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Note and blue
Note, blue light is produced by LED s
Disney's archivist Dave Smith, in " Disney A to Z ," said, " Note that the brightest hue of the three is red ( Huey ), the color of water, dew, is blue ( Dewey ), and that leaves Louie, and leaves are green.
Note the dark blue colour and the correct proportions of the union badge in Swedish flags.
Note that anise hyssop, Agastache foeniculum ( also called blue giant hyssop ), is a very different plant and not a close relation, although both are in the mint family.
Note: despite the statement in the show that teleportation is a major drain of his energy, when Ultraman teleported from Planet R to Earth his warning light was still blue, and this was also after having destroyed Baltans on Planet R.
Note: The country coloured in blue is the host country i. e. Australia
( Note that this blue is of a lighter shade than the Pantone 280 of the Union Flag ).
Note that Leonardo, in his notebooks, cited red, yellow, green and blue ( along with white and black ) as the " painter's primaries ", though he may not have had a specific palette in mind ; but replacing the cyan paint with a deep blue paint ( such as ultramarine blue ), and adding a green paint, greatly improves the saturation of both purple and green mixtures in a compact four paint selection, and allows a dark neutral or black to be mixed directly, using only red and green.
Note the bright orange flame from the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster | solid rocket booster's combustion of ammonium perchlorate and aluminum, compared to the blue and clear flame of hydrogen and oxygen from the Space Shuttle Main Engine s.
Note that virtually all the light produced is in the blue to green region of the spectrum below about 565 nanometers, accounting for the bluish color of sootless hydrocarbon flames.
Note that this cube would contain no such subgraph if, for example, the bottom edge in the present subgraph were replaced by a blue edge – thus proving by counterexample that N * > 3.
Note the grid point where the red and blue hypotenuses mate, and compare it to the same point on the other figure ; the edge is slightly over or under the mark.
Note: During World War II there were Military Issued New Testaments, brown for Army and blue for Navy distributed by the Gideons.
Note the characteristic delta wave ( above the blue bar ), the short PR interval ( red bar ) of 0. 08 seconds, and the long QRS complex ( green ) at 0. 12 seconds.
Note Crystal Palace were donated the claret and blue kits by Aston Villa on formation.
Note that for any other point on the red curve, a line drawn through that point with the same slope as the blue line will have a y-intercept above the point, showing that is indeed a maximum.
Note that while Ezra and Emma look human in the house, their leaving it causes them to become blue and transparent.
Note MOVs ( blue disks ) and GDTs ( small silver spools )
* 1953: The $ 10 silver certificate had several design changes analogous to the 1950 Federal Reserve Note design changes ; also, the blue numeral 10 on the left side of the bill was changed to gray.
Note the two broad blue and green absorption bands and one narrow absorption band on the wavelength of 694 nm, which is the wavelength of the ruby laser.
The 1874 design was also issued as Series of 1875 and 1878 and by 1880 the red floral design around on the United States Note was removed and the serial numbers were changed to blue.
Note the dark blue tablion on his chest.
Note that since purples ( mixtures of red and blue / violet ) cannot be pure spectral colors, no color mixture perceived as purple in hue can be assigned a proper dominant wavelength.

Note and facial
Note presence of typical PWS facial features and mild truncal obesity.
* Scotties facial tissue ( Note: Another Canadian company, Irving Tissue, owns the U. S. licence )
Note the facial armour and reflective shin guards.
Note: the buccinator muscle is not a muscle of mastication ; instead it is classified as a facial muscle.

Note and skin
Cultured skin and prostate cancer cells showed significant mortality ( compared to nonmalignant cells ) when treated with a combination of quercetin and ultrasound Note that ultrasound also promotes topical absorption by up to 1, 000 times, making the use of topical quercetin and ultrasound wands an interesting proposition.
Gout presenting in the Metatarsophalangeal articulations | metatarsal-phalangeal joint of the big toe: Note the slight redness of the skin overlying the joint.
Note the drum-tight skin, a consequence of the unique tensioning system devised by Hargrave.
Note that in the usual form for the skin effect, above, the effect of cancels out.
Note the green color of his skin.
Note that the Nauga's skin is made of vinyl.
Note that the star symbol is available in the default website design (" skin "); in other skins, the tab says " watch " or " unwatch ".
Note the intercellular IgG deposits in the Epidermis ( skin ) | epidermis and the early intraepidermal vesicle ( dermatology ) | vesicle caused by acantholysis.
Note that Hailey-Hailey disease, also called familial benign pemphigus, is an inherited ( genetic ) skin disease, not an autoimmune disease.
Note that leukemia cutis differs from Sweet's syndrome, in which the skin is infiltrated by mature neutrophils in a paraneoplastic process.
Note the highly distinctive venomous dorsal spines ( separated by almost-black coloured skin ) and dark-tipped tail

