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strictly and philosopher
Martin Buber, the Jewish religious philosopher, attacked Huxley's notion that mescaline allowed a person to participate in " common being ", and held that the drug ushered users " merely into a strictly private sphere ".
Relevance logic was proposed in 1928 by Soviet ( Russian ) philosopher Ivan E. Orlov ( 1886 circa 1936 ) in his strictly mathematical paper " The Logic of Compatibility of Propositions " published in Matematicheskii Sbornik.
* Desiderius Erasmus ( 1466 1536 ) was not a philosopher strictly speaking ; indeed, he wrote excoriatingly about philosophers.
* Martin Luther ( 1483 1546 ) -- also not strictly a philosopher, although he knew something of William of Occam and nominalist epistemology ), from an earlier era of European thought.

strictly and had
It was strictly the deputy's game, but McBride had gone too far to throw in.
There, to the Evening Post, she emphatically denied the divorce rumors and explained that she had stayed behind because of the schooling of their son, which henceforth would be strictly American.
My `` touchstones, had, been strictly '' literature and, humanly enough, American literature ( because that was what I wanted to write ).
The practice of withholding the cup from the laity was confirmed ( twenty-first session ) as one which the Church Fathers had commanded for good and sufficient reasons ; yet in certain cases the Pope was made the supreme arbiter as to whether the rule should be strictly maintained.
move seemingly had a strictly personal political motive that is, fear and jealousy of his cousin Ptolemy and thus the expansion was not set about in response to pressing military or economic needs.
The Nazis decriminalized abortion in cases where fetuses had hereditary defects or were of a race the government disapproved of, while the abortion of healthy " pure " German, " Aryan " fetuses remained strictly forbidden.
Before Moseley and his law, atomic numbers had been thought of as a semi-arbitrary ordering number, vaguely increasing with atomic weight but not strictly defined by it.
As a general rule, these icons strictly followed models and formulas hallowed by usage, some of which had originated in Constantinople.
As a result various laws were set in place to limit African Kenyans in their own land, for example, they had to walk around with ' Passes ' at all times, and free movement, schooling and entrepreneurial endeavors for Africans in Kenya was strictly enforced by colonial policebetween the late 1800's and
The need for strictly limited editions to maintain the price had now been realized, and the medium become more accepted.
Murray responded to much criticism by claiming that it was religiously motivated, coming from Christians who did not want her theories to be true: in one case she stated that her theory had received " a hostile reception from many strictly Christian sects and reviewers, but it made its way in spite of opposition.
The Mahfouz family were devout Muslims and Mahfouz had a strictly Islamic upbringing.
However, historians today stress the symbolic and not the strictly military significance of the battle, for within six months of the defeat a new Ottoman fleet of some 250 sail including eight modern galleasses had been built, with the shipyards of Istanbul turning out a new ship every day at the height of the construction.
Although born from the same history of Unix, Internet free software, and the hacker culture as the free software movement launched by Richard Stallman and his Free Software Foundation, the Open Source Initiative was formed and chose the term open source, in Michael Tiemann's words, to " dump the moralizing and confrontational attitude that had been associated with ' free software ' in the past and sell the idea strictly on the same pragmatic, business-case grounds that had motivated Netscape.
They point out that Denisoff had paid little attention to the song tunes of protest music, considered them strictly subordinate to the texts, a means to the message.
Until then Japan had strictly guarded the trade in tea plants.
Kelly has stated: " Tertullian followed the Apologists in dating His “ perfect generation ” from His extrapolation for the work of creation ; prior to that moment God could not strictly be said to have had a Son, while after it the term “ Father ”, which for earlier theologians generally connoted God as author of reality, began to acquire the specialized meaning of Father and Son .".
After the severe criticisms by Ricordi and the conductor Arturo Toscanini, he was forced to write a second, strictly censored version that followed Puccini's sketches more closely, to the point where he did not set some of Adami's text to music because Puccini had not indicated how he wanted it to sound.
In Africa, his conversations had been strictly limited by the language barrier, but in India he was able to converse extensively.
" Despite Patton's earlier statements and his wife's wishes, some consideration had been made toward sending Patton's body to the U. S. for burial at a place like West Point, but repatriation of bodies was strictly forbidden for soldiers of all ranks throughout the war as a matter of policy, so for Patton, this would have required a very special exception.
Whilst this is, strictly speaking, true, it also disguises the fact that the decline had several different causes.
He was born in Constantinople as the son of Theodore and Eudokia, of a strictly orthodox family, which had suffered from the earlier Iconoclasm.
Spacey and Bening worked to create a sense of the love that Lester and Carolyn once had for one another ; for example, the scene in which Lester almost seduces Carolyn after the pair argue over Lester's buying a car was originally " strictly contentious ".
By the time of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's later works, the overture in the sonata style had clearly differentiated itself from strictly symphonic music.

