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Now and knowing
Now, roaring up in great oily clouds of smoke and flames, the fierce heat quickly drove us to the stern where we huddled like suffocating sheep, not knowing what to do.
Now we have an easy way to calculate the radius of the first Fresnel zone ( F < sub > 1 </ sub > in the above equation ), knowing the distance between the two antennas and the frequency of the transmitted signal.
Now anemic and not knowing what to feed the plant, Seymour takes a walk along a railroad track.
Now the lands are split into three with each claiming to be the absolute, the distant Kai rests uneasy, not knowing who to follow.
Now, the master finding the profits of his trade fall off very much, and being at the same time in want of money to pay the hundred pounds weekly, and perceiving that these hundred pounds are carried away at once, and given to shopkeepers of various descriptions ; to butchers, bakers, drapers, hatters, shoemakers, and the rest ; and knowing that, on an average, these shopkeepers must all have a profit of thirty per cent., or more, he determines to keep this thirty per cent.
Now, knowing that,, we have
Now, the tracks are surrounded by trees and bushes, which prevents the riders from knowing the track layout beforehand.
Now that the timeline has been restored, Admiral Riker has no way of knowing what awaits him in the restored future, but it is implied that his Imzadi is alive and waiting for him.
Now knowing the truth of his situation, Vattic confronts Hanson in the research facility, but he is once again placed in a seemingly unwinnable situation, with Hanson taunting him from behind a window impervious to both bullets and psionic powers.
Now knowing the pirates are funded by the Hegemony, MacPherson suspects that a previous information leak was in fact the work of a Hegemony spy ; Nikola questions Brandt, who responds with indignance.
Now knowing that the pendant is of some importance to Markus, Michael and Selene set out to solve its mystery.
Now in the car Wo knowing he is near death, asks to be taken back to his wife and son.
Now, however, he is understandably despondent: how can he possibly enjoy life, knowing his doom?

Now and general
* Nanotechnology Now Nanotechnology basics, news, and general information
During the second millennium BCE, Syria was occupied successively by Canaanites, Phoenicians, and Arameans as part of the general disruptions associated with the Sea Peoples ; the Phoenicians settled along the coastline of these area as well as in the west ( Now Lebanon & The current Syrian coast ), in the area already known for its cedars.
Now, in general, the trajectory P ( t ) is not constrained to lie on a circular cylinder, so the radius R varies with time, and the trajectory in cylindrical-polor coordinates becomes
Now all three ZIP codes are used for general mail.
If you ’ re a member of my group and you do something good, I make a general statement: “ Noam Chomsky is an excellent person .” Now if you do something bad, I give a particular statement, “ Noam Chomsky stepped on my toe .”
Now, therefore, do I deeply sympathizing with the general anxiety, deem it proper to
Now XDCC refers to IRC bots running file sharing programs in general.
Now, if N is a submodule of M ( i. e. a subgroup of M mapped to itself by the action of G ), it isn't in general true that the invariants in M / N are found as the quotient of the invariants in M by those in N: being invariant ' modulo N ' is broader.
Now when Christianity was introduced, the general assembly and the market were still held there.
Now we can evaluate the functional derivative at and to see how the potential at is changed due to a small variation in the density at, but in general the unevaluated form is probably more useful.
Now federal agencies are able to deal with most of the issues that were previously dealt with under private bills as these agencies have been granted sufficient discretion by the United States Congress to deal with exceptions to the general legislative scheme of various laws.
See It Now occasionally scored high ratings ( usually when it was approaching a particularly controversial subject ), but in general it did not score well on prime-time television.
Now that there was an aggressive general in the field, Halleck's administrative capabilities complemented Grant nicely and they worked well together.
In his memoir Star Trek: Memories, William Shatner called this one of the series ' worst episodes — in the full general autobiography Up Till Now, he called the episode's plot a " tribute " to NBC executives who slashed the show's budget and placed it in a bad time slot.
Now to consider the general political situation in the country at the beginning of 1920, it may be remembered that from the time of the revolution until the end of 1919 the Liberal and Radical parties in combination with the so-called Majority Social Democratic Party had held power continuously, and had been strikingly confirmed in their position by the general election held in January 1919.
It was in Kovilpatti constituency till 2006 general Elections and Now it comes under the Vilathikulam constituency of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly from 2011 Elections. S. Alagarsamy was the longest serving-5 Terms from 1967 to 1990 Member of Legislative Assembly to The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly representing the Kovilpatti constituency.
Among his film credits are One on One ( 1977 ) ( as an authoritarian basketball coach ), Apocalypse Now ( as the general who assigns Martin Sheen's character to the search mission ).
Now known as the Dapples Pavilion ( named after long-time supporter Florence Dapples ), the cantina supplies season-long food and drink for the staff and artists, as well as functioning as the location for pre-performance buffet dinners for the general public.
Now under Van Dorn's command, Price was commissioned in the Confederate States Army as a major general on March 6, 1862.
Now can I ask you which party you think you will vote for at the next general election?
Now he will face Marine Corps Veteran Erik Anderson in the general election.
* Times Now A general interest news Channel
Now there's Alice Cooper's School's Out and Killer, Hawkwind and the general thing is there now, and it wasn't there then because they couldn't accept that it was gonna sell.

