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Note and former
Note that former military officers from the World War II era may be appointed prime minister despite the " civilian " requirement, Yasuhiro Nakasone being one prominent example.
: Note: This article is about the modern nation of Benin, which encompasses the former French colony of Dahomey, located west of Nigeria.
Note, for example, that the time zone GMT + 14 will be at the same time of day as GMT − 10, though the former is one day ahead of the latter.
Note that differs from dental in that the former is a sibilant and the latter is not.
Note: a former Franklin, Georgia is now West Point, Georgia.
Note: After George Jerome took over the Clerk-Treasurer position, Larry Ballah ( R ) was appointed to finish out the current term in George Jerome's former council seat.
Note, however, that PFA can be combined with mixed-radix Cooley – Tukey, with the former factorizing N into relatively prime components and the latter handling repeated factors.
: Note: In this article, to distinguish between the Han state of the Warring States Period and the Han Dynasty, the former will be referred to as " Hán " while " Han " will be reserved for the latter.
Kessai Hesa Note ( born August 7, 1950 in Ailinglaplap ) is a former President of the Marshall Islands, having served from 2000 to 2008.
Note that in some of the countries mentioned below it is unusual to indicate a former queen-consort as a dowager.
Note: Gaxiola-Gaxiola, an expert on Latin American Pentecostalism, is former president of the Society for Pentecostal Studies.
Note that there are similar types of sponge cakes named after the same fashion, in, in, in Portuguese: Pão de Espanha, in, in, in ( Castile is a former kingdom of Spain comprising its central provinces, thus Pain d ' Espagne and other variants are quasi-synonymous to " bread from Castile ").
The government of West Germany preferred to use the phrase " former German territories temporarily under Polish and Soviet administration " ( Note: those " former German territories " are those of Eastern Germany within the 1937 Germany Border ).
The former president of the Marshall Islands, Kessai Note was born on Jeh Island, Ailinglaplap Atoll.
Note: The Sukhoi OKB has reused aircraft designations, for example: the Su-9 from 1946 and the later Su-9 from 1956, the former was not produced in quantity.
Note, this new section occupies the former western part of Byamee street.
Note: For a list of former ambassadors from each country, follow the Former Ambassadors link
Note: CINCPAC is not to be confused with CINCPACFLT, the former name of the subordinate navy component commander ( COMPACFLT ) of the U. S. Pacific Fleet.
Note that the Stratton Student Center on the MIT campus is dedicated to a different former president of MIT, Julius Adams Stratton.
Note that part of the former trackbed has been built over.
Note that there is doubt about rank equivalency in countries that have Fleet Admirals but no Commodores, such as the former German Empire and Russia-often it is considered that in these countries a Fleet Admiral equates to an OF-9 rank, an Admiral to OF-8, a Vice Admiral to OF-7, and a Counter / Rear Admiral to OF-6 ( i. e. the ranks all move down one grade ).
Note: Sean O ' Donnell replaced former Irish vocal / guitarist Pat Kilbride in July 2005.
Note: This article is about Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, the Fijian medical doctor and former Senator.
Note that the results also include those of the former Vlaams Blok.

Note and now
Note that the continuous crossover between the dilute and dense regimes of attracting pairs of fermions is still an open problem, which now attracts a lot of attention within the field of ultracold gases.
Note: The all or none principle is met when all patients died before the Rx became available, but some now survive on it ; or when some patients died before the Rx became available, but none now die on it.
Alice now discards three of her own cards, and replaces them with three from the top of the deck ( Note: in a player-dealt casino game there is often a rule that the dealer must discard before picking up the deck, but this is a home game so we won't worry about such details ).
Note: while the 741 was historically used in audio and other sensitive equipment, such use is now rare because of the improved noise performance of more modern op-amps.
( Note on numbering: Pope Benedict X is now considered an antipope.
( Note on numbering: Pope Boniface VII is now considered an antipope.
Note the latter is now called Pope Stephen VI.
Note the latter is now called Pope Stephen VI.
Note how Bob's qubit is now in a state that resembles the state to be teleported.
Note that s < sub > 0 </ sub > is now the sum of the weights and not the number of samples N.
Note that all nine of the US Navy nuclear-powered cruisers ( CGN ) have now been stricken from the Naval Vessel Register, and those not already scrapped by recycling are scheduled to be recycled.
Note, however, that they pre-date the appearance of the Minaeans themselves, and, hence, are called now more appropriately as " Madhabic " rather than " Minaic ".
Note that elements up to E118 have now been experimentally produced and that there are chemical studies on an increasing number of them.
Note that co-operative members who take their bottles to be disgorged at the co-op can now label themselves as RM instead of RC
Note that in order to act near optimally, the agent must reason about the long term consequences of its actions: In order to maximize my future income I better go to school now, although the immediate monetary reward associated with this might be negative.
Note: Canadians concede the more serious claim of Greek bishop Saint Nicholas to Myra ( now in Turkey ).
* Note: The £ 55m project is now complete, and the new school includes a media suite, library, town square, sports hall, and a huge hall dubbed ' The Devon Hall '.
Note: the first English-language edition of the book, published by Sundancer, is now out of print.
She now performs with the Blue Note Jazz Band.
( Note: the banana plants in the background are not native, but are now a common part of modern Central American agriculture )
Note the 1950s-era curb. Route 83 was originally legislated by the Laws of 1927, Chapter 319 as a part of Route 49, which was to run from Route 4 ( now U. S. Route 9 ) in Ocean View to Route 44 in Salem.
In 2002 New Zealand Post, as part of government policy, opened the bank Kiwibank Limited in the majority of its PostShop and Books and More ( now Take Note ) branches.
) Note that we must also now apply the function to its argument type in the body of the type.

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