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Note and If
Note: If the quilt will be hung on the wall, there is an additional step: making and attaching the hanging sleeve.
Note: If there is a document type declaration, the instance can be parsed with or without reference to it.
## If not, send F + 1 backwards in time on channel c. Note that this results in a paradox, as the number received in step 3 above is not the same as that sent in this step.
: Note: If a = b, then a / b = 1 and b / a = 1
Note that, if the language is infinite, the enumerating algorithm provided can be chosen so that it avoids repetitions, since we can test whether the string produced for number n is " already " produced for a number which is less than n. If it already is produced, use the output for input n + 1 instead ( recursively ), but again, test whether it is " new ".
12 to General Sir H. Rawlinson, 16 June 1916 Stating the Objectives ') and that preparations should be made for an advance of to Bapaume should German resistance crumble, " If the first attack goes well every effort must be made to develop the success to the utmost by firstly opening a way for our cavalry and then as quickly as possible pushing the cavalry through to seize Bapaume ...." ( Note O. A. D.
Note that non-elliptic orbits also exist ; If the eccentricity is greater than one, the orbit is a hyperbola.
Note: If at the beginning of the routine abs ( dx ) < abs ( dy ) is true, then all plotting should be done with x and y reversed.
:( Note: If the fluid in question is seawater, it will not have the same density ( ρ ) at every location.
:: Note: If β ≠ 0 then α + 2y ≠ 0.
( Note: If the dancer closes, cuts or tombe ' e ( fall ) exchanging the from one leg to another through an open position such as second or fourth it is referenced as " tombe ' or tombe ' e.
Note: If hoisted properly the white field should be towards the finial ; therefore in this example the flag is incorrectly hoisted.
From the up-tempo Latin groove of “ Evanly ” with its vocal out chorus ; the mid tempo swing of “ No Way LA ” & “ Ten Minutes To Twelve ”; the Lunceford-like band vocals on “ Stompin ’ @ The Savoy ” & “ It Don ’ t Mean a Thing ( If It Ain ’ t Got that Swing )”; to Hamilton ’ s vocalizing on “ Every Time I Smile ”; the pastoral melodic beauty of “ You ’ re Note Alone ”; the up-tempo funk of “ Black Eyed Peas ”; and the bossa funkiness of “ Foot Prints in the Sand ” with its starkly beautiful vocal out chorus-every track is like turning a page in a book that ’ s holding you on the edge of your seat, your rapt attention dying to know what ’ s next to be revealed.
Note: If looking for a specific term or person relating to Star Trek, please be sure to check: Category: Star Trek lists as well as: Category: Star Trek terminology and: Category: Star Trek devices.
* File a lawsuit in a proper venue If a debt collector chooses to file a lawsuit, it may only be in a place where the consumer lives or signed the contract Note, however, that this does not prevent the debt collector from being sued in other venues for violating the Act, such as when the consumer moves outside the venue and a letter demanding payment is forwarded to the new address, even if the debt collector is unaware of such a change in residence.
( Note: If this is not so, modeling may be done instead using errors-in-variables model techniques ).
( Note: If not, weighted least squares or other methods might instead be used ).
( Note: If the moisture later condenses inside the house, the latent heat will be converted back into ambient heat which could increase the temperature of the air in the room slightly.
( Note: If a tropical cyclone forms very close to the area, then a shorter lead time is seen on the warning bulletin.
Note that the Ising model exhibits the following discrete symmetry: If every spin in the model is flipped, such that, where is the value of the spin, the Hamiltonian ( and consequently the free energy ) remains unchanged.
: Note: If you add an article to this category, please consider adding it to
: Note: If the side batting last has lost all its wickets, but as the result of an award of 5 penalty runs at the end of the match has scored a total of runs in excess of the total scored by the opposing side, the result shall be stated as a win to that side by penalty runs.
" Note: If you wish to purchase any Finecast products please accept that this is a product for experienced modellers only and that some remedial effort is required due to the nature of the material and manufacturing techniques.
Note: If the word is known, it first assigns the most frequent tag, or if the word is unknown, it naively assigns the tag " noun " to it.

Note and panel
Note that front panel sizes are slightly less than the subrack sizes: for example a 3U front panel may only be high whereas the 3U subrack itself is high.
Note plugboard control panel used to program the 604, at bottom.
Note that the panel connector is shrouded for safety reasons.
In conjunction with the show, Harnetiaux, Domski and the artists ' non-profit organization NurtureART curated an International Post-it Brand Note Art exhibit and a panel discussion with various artists.
" ( Note that the panel hangs in The NAMES Project Foundation's offices in Atlanta and is not actually sewn into a block of The AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Note and board
An alternative recording method not requiring a grid is also in use, where positions on a board are labeled left to right by letters a through h and top to bottom ( far-to-near ) by digits 1 through 8 ( Note that this is the opposite of the chess standard, with numerals running upward away from the side ( White ) that has a through h left to right, and also that the perspective may be that of either player ( with no fixed standard )), so that the very first move of a game may be ( based upon standard starting set-up ) d3, c4, f5 or e6.
( Note: The picture to the right of this document is the actual bid / ask price of gold that day from a chaulk board.
Note, any type of board ( such as shortboard or mini-longboard ) can have a fish tail, and these are commonly referred to as a " fish ", but they lack the other properties of a traditional, or " retro ", fish as listed here.
( Note that White would force mate even if his rook, and his pawn on e7, were removed from the board, and Black had a knight on f6.
Although the creators were sure that no one could believe a tale so ridiculous — and had added a link at the bottom of the page to another page explaining the hoax, and a message with the ratings reading " Note: Any relationship between these ratings and reality is purely coincidental " — eventually the legend was featured as true in an urban legends board game and television show.
* Note: Michael Grade had left the BBC before the dissolution of the board to take up the position of Executive Chairman at rival broadcaster ITV plc.
Note that a similar equipment ( a 4x8 board and 64 seeds ) is shared by a number of other African mancalas, including Omweso ( Uganda ) and Isolo ( Tanzania ).
Note the gap between the first road wheel and the second, and the small hole below the splash board for the bow mounted machine gun.
Note that very few games attempt to simulate an environment with realistic distances and speeds, though Independence War and Frontier: Elite II both do, as does the board game Attack Vector: Tactical.
: Note 2: The rule of 2 matchpoints for each pair beaten is easy to apply in practice: if the board is played n times, the top result achieves 2 * n-2 matchpoints, the next 2 * n-4, down to zero.
* " qmail is not open source "-an article published by Russell Nelson, OSI board member ( Note: now changed to " qmail is now open source "-an important difference!
Note that the West side of the board is aligned with the West side of the movement card underneath it.
* Roller board — location upon which rollers are attached ( Note: rollers are often used densely in one section of the action and so are often closely associated with the roller board.
Note the video replay board in the upper left added during the 2006-2007 season.
( Note: It is beneficial to stick with the standard US board for this scenario, because when the blocks are made available, Mr. Monopoly will refer to them by their US names.
Note the former, now dismantled LED board in the background.
: Note that since the opposing emperor protects all other opposing pieces on the board, an emperor can only capture after the opposing emperor has been removed from play — unless the opposing emperor moves to an unprotected square, putting itself in check.

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