Now and future
Now it was left to the remaining Commodore management to salvage the company's fortunes and plan for the future.
When they rewrote The Seahorses ' " Love Is the Law " as "( Now ) I Know ( Where I'm Going ) Our Kid ", they chose the stage-name Shirehorses, which they then retained for future recordings and performances.
* In 1978, Peter Hammill on his album The future Now in the song " A motor bike in Afrika " was the first to mention Biko ( after his death ) in England.
Now he has to orchestrate events to ensure his own future.
Now, however, the main focus is on communicating with the ancestors and asking them for guidance and protection for the future.
The National Inventors Hall of Fame promotes future generations of inventors through Invent Now Kids, a major subsidiary of the organization, and the Collegiate Inventors Competition.
:" Now they say that Penthesileia was the last of the Amazons to win distinction for bravery and that for the future the race diminished more and more and then lost all its strength ; consequently in later times, whenever any writers recount their prowess, men consider the ancient stories about the Amazons to be fictitious tales.
Now known as St. Louis Regional Airport, subsequent expansion and addition of an office and industrial park are helping to propel Bethalto into the future.
In 2011 Schadewald said " Now: Obviously, The Woodlands had quite a future.
The Israeli political movement Peace Now in 1994 has created an initiative called Ir Shalem, the goal of which is to build a peaceful equitable and inspiring future for this city, with Jewish and Arab citizens working together to find solutions based on equity and justice.
Musician Brian Eno gave the Clock of the Long Now its name ( and coined the term " Long Now ") in an essay ; he has collaborated with Hillis on the writing of music for the chimes for a future prototype.
Now a member of court life, it is possible that the two future conquerors would have met around this time.
They partnered with Thin Lizzy producer John Alcock, after Jett's future partner Kenny Laguna turned down the job, to record their last album And Now ...
Together they self recorded several masterpieces " Happy Now ", released 2003 on Splash2 Records in England and " King Arthur's Court " 2005 on Starseed Records U. S. A. Sunlight Sky's relationship with Djin created many more unreleased recordings to be released in the future.
Now Beaminster Technology College, it " is a good school that is well-led and managed " ( Ofsted report 2008 ) and is set to receive Bridport's Mountjoy Special School into its curtilage when the latter moves in the near future.
Now using the stage name Big Jimmy, he formed his first band with future Steppenwolf member Nick St. Nicholas, initially called the Sailor Boyz.
Now trapped, they begin exploring the future world.
Now unable to return to the future until she sets things right, Karin decides to improvise by making Junta get together with the only girl who does not give him an allergic reaction: his childhood friend Ami Kurimoto ( despite him not feeling any romantic affection for her, since he sees her more as a sister ).
She worked continuously throughout the 1990s, starring in many films including The Bonfire of the Vanities ( 1990 ), A Stranger Among Us ( 1992 ), Born Yesterday ( 1993 ), Milk Money ( 1994 ), Now and Then ( 1995 ), and Two Much ( 1996 ), where she co-starred with future husband Antonio Banderas.
Now we build the future.
Now openly describing themselves as performance artists, COUM looked up to the work of the Dadaists and emphasised the amateur quality of their work, proclaiming that " he future of music lies in non-musicians ", and strongly contrasting themselves with the classically-trained figures involved in progressive rock which had attained mainstream popularity in Britain at the time.
After a three year absence since their greatest hits album, Here & Now: The Best of Human Nature, the group returned with a more adult-contemporary sound, presaging their future move to nostalgia type covers.
Now joined in his work by research assistant Miles Warren ( future supervillain the Jackal ), Wyndham was able to make more and more radical breakthroughs, including the genetic acceleration of some local animals into the half-human, half-animal beings that he dubbed his " New Men ".

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