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Now and more
Now dammit, I don't want to go into any more explanations.
Now we can argue that the irresistible fate of Oedipus Rex was nothing more than the irresistible unconscious longings of Oedipus projected outward, but this externalization of unconscious conflict makes all the difference between a story and a clinical case history.
Now this concern for the freedom of other peoples is the intellectual and spiritual cement which has allied us with more than forty other nations in a common defense effort.
Now, more than five years later, I cannot in any realistic sense be called a trained soldier.
Now there was more to do.
Now, the machine has been improved to a point where it is generally more economical than oil heat at temperatures down to 15 degrees.
Now Welch had a pet theory that everyone is guilty of breaking more laws than he ever gets caught at.
Now, you probably share the widespread Western belief that the Lord Buddha is the most compassionate of the gods, much more so than Jehovah and Allah and the rest.
Now Dylan Thomas and Charlie Parker have a great deal more in common than the same disastrous end.
Now, at this moment, there should be none unless skin diving was much more dangerous than he had been led to believe.
Now, not only are there considerably more laity as students and professors at Oxford, but there are also numerous houses of religious orders existing in respectable and friendly relations with the non-Catholic members of the University.
Now, the more modern concept of doing something " under someone's aegis " means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source.
Now, Szilárd proposed to use neutrons theoretically-produced from certain nuclear reactions in lighter isotopes, to induce further reactions in light isotopes that produced more neutrons.
" and " We've Got a Bigger Problem Now " placed the Dead Kennedys as the spokesmen of social protest, while " Dog Bite ", a cover version of Rawhide and various joke introductions showed a much more whimsical side.
The band followed up with Duty Now for the Future in 1979, which moved the band more towards electronic instrumentation.
Now more than 85 % of the Faroese population is accessible by automobile.
Now, Hitchcock is more or less universally lauded, his films dissected shot-by-shot, his work celebrated as being that of a master.
Carver replied in writing, " Now to be branded as a liar and party to such hellish deception it is more than I can bear, and if your committee feel that I have willfully lied or party to such lies as were told my resignation is at your disposal.
Now with an investor in charge, the Astros would be more likely to compete in the free agent market.
Now, let us say that the purpose is not legal entitlement, but rather, the following situation: The admiral of the fleet believes that captains and crews who have fought alongside each other are more effective than captains and crews who are strangers to each other.
Now with more complex service requirements this is less of an option.
Later commenting on A Razor for a Goat, Richard Kieckhefer noted that when the book was first published " it was recognised as a biting critique of the views of Margaret Murray … Now, forty years later, Rose's book may perhaps seem more of a revisionist work within Murray's school of interpretation.
In a country of 180 million, only about 60 outlets are allowed to sell alcohol and there used to be only one legal brewery, Murree Brewery in Rawalpindi, Now there are more.
Now draw another circle or oval inside that, more or less concentric with gap of one or two centimetres between the two.
Now with 8 tracks of recording, 100, 000 note capacity, real-time track muting and more.

Now and than
Now, of course, that the Russians are the nuclear villains, radiation is a nastier word than it was in the mid, when the US was testing in the atmosphere.
Now the remainder of dividing either a or b by d is also of the form ax + by since it is obtained by subtracting a multiple of from a or b, and on the other hand it has to be strictly smaller in absolute value than d. This leaves 0 as only possibility for such a remainder, so d divides a and b exactly.
Now, he looks older than 1990 strips ; he is taller and he has larger features.
Now, he starts with much stronger logical foundations than Plato's non-contrariety of action in reaction to conflicting demands from the three parts of the soul.
Now brewers were able to accurately measure the yield of the malt they used, and it was noticed that brown malt, though cheaper than pale malt, only produced about two thirds as much fermentable material.
Now just as the moon derives its light from the sun and is indeed lower than it in quantity and quality, in position and in power, so too the royal power derives the splendor of its dignity from the pontifical authority .....
After winning re-election in December 2006, Chávez said, " Now more than ever, I am obliged to move Venezuela's path towards socialism.
Now that cryptographers often work at universities, where researchers publish many or even all of their results, and publicly test others ' designs, or in private industry, where results are more often controlled by patents and copyrights than by secrecy, the argument has lost some of its former popularity.
Now, it was agreed that the citizenry of a respective nation were subjected first and foremost to the laws and whims of their own respective government rather than to those of other entities, be they religious or secular.
A notable exception to this was relative newcomer Arthur Godfrey who, as late as 1942, was still doing a local morning show in Washington, D. C. Godfrey, who had been a cemetery-lot salesman and a cab driver, pioneered the style of talking directly to the listener as an individual, with a singular " you " rather than phrases like " Now, folks ..." or " Yes, friends ...." His combined shows contributed as much as 12 % of all CBS revenues ; by 1948, he was pulling down a half-million dollars a year.
In 1917, Franz Kafka wrote in The Silence of the Sirens, " