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Note and Ising
Note that this energy function belongs to a general class of models in physics, under the name of Ising models ; these in turn are a special case of Markov networks, since the associated probability measure, the Gibbs measure, has the Markov property.

Note and model
Note that any model of ZF ¬ C is also a model of ZF, so for each of the following statements, there exists a model of ZF in which that statement is true.
Note however that both in algebra and model theory the binary operations considered are defined on all of S × S.
Note that unlike Hypatia he did not study ' mathematics, philosophy and astronomy ', thus he and his followers came into conflict with the ancient University of Alexandria which pursued all forms of knowledge including science and human anatomy, politics and history according to the model inaugurated by Alexander the Great, the founder of Alexandria.
: Note this model assumes the particle is a point mass, which is certainly known to be false in many cases in which we use this model ; for example, as a model of planetary motion.
Note that in this model, the two fission fragments are the same size.
Note that the force balance itself creates drag and potential turbulence that will affect the model and introduce errors into the measurements.
Those trials were sanctioned and supervised by NASCAR. Note: between 1964 and 1966, Oldsmobile named its least expensive full size model the Oldsmobile Jetstar 88 which the Jetstar I was not related to, and priced $ 500 –$ 600 below the Jetstar I.
Note that the adjective ' hidden ' refers to the state sequence through which the model passes, not to the parameters of the model ; even if the model parameters are known exactly, the model is still ' hidden '.
Note that the use of natural numbers both in S and the existential quantification merely reflects the usual applications in computability and model theory.
Note that in the standard Shakura-Sunyaev model, viscosity is proportional to the total pressure since
Note the ' grid squares thus formed are far larger than the city blocks described earlier, and the road layouts within the grid squares are generally ' organic ' in form — matching the ' street hierarchy model described above
Note that unlike the liar paradox or Russell's paradox, this paradox does not depend on what model of negation is used, as it is completely negation-free.
Note that many simpler levels of climate model exist ; some are of only heuristic interest, while others continue to be scientifically relevant.
Note that to include a constant in the model above, one can choose to include the variable X < sub > K </ sub > all of whose observed values are unity: X < sub > iK </ sub > = 1 for all i.
a function that associates a header with each relation name in R. ( Note that this is a simplification from the full relational model where there is more than one domain and a header is not just a set of column names but also maps these column names to a domain.
Note: Cisco recommends that all Cisco IOS devices implement the authentication, authorization, and accounting ( AAA ) security model.
( Note that the model can be described mathematically and that words like " predict ", " surprise ", and " expect " are only used to help explain the model.

Note and exhibits
Note that a compressed gas also exhibits " elastic " properties, for instance inside an inflated car tire.
:: Note: < span id =" linear_bus_note "></ span > The two endpoints of the common transmission medium are normally terminated with a device called a terminator that exhibits the characteristic impedance of the transmission medium and which dissipates or absorbs the energy that remains in the signal to prevent the signal from being reflected or propagated back onto the transmission medium in the opposite direction, which would cause interference with and degradation of the signals on the transmission medium.
) Note that this is a weaker condition than Stability, because any summation method that exhibits Stability also exhibits Finite Re-indexability, but the converse is not true.
Note the related particular Fe-Ni alloy Invar which exhibits minimum thermal expansion.
Note also that unlike pulse ( a ), pulse ( b ) exhibits an instantaneous frequency sweep, called chirp, and therefore contains more Bandwidth ( signal processing ) | bandwidth than pulse ( a ).

Note and following
Note: In the following discussion, only one or two common pronunciations of American and British English varieties are used in this article for each word cited.
Note that, following the property of opposite category,.
Note: In Hebrew, P and F are allophones of the same phoneme ( historically, pol is rendered fol-when following a vowel sound ).
* English fruit, and Hebrew perot ( פ ֵּ רו ֹ ת ) Note: In Hebrew, P and F are allophones of the same phoneme ( historically, perot is rendered ferot-when following a vowel sound ).
Note: In Hebrew, B and V are allophones of the same phoneme ( historically, ba is rendered va-when following a vowel sound ).
Note that the hex numbers in the following tables are in little-endian byte order, as the format specification prescribes.
Note: Some of the following kings are already listed above as German Kings
Note: Some of the following dukes are already listed above as German Kings
Note it is placed, following Ptolemy, as just south of the land of the Garamantes.
Note that the following is a classical ( Newtonian ) analysis of orbital mechanics, which assumes that the more subtle effects of general relativity, such as frame dragging and gravitational time dilation are negligible.
The following example of an ASP page with VBScript displays the current time in 24-hour format ( Note that an '=' sign occurring after a context switch (<%) is short-hand for a call to Write () method of the Response object ), but it is also used as the default script for error messages with the windows operating systems.
Note that one can always normalize the weights by making the following transformation on the weights.
( Note that the earliest episodes took place in 2099, though most following stories have taken place in the 22nd century, usually 122 years after real-world publication ( so a story published in the comic in 2008 would take place in 2130 ).
The Note achieved its purpose: on the following day, 17 November, the No votes against chapter III dropped to 46, a number that may have included some who opposed it because they felt the Preliminary Note of Explanation had weakened the concept of collegiality.
The Note is introduced by the following words: " A preliminary note of explanation is being given to the Council Fathers from higher authority, regarding the Modi bearing on Chapter III of the Schema de Ecclesia ; the doctrine set forth in Chapter III ought to be explained and understood in accordance with the meaning and intent of this explanatory note.
Note that this stuffed bit is added even if the following data bit is 0, which could not be mistaken for a sync sequence, so that the receiver can unambiguously distinguish stuffed bits from normal bits.
Note: The following list of documents are those that are presently active.
Note: the majority of the following examples are American English usage.
It was not until 1999, following political corruption allegations, that the aristocratic government was overthrown, with Imata Kabua replaced by the ' commoner ' Kessai Note.
The initial hardback printing of the book contained the following " Note on the Text ", which was omitted from subsequent paperback editions:
Note that unique factorization domains appear in the following chain of class inclusions:
Note: in the following, assumed phonological or morphological forms are presented between slashes //, while plain text is used for the standard Assyriological transcription of Sumerian.
The " Yurovsky Note ," an account of the event filed by Yurovsky to his Bolshevik superiors following the murders, was found in 1989 and detailed in Edvard Radzinsky's 1992 book The Last Tsar.

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