, however, the only legitimate son of his uncle, Leopold II, died as a child, and Albert's older brother, Prince Baudouin of Belgium, who had been subsequently prepared for the throne, also died young, Albert, at the age of 16, unexpectedly became second in line ( after his father ) to the Belgian Crown.
Previous Belgian kings had taken the royal accession oath only in French ; Albert innovated by taking it in Dutch as well.
An important aspect of the early years of Albert's reign was his institution of many reforms in the administration of the Belgian Congo, Belgium's only colonial possession.
For Raymond Fusilier, the Belgian monarchy had to be placed-at least in the beginning-between the regimes where the king rules and the regime when the king does not rule but only reigns.
The Belgian monarchy is closer to the principle the King does not rule But the Belgian kings were not only at the head of the dignified part of the Constitution.
According to the Belgian constitution, the monarch accedes to the throne only upon taking a constitutional oath.

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