Note and overall
Note that is positive while is negative ; in any reversible work-extracting process, entropy is overall not increased, but rather is moved from a hot ( high-entropy ) system to a cold ( low-entropy one ), decreasing the entropy of the heat source and increasing that of the heat sink.
Note the curved streamlines above and below the foil, and the overall downward deflection of the air.
Note that some metres have an overall rhythmic pattern to the line that cannot easily be described using feet.
Note that the overall size and crest size also corresponds to age.
Note the optical tracker on top, integrated generator, and greatly reduced overall height.
Note that, while the overall timing of " Deathmask / Into the Void " is approximately correct, the apportioning of time of " Deathmask " to " Into the Void " may be arbitrary, as the 3: 08 mark of the song falls during " Into the Void "' s middle-8 vocal (" Freedom fighters sent off to the sun ...").
Note that this definition of entropy can even be viewed as equivalent to the previous one ( unknown information ) if we take a meta-perspective, and say that for observer A to " know " the state of system B means simply that there is a definite correlation between the state of observer A and the state of system B ; this correlation could thus be used by a meta-observer ( that is, whoever is discussing the overall situation regarding A's state of knowledge about B ) to compress his own description of the joint system AB.
Note the distinction between longest-single-drop height and overall height-many observers will only include vertical plunges when assessing the height of a waterfall.
Note that the logic gate at the core of the buffered part is actually a NAND gate, but the overall function of the complete circuit is a NOR gate due to the logic inversions performed by the buffers.
Note that there are three almost entirely different pickup bodies for this generation of Falcon: the Australian Falcon Ute differed in having a shorter rear overhang than North American models, a cargo box that extended farther forward than the rear window, and shorter doors ; while the Argentinian version also shared the sedan's overall length and short " 4-door " doors, adding higher and more squared-off cargo box sides.
Note that the electrode potentials are independent of the number of electrons transferred — that is, they are set to one mole of electrons transferred — and so the two electrode potentials can be simply combined to give the overall cell potential even if different numbers of electrons are involved in the two electrode reactions.
Note that in Canada, national team matches occupy a relatively minor place in the overall sports landscape, except during international ice hockey tournaments.
Note that in the United States, national team matches occupy a relatively minor place in the overall sports landscape, with the exception of the Olympic basketball and ice hockey tournaments and the World Cups in men's and women's soccer.
Note that this numerical priority is secondary to an overall priority, which is based on the task type.
* Note on population: Lucan was officially considered as part of Dublin City from the 1996 census onward, meaning that the census does not list the town's population as a whole, but it is arrived at by adding the Lucan areas ( Lucan-Esker, Lucan Heights and Lucan-St Helen's ) to provide an overall population.
Note that since overall SCIP encryption is effectively a stream cipher, it is essential that the same state vector value never be used twice for a given TEK.
Note that, following dissociation, if new bonds are formed at lower enthalpy, then there is a net loss of energy, and thus an overall exothermic process.
Note that the hilt is 10 cm to 13 cm ( 4 in-5 in ) long overall and that the grip is quite narrow ; it will seem to be too small to many, but the presence of an expansion in the centre of the grip actually provides for a very secure grip.
Note that overall seat totals have been reduced, lowering the seat counts for all parties.
The CIA stated in the Scope Note: Our knowledge of Iraq's ties to terrorism is evolving ... This paper's conclusions-especially regarding the difficult and elusive question of the exact nature of Iraq's relations with al-Qaeda-are based on currently available information that is at times contradictory and derived from sources with varying degrees of reliability ... While our understanding of Iraq ’ s overall connections to al-Qaeda has grown considerably, our appreciation of these links is still emerging.
Note that the overall amplitude of the mode shape cancels out from each side, always.

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