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Notably and had
Notably, the design team was led by Dirk Meyer, who had worked as a lead engineer on multiple Alpha microprocessors during his employment at DEC. Jerry Sanders had approached many of the engineering staff to work for AMD as DEC wound down their semiconductor business, and brought in a near-complete team of engineering experts.
Notably, Carolina DE Kavika Pittman essentially had his career ended after getting leveled by a block from Buccaneers T Kenyatta Walker in 2003.
Notably, Beria never explicitly stated whether he had initiated Stalin's stroke or had merely delayed his treatment in the hope he would die ( as argued by Sebag-Montefiore and consistent with evidence ).
Notably, the TL / 3 had a high-density floppy controller for the first time, although it only shipped with a double-density 3. 5 " drive.
Notably, the resolution claimed that Congress had declared bourbon to be " America's Native Spirit " in its 1964 resolution.
Notably, some episodes in Seasons Three through Five had serious technical errors with either their sketch-of-the-day teaser segments or their next-show teaser segments, which was probably because of the failure of the linear analog video-editing equipment.
Notably, the election used proportional representation and had a low level of importance, which played to its advantage.
Notably, if Shealtiel had no biological children, Zerubbabel as a legal son would have inherited Shealtiel's household and become its new " father " with authority of over the other members of the household.
Notably, Li ' l Bad Wolf and April, May and June Duck, who had appeared very often in Disney comic books but never before in an animated cartoon, finally made their animated debuts on House of Mouse.
Notably the Eurobell acquisition had been funded by an equity based deal, with a cash option, the poor performance of the company's stock meant that the cash option was favourable, and the company was not able to cover the call.
Notably, the case in question, which had the College and the University on opposite sides, created the still-extant Reid Professorship of Law and Reid Entrance Exhibitions, and vested them in the College, on the basis that the bodies at the heart of the University ( the Senate and the Council ) did not exist when Reid made his bequest, and because it could not determine when, or if, the University had been created distinct from the College.
( Notably, Westminster convention requires the resignation of Government, or dissolution of Parliament, upon rejection of supply bills, which had not yet occurred — voting had simply been delayed.
Notably, Jean-Claude Pascal for Luxembourg, who had won the contest 20 years earlier, although could only manage 11th place this time.
Notably, Grant claimed that Spare had been a member of the secretive Cult of Ku, a Chinese occult sect who met in Stockwell to worship a serpent goddess.
Notably, gannets are today restricted to temperate oceans while boobies are also found in tropical waters, whereas several of the prehistoric gannet species had a more equatorial distribution than their congeners of today.
Notably in Dundee, the centre of the British jute industry, more than 40. 4 % of the working population had worked in the jute industry in 1911, but by 1951 this had fallen to just 18. 5 %.
Notably, Brătianu would point to the benefits of a Republican project ( which the Rosetti and his left wing of the Liberal Party had never ceased advocating ).
Notably PSUC, the Catalan referent of PCE, did not reverse its eurocommunist course as PCE had done in 1982.
Notably, the party made a substantial showing in Atlantic Canada, a region where it had only elected three MPs in its entire history prior to the election.

Notably and with
Notably, for skewed distributions, the arithmetic mean may not accord with one's notion of " middle ", and robust statistics such as the median may be a better description of central tendency.
Notably, during this time his physical characteristics also change dramatically, and by the time Arthur Hastings meets Poirot again in Curtain, he looks very different from his previous appearances, having become thin with age and with obviously dyed hair.
Notably, the influence of various precipitants varies with the epilepsy syndrome.
Notably, the combustion takes place at constant pressure, rather than with the Otto cycle, constant volume.
Notably, it has been extended to non-Hamiltonian systems ( starting with Moser ), to non-perturbative situations ( as in the work of Michael Herman ) and to systems with fast and slow frequencies ( as in the work of Mikhail B. Sevryuk ).
Notably, this doesn ’ t release single copies of the phage genome, but rather one long molecule with many copies of the genome: a concatemer.
Notably, the initial verse, " Poland has not yet died " was replaced with " Poland has not yet perished ", suggesting a more violent cause of the nation's possible death.
Notably, the Mishnah does not cite a written scriptural basis for its laws: since it is said that the Oral Law was given simultaneously with the Written Law, the Oral Law codified in the Mishnah does not derive directly from the Written Law of the Torah.
Notably in early 20th century Germany with Germanic mysticism, which branched into Ariosophy and related currents of Nazi occultism.
Notably he encountered the spirit of Agamemnon, of whose murder he now learned, and Achilles, who told him about the woes of the land of the dead ( for Odysseus ' encounter with the dead, see also Nekuia ).
Notably, basic system calls were modeled after MS-DOS calls ; their names even started with " Dos " and it was possible to create " Family Mode " applications: text mode applications that could work on both systems.
Notably, in 1978, Mr. Marrero was presented with an award for selling the three-millionth piña colada by Coco López, the maker of the coconut cream used in the drink.
Notably, Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan sat with his Romulan cousins during the conference, indicating a dialogue, or at least a display of goodwill between the two peoples.
Notably, Paley and Hume both rejected Scottish moral sense theory, on the grounds that one could not know with certainty that there was such a thing as a moral sense.
Notably, this is the case in economics with respect to the ordinal properties of a utility function being preserved across a monotonic transform ( see also monotone preferences ).
Notably, this chapter begins with God telling Moses, " Behold, I have made you as God to Pharaoh and your brother Aaron will be your prophet.
Notably, he also allowed a day for preparations before the Battle of Poitiers so that the two sides could discuss the coming battle with one another, and so that the Cardinal of Périgord could plead for peace.
Notably, even after assuming the formal regalia, Hatshepsut still described herself as a beautiful woman, often as the most beautiful of women, and although she assumed almost all of her father's titles, she declined to take the title " The Strong Bull " ( the full title being, The Strong Bull of his Mother ), which tied the pharaoh to the goddesses Isis, the throne, and Hathor, ( the cow who gave birth to and protected the pharaohs )— by being her son sitting on her throne — an unnecessary title for her, since Hatshepsut became allied with the goddesses, herself, which no male pharaoh could.
Notably, Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan's trip was marked by unedited coverage of his speeches and tours ( and some added positive commentary ) by the government-controlled media and meetings with high level officials including Hu Jintao.
Notably, Sharifi holds the synthesizer to an ‘ acoustic ’ standard and aims to play it with the detail and richness of articulation that comes naturally to an acoustic instrumentalist.

Notably and various
Notably absent from these various schemes is 8-PSK.
Notably, both narrator ( Gandalf ) and characters in-game refer to various dangers as " The Doom of Eriador " or " A Threat to all of Eriador " instead of Middle-earth as a whole.
Notably, the region of Bowral, Mittagong and Berrima and various villages including the Northern Villages used to be known as the Berrima District.
Notably, while Lewis defends various other Biblical miracles as literal possibilities, he does not defend a strict Creationism based on a literal interpretation of the Genesis account.
Notably in Goa, and since 1989, various delegations coming from Georgia have worked together with the Archaeological Survey of India to try to locate Ketevan's grave within the ruins of the Augustinian convent of Our Lady of Grace, at Old Goa, Goa.
Notably, the monastic codes ( vinaya ) followed by Mahayana monks from every tradition have their origin in the monastic codes followed by monks of the various Nikaya traditions.
Notably, he held various positions in the Greater London Young Conservatives including that of Chairman in 1973.

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