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Now and Britain
* Britain Acknowledges " Bloody Sunday " Killings Were Unjustified and Apologizes to Victims ’ Families – video report by Democracy Now!
Now virtually forgotten in Britain and the United States, root chervil is still used in French cuisine, in soups or stews.
The album's second single, " Now I'm Here ", a more traditional hard rock composition, was a number eleven hit in Britain, while the high speed rocker " Stone Cold Crazy " featuring May's uptempo riffs is a precursor to speed metal.
After his return from Britain, Burke re-entered the studio and recorded three more songs on June 25, 1965, including two minor hits, " Someone Is Watching " ( Atlantic 2299 ) ( R & B # 24, Pop # 89 ), and " Only Love Can Save Me Now " ( Atlantic 2308 ) (# 94 Pop ).
Now the competition is between four teams, Great Britain and Ireland, Europe, The Rest Of The World and for the first time in 2012 an all women team.
: Now we have what is called a Provisional Government in Ireland, and although for the time being it is in a transitional state, it has been formally and legally constituted and derives it validity from the treaty between Great Britain and Ireland and the Act of Parliament confirming that Treaty.,
Now openly describing themselves as performance artists, COUM looked up to the work of the Dadaists and emphasised the amateur quality of their work, proclaiming that " he future of music lies in non-musicians ", and strongly contrasting themselves with the classically-trained figures involved in progressive rock which had attained mainstream popularity in Britain at the time.
" Although disbanded after Millson and Bowden parted company at the end of 1994, it " managed to redraw a right-wing nationalist agenda " and played a crucial part towards introducing philosophical discussion into far-right politics in Britain and was an influence on the establishment of the magazine Right Now!
" Now, therefore, upon the evidence and arguments so presented, and after taking into consideration all actions, of the respective Governments and of their representatives authorized in that behalf and of the local governments on either side of the line, whether prior or subsequent to such treaties and award, tending to aid in the interpretation thereof, the High Contracting Parties hereby agree that the location of the international boundary line between the United States and the Dominion of Canada from a point in Passamaquoddy Bay accurately defined in the Treaty between Great Britain and the United States of April 11, 1908, as, lying between Treat Island and Friar Head, and extending thence through Passamaquoddy Bay and to, the middle of Grand Manan Channel, shall run in a series of seven connected straight lines for the distances and in the directions as follows ...."
* Mind the Gap: Class in Britain Now ( 2004 )
Now to Britain ; with home favourite Nigel Mansell now plying his trade in the US, British racing fans had taken Damon Hill to their hearts, especially following his excellent start to the season.
has been branded by the media as the " Kitchen Gangster ", became the first person in Britain to be handed a ‘ Stop Now ’ order by the Office of Fair Trading after consistently supplying kitchens which were not sold as advertised.
* Britain Now and Then: The Francis Frith Collection ( 1999 )
Now however the party is working independently keeping in touch with the Socialist Party of Great Britain.
Now called The Who, he signed them to his production company, got them a contract with Decca in America and with their subsidiary Brunswick in Britain, and produced recordings modeled on their live performances.
During the 1980s Zia worked in Birmingham, Great Britain, where he produced Central Television's flagship multicultural programme Here and Now.
Now on stable terms with Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union ’ s focus turned from overt anti-Fascist militancy to “ peace .” In the midst of the London Blitz and the Battle of Britain, APM agitated for a cut-off of “ warmonger ” President Franklin Roosevelt ’ s Lend-Lease program, and any other U. S. aid to the U. K.
* The Popular Antiquities of Great Britain By Brand and Ellis, Largely Extended, Corrected, Brought Down To The Present Time, and Now First Alphabetically Arranged.
Thomson said, " The Tate ... rejected Modernism and artists such as Matisse and Picasso ... Now it has lost the nation the prime works of an international movement founded in Britain.
Now settled in Great Britain and a British citizen.
* Britain Acknowledges " Bloody Sunday " Killings Were Unjustified and Apologizes to Victims ’ Families-video report by Democracy Now!
After the 1945 election in which Common Wealth ceded its vote to the Labour Party, Duff was employed by Victor Gollancz's organization Save Europe Now, which sent food and clothing to occupied Germany and Austria from rationed Britain, and campaigned for the repatriation of prisoners of war.
In 1939, a Rhodes Scholar named Clarence Streit wrote a book called Union Now, which advocated a gradual approach to final world union by way of regional unions, starting with the union between the US and Britain.

Now and has
`` Now that Bruno Walter is virtually in retirement and my dear friend Dimitri Mitropoulos is no longer with us, I am probably the only one -- with the possible exception of Leonard Bernstein -- who has this special affinity for and champions the works of Bruckner and Mahler ''.
Now this concern for the freedom of other peoples is the intellectual and spiritual cement which has allied us with more than forty other nations in a common defense effort.
Now omitting for a moment some recent developments we can say the Saxon Shore hypothesis of Lappenberg and Kemble has undergone virtual eclipse in this century.
Now he has abandoned all that to be A Writer.
Now, a close look at the schools in and around the ten largest cities, including New York, has shattered this optimism.
Now when Henri has completed four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 1, the professor allows him about a five-minute rest period before starting him on four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 2.
Now, the machine has been improved to a point where it is generally more economical than oil heat at temperatures down to 15 degrees.
Now when, so to speak, the cream has been skimmed off, and the items in the successful categories separated out, the sitter can be asked to consider and rate only this concentrated `` cream '', where the sensitive is at her best.
Now Gavin Maxwell's Ring Of Bright Water has widened to enchant the world.
Now these things Marcellus has written in his Aethiopica ".
Now the remainder of dividing either a or b by d is also of the form ax + by since it is obtained by subtracting a multiple of from a or b, and on the other hand it has to be strictly smaller in absolute value than d. This leaves 0 as only possibility for such a remainder, so d divides a and b exactly.
Now the great deceiver will make it appear that Christ has come.
Now ( from 10 December 2007 ), in order of Italian legislation system, the law is before the House and has to be passed also by the Camera dei Deputati, the second house of Italian Parliament, to become an effective law.
Now to the Christian, the Jew is the incomprehensibly obdurate man who declines to see what has happened ; and to the Jew, the Christian is the incomprehensibly daring man who affirms in an unredeemed world that its redemption has been accomplished.
Now the archon ( ruler ) who is weak has three names.
Now it has a cooperative leadership having a judicial and an administrative head.
Now that France has switched its currency to the euro, this static link remains true, at the rate of about 119. 26 Pacifique franc to one euro ( 1 euro being exactly 6. 55957 French francs ).
Now that the Rainbow Warrior III has been completed, the group has three ocean-going ships, the Esperanza, Arctic Sunrise and Rainbow Warrior III.
Now, the Queen of Australia is generally bound by constitutional convention to accept the advice of the Australian Prime Minister and state Premiers about Australian and state constitutional matters respectively, however the practice of Premiers advising the monarch has only become the convention since the passage of the Australia Acts ( 1986 ).
Now Φ ' has the form, where ( S ) and ( S ') are some quantifier strings, ρ and ρ ' are quantifier-free, and, furthermore, no variable of ( S ) occurs in ρ ' and no variable of ( S ') occurs in ρ.
Now, he looks older than 1990 strips ; he is taller and he has larger features.
Now the world's most syndicated comic strip, Garfield has spawned a " profusion " of merchandise including clothing, toys, games, Caribbean cruises, credit cards, dolls, DVDs of the movies or the TV series, and related media.

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