strictly and major
In practice, members of parliament of all major parties are strictly controlled by whips who try to ensure they vote according to party policy.
Since its establishment in Ann Arbor, the university has physically expanded to include more than 584 major buildings with a combined area of more than 31 million gross square feet ( 712 acres or 2. 38 km² ), and transformed its academic program from a strictly classical curriculum to one that includes science and research.
Roche completed 12 major unfinished Saarinen projects, including some of Saarinen's best-known work: the Gateway Arch, the expressionistic TWA Flight Center at JFK International Airport in New York, Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC, the strictly modern John Deere Headquarters in Moline, Illinois, and the CBS Headquarters building in New York City.
None of the major daily cryptics in the UK is " strictly Ximenean "; all allow clues which are just cryptic definitions, and strict Ximenean rules exclude such clues.
One major difference between the NBA system and other sports playoffs is that division champions are not guaranteed home-court advantage at any time in the playoffs, as home-court advantage is decided strictly on regular-season record, without regard to seeding.
This further meant that opposition to Niyazov was strictly forbidden and " major opposition figures have been imprisoned, institutionalized, deported, or have fled the country, and their family members are routinely harassed by the authorities.
A major novelty introduced by the church was the use of strictly " architectural " means of exterior decoration.
Today, while some may still use the term strictly in the old-fashioned sense ( i. e., the romanticized Old Guard ), more than ever the leather subculture in the 21st century represents the activities of several major sub-communities.
The relatively small population of Jews were generally free of major persecution: although there were laws against them during this period, they do not appear to be strictly enforced.
The Taiping government had set up an egalitarian organization, with a strict separation between men and women ; in such major towns as Wuchang and Nanjing ( a. k. a. Tianjing ), this rule was strictly enforced: men were living in their own quarters, and women and children were in others.
same strictly centralist hierarchical model as all other major GDR organizations.
By strict letter of the law, the ball must be fed into the middle of the tunnel with its major axis parallel to the ground and touchline ; however this is becoming less strictly enforced as the photo in this article illustrates.
* an ecotone describes a variation in species prevalence and is often not strictly dependent on a major physical factor separating an ecosystem from another, with resulting habitat variability.
The early major schisms in the Buddhist sangha were largely due to disagreements over how strictly the training rules should be applied.
Some were apparently attempts to form a second " major " league of indoor football while others were strictly efforts to form a new " minor " league.
The NBA is the only one of the four major professional sports leagues of the United States in which home advantage in the playoffs is based strictly on regular-season record without regard to seeding.
Unlike other major international team tennis tournaments like the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, which are strictly for men or women only, the Hopman Cup is a mixed competition where male and female players are together on combined teams and represent their country.
Since many of the philosophical concepts, such as his view of theodicy and the relationship between philosophy and religion, are relevant beyond strictly Jewish theology, it has been the work most commonly associated with Maimonides in the non-Jewish world and it is known to have influenced several major non-Jewish philosophers.
As York Mills is a mainly residential neighbourhood, commercial activity occurs strictly at intersections of major arterials.
The historiography of strictly Communist studies is also changing, with some different models of its aims, as well as the major shift caused by access to archives.
“ Frères Baume ” soon became a major watch company, thanks to the commercial flair and rigorous industrial methods of the two brothers, Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume, who strictly followed their motto: “ Accept only perfection.
His most successful solo film of the mid-1930s being Hello Sweetheart ( 1935 ), like most of Hulbert's starring comedies, however, its ambition was strictly small-scale ; it seemed that British studios simply didn't see him as a major star.
Ontological paradoxes were explored in " Blink ", where the Doctor explains that space-time is not strictly cause-to-effect, and serve as a major plot device in " Time Crash ".
This definition of the fallacy, if strictly followed, touches on or wholly includes nearly all of the major modes of literary criticism, from Ovid's docere delictendo ( to teach by delighting ), Aristotle's catharsis, and Longinus's concept of " transport " to late-nineteenth century belles-lettres and the contemporary Chicago Critics.

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