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Note and is
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
Note, however, that it is six inches shorter at the forward end.
Note another piece of wood six inches wide is fastened to the transom between these pieces.
Note: If 1/2-inch panel board is used inside and out, or 5/8-inch one side and 3/8-inch the other, and 1/8-inch glass is used, stock lumber in Af, Af, and Af can be used in making the glass panels.
Note that the mass threshold is four times that of 1958 Alpha and that the flux is one fifth as large.
Note that the mass scale is one to two orders of magnitude greater than some previously used ; ;
Note also that if Af, then Af is divisible by the polynomial p, because Af contains each Af as a factor.
Note that flexural strength is not always improved by simply increasing the density, nor is the change always proportional from one formulation to another.
Most European domestic power supplies run at 230 V, so the current drawn by a particular European appliance ( in Europe ) will be less than for an equivalent American one ( in the United States ).< ref group =" Note "> The formula for power is given by
Note that this premise uses the phrase " is not ", a form of " to be "; this and many other examples show that he did not intend to abandon " to be " as such.
Note: This list is limited to linguists who have worked specifically on the Altaic problem since the publication of the first volume of Ramstedt's Einführung in 1952.
Note that any model of ZF ¬ C is also a model of ZF, so for each of the following statements, there exists a model of ZF in which that statement is true.
Note that there is no directly corresponding concept in the German language.
Note that " completeness " has a different meaning here than it does in the context of Gödel's first incompleteness theorem, which states that no recursive, consistent set of non-logical axioms of the Theory of Arithmetic is complete, in the sense that there will always exist an arithmetic statement such that neither nor can be proved from the given set of axioms.
Note that the above formula is only applicable to classical ideal gases and not Bose – Einstein or Fermi gases.
Note that this pressure increase is more than a simple 10: 1 compression ratio would indicate ; this is because the gas is not only compressed, but the work done to compress the gas has also heated the gas and the hotter gas will have a greater pressure even if the volume had not changed.
Note that this is not the same as a monophyly in which all descendants of a common ancestor are included.
Note: because Solar System bodies are never perfect diffuse reflectors, astronomers use empirically derived relationships to predict apparent magnitudes when accuracy is required.
Note that this is subtly different to the ' thanks ' list in the original BBC Model B.

Note and positive
In 2004, she accorded three stars to chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten ’ s Spice Market restaurant after Vongerichten gave her book Cooking for Mr. Latte a positive blurb ; the Times spotlighted the incident with an Editor ’ s Note.
Note derivative is positive number | positive where green line appears, negative number | negative where red line appears, and zero ( number ) | zero where black line appears.
Note that this property is itself positive, since it is the conjunction of the ( infinitely many ) positive properties.
( Note: In the above calculation, the square-root, must be positive.
Note derivative is positive number | positive where green, negative number | negative where red, and zero ( number ) | zero where black
The other maxima occur at angles which are represented by non-zero integers m. Note that m can be positive or negative, resulting in diffracted orders on both sides of the zero order beam.
Note the difference between the positive and negative ranges.
Note that a positive phase shift, at a given moment of time, shifts the wave in the negative x-axis direction.
Note that with this definition, unlike SNR, a SINAD reading can never be less than 1 ( i. e. it is always positive when quoted in dB ).
Note: must be positive.
Note that this definition of the negative binomial distribution does not easily generalize to a positive, real parameter r.
Note that the tautology problem for positive Boolean formulae remains co-NP complete, even though the satisfiability problem is trivial, as every positive Boolean formula is satisfiable.
Note that, by convention, sinh < sup > 2 </ sup > x means ( sinh x )< sup > 2 </ sup >, not sinh ( sinh x ), and similarly for the other hyperbolic functions when used with positive exponents.
( Note that (*) guarantees that either all three of U, V, W are positive, or else exactly two are negative.
Note that the magnetic flux is the net number of field lines passing through that surface ; that is, the number passing through in one direction minus the number passing through in the other direction ( see below for deciding in which direction the field lines carry a positive sign and in which they carry a negative sign ).
Note that the flux of E through a closed surface is not always zero ; this indicates the presence of " electric monopoles ", that is, free positive or negative charges.
Note that this is only true for the outside tire during the turn ; the inside tire would benefit most from positive camber.
Note that power is the probability of finding a difference that does exist, as opposed to the likelihood of declaring a difference that does not exist ( which is known as a Type I error, or " false positive ").
Note that there is no value judgment attached to the terms negative or positive.
Note that the plane of rotation of the tire is at an angle to the actual direction that the tire is moving ( the positive y direction ).

