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Note and while
Note, however, that currying, while similar, is not the same operation as partial function application.
Note: Step ( in the description below ) is defined as: a transfer / change of weight to the opposite foot while hopping ( this is usually minimal ; almost more of a scoot than a literal hop ).
Note that this brain-in-a-vat argument conflates cyberspace with reality, while the more common descriptions of cyberspace contrast it with the " real world ".
Note that while the terms demon and demonic are used in monotheistic faiths as antonyms to divine, they are in fact derived from the Greek word daimón ( δαίμων ), which itself translates as divinity.
( Note: On most location-based television shows, there will be two Assistant Location Managers that alternate episodes, allowing one to prep an upcoming episode while the other is on-set with the current one.
Note also that until well into the 20th Century, rather than an official readying the ball for scrimmage, the side entitled to the snap had complete custody of the ball and could snap it from the required spot at any time ; for instance, a tackled ball carrier might feign injury, then suddenly snap the ball while recumbent, there being no stance requirement yet.
Note also that ' br ' is an empty element in that, while it may have attributes, it can take no content and it may not have an end tag.
Methods PUT and DELETE are defined to be idempotent, meaning that multiple identical requests should have the same effect as a single request ( Note that idempotence refers to the state of the system after the request has completed, so while the action the server takes ( e. g. deleting a record ) or the response code it returns may be different on subsequent requests, the system state will be the same every time ).
Note that is positive while is negative ; in any reversible work-extracting process, entropy is overall not increased, but rather is moved from a hot ( high-entropy ) system to a cold ( low-entropy one ), decreasing the entropy of the heat source and increasing that of the heat sink.
Note that during the sort, the largest element is at the root of the heap at a, while at the end of the sort, the largest element is in a.
Note that the bilinearity and alternating properties imply anticommutativity, i. e., for all elements x, y in, while anticommutativity only implies the alternating property if the field's characteristic is not 2.
Note that while such perfect price discrimination is still a theoretical construct, it is becoming increasingly real with advances of information technology and micromarketing.
( Note that while Mercury does allow impure functionality, it is not necessary in most software, and serves primarily as a way of calling foreign language code.
Note that while the associations indicated between the concepts in each item in that list is very strong, it is not absolute.
Note that some of these tasks have direct real-world applications, while others more commonly serve as subtasks that are used to aid in solving larger tasks.
Note that that while bound orbits around a point mass or around a spherical body with an Newtonian gravitational field are closed ellipses, which repeat the same path exactly and indefinitely, any non-spherical or non-Newtonian effects ( as caused, for example, by the slight oblateness of the Earth, or by relativistic effects, changing the gravitational field's behavior with distance ) will cause the orbit's shape to depart from the closed ellipses characteristic of Newtonian two-body motion.
Note: while the 741 was historically used in audio and other sensitive equipment, such use is now rare because of the improved noise performance of more modern op-amps.
Note the intersection of the two circles — the distinction between short a, i and u is made by both speakers, but Arabic lacks the mid articulation of short vowels, while Hebrew lacks the distinction of vowel length.
( Note: Astronomy should not be confused with astrology, which assumes that people's destiny and human affairs in general are correlated to the apparent positions of astronomical objects in the sky -- although the two fields share a common origin, they are quite different ; astronomers embrace the scientific method, while astrologers do not.
Note that only the step of substrate unfolding requires energy from ATP hydrolysis, while ATP-binding alone can support all the other steps required for protein degradation ( e. g., complex assembly, gate opening, translocation, and proteolysis ).
Note that while Nashville received only 26 % of the votes and was significantly behind Memphis in the first round, it won the election by winning the second round.
( Note that six of the squares only share vertices with the triangles while the other twelve share an edge.
Note that while most compilers will not output a binary given a compile-time error some do ;
Note that the power injected by the torque depends only on the instantaneous angular speed – not on whether the angular speed increases, decreases, or remains constant while the torque is being applied ( this is equivalent to the linear case where the power injected by a force depends only on the instantaneous speed – not on the resulting acceleration, if any ).
Note that the flatter-bottomed karahi ( right ) is sitting on an ordinary burner cover, while the round-bottomed wok is balanced on a wok-ring

Note and overall
Note the curved streamlines above and below the foil, and the overall downward deflection of the air.
Note that some metres have an overall rhythmic pattern to the line that cannot easily be described using feet.
Note that the overall size and crest size also corresponds to age.
Note the optical tracker on top, integrated generator, and greatly reduced overall height.
Note that this definition of entropy can even be viewed as equivalent to the previous one ( unknown information ) if we take a meta-perspective, and say that for observer A to " know " the state of system B means simply that there is a definite correlation between the state of observer A and the state of system B ; this correlation could thus be used by a meta-observer ( that is, whoever is discussing the overall situation regarding A's state of knowledge about B ) to compress his own description of the joint system AB.
Note the distinction between longest-single-drop height and overall height-many observers will only include vertical plunges when assessing the height of a waterfall.
Note that the logic gate at the core of the buffered part is actually a NAND gate, but the overall function of the complete circuit is a NOR gate due to the logic inversions performed by the buffers.
Note that there are three almost entirely different pickup bodies for this generation of Falcon: the Australian Falcon Ute differed in having a shorter rear overhang than North American models, a cargo box that extended farther forward than the rear window, and shorter doors ; while the Argentinian version also shared the sedan's overall length and short " 4-door " doors, adding higher and more squared-off cargo box sides.
Note that the electrode potentials are independent of the number of electrons transferred — that is, they are set to one mole of electrons transferred — and so the two electrode potentials can be simply combined to give the overall cell potential even if different numbers of electrons are involved in the two electrode reactions.
Note blue facial skin and overall similarity to Saker Falcon.
Note that in Canada, national team matches occupy a relatively minor place in the overall sports landscape, except during international ice hockey tournaments.
Note that in the United States, national team matches occupy a relatively minor place in the overall sports landscape, with the exception of the Olympic basketball and ice hockey tournaments and the World Cups in men's and women's soccer.
Note that this numerical priority is secondary to an overall priority, which is based on the task type.
* Note on population: Lucan was officially considered as part of Dublin City from the 1996 census onward, meaning that the census does not list the town's population as a whole, but it is arrived at by adding the Lucan areas ( Lucan-Esker, Lucan Heights and Lucan-St Helen's ) to provide an overall population.
Note that since overall SCIP encryption is effectively a stream cipher, it is essential that the same state vector value never be used twice for a given TEK.
Note that, following dissociation, if new bonds are formed at lower enthalpy, then there is a net loss of energy, and thus an overall exothermic process.
Note that the hilt is 10 cm to 13 cm ( 4 in-5 in ) long overall and that the grip is quite narrow ; it will seem to be too small to many, but the presence of an expansion in the centre of the grip actually provides for a very secure grip.
Note that overall seat totals have been reduced, lowering the seat counts for all parties.
The CIA stated in the Scope Note: Our knowledge of Iraq's ties to terrorism is evolving ... This paper's conclusions-especially regarding the difficult and elusive question of the exact nature of Iraq's relations with al-Qaeda-are based on currently available information that is at times contradictory and derived from sources with varying degrees of reliability ... While our understanding of Iraq ’ s overall connections to al-Qaeda has grown considerably, our appreciation of these links is still emerging.
Note that the overall amplitude of the mode shape cancels out from each side, always.

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