Note and while
Note, however, that currying, while similar, is not the same operation as partial function application.
Note: Step ( in the description below ) is defined as: a transfer / change of weight to the opposite foot while hopping ( this is usually minimal ; almost more of a scoot than a literal hop ).
Note that this brain-in-a-vat argument conflates cyberspace with reality, while the more common descriptions of cyberspace contrast it with the " real world ".
Note that while the terms demon and demonic are used in monotheistic faiths as antonyms to divine, they are in fact derived from the Greek word daimón ( δαίμων ), which itself translates as divinity.
( Note: On most location-based television shows, there will be two Assistant Location Managers that alternate episodes, allowing one to prep an upcoming episode while the other is on-set with the current one.
Note also that until well into the 20th Century, rather than an official readying the ball for scrimmage, the side entitled to the snap had complete custody of the ball and could snap it from the required spot at any time ; for instance, a tackled ball carrier might feign injury, then suddenly snap the ball while recumbent, there being no stance requirement yet.
Note also that ' br ' is an empty element in that, while it may have attributes, it can take no content and it may not have an end tag.
Methods PUT and DELETE are defined to be idempotent, meaning that multiple identical requests should have the same effect as a single request ( Note that idempotence refers to the state of the system after the request has completed, so while the action the server takes ( e. g. deleting a record ) or the response code it returns may be different on subsequent requests, the system state will be the same every time ).
Note that during the sort, the largest element is at the root of the heap at a, while at the end of the sort, the largest element is in a.
Note that the bilinearity and alternating properties imply anticommutativity, i. e., for all elements x, y in, while anticommutativity only implies the alternating property if the field's characteristic is not 2.
Note that while such perfect price discrimination is still a theoretical construct, it is becoming increasingly real with advances of information technology and micromarketing.
( Note that while Mercury does allow impure functionality, it is not necessary in most software, and serves primarily as a way of calling foreign language code.
Note that while the associations indicated between the concepts in each item in that list is very strong, it is not absolute.
Note that some of these tasks have direct real-world applications, while others more commonly serve as subtasks that are used to aid in solving larger tasks.
Note that that while bound orbits around a point mass or around a spherical body with an Newtonian gravitational field are closed ellipses, which repeat the same path exactly and indefinitely, any non-spherical or non-Newtonian effects ( as caused, for example, by the slight oblateness of the Earth, or by relativistic effects, changing the gravitational field's behavior with distance ) will cause the orbit's shape to depart from the closed ellipses characteristic of Newtonian two-body motion.
Note: while the 741 was historically used in audio and other sensitive equipment, such use is now rare because of the improved noise performance of more modern op-amps.
Note the intersection of the two circles — the distinction between short a, i and u is made by both speakers, but Arabic lacks the mid articulation of short vowels, while Hebrew lacks the distinction of vowel length.
( Note: Astronomy should not be confused with astrology, which assumes that people's destiny and human affairs in general are correlated to the apparent positions of astronomical objects in the sky -- although the two fields share a common origin, they are quite different ; astronomers embrace the scientific method, while astrologers do not.
Note that only the step of substrate unfolding requires energy from ATP hydrolysis, while ATP-binding alone can support all the other steps required for protein degradation ( e. g., complex assembly, gate opening, translocation, and proteolysis ).
Note that while Nashville received only 26 % of the votes and was significantly behind Memphis in the first round, it won the election by winning the second round.
( Note that six of the squares only share vertices with the triangles while the other twelve share an edge.
Note that while most compilers will not output a binary given a compile-time error some do ;
Note that the power injected by the torque depends only on the instantaneous angular speed – not on whether the angular speed increases, decreases, or remains constant while the torque is being applied ( this is equivalent to the linear case where the power injected by a force depends only on the instantaneous speed – not on the resulting acceleration, if any ).
Note that the flatter-bottomed karahi ( right ) is sitting on an ordinary burner cover, while the round-bottomed wok is balanced on a wok-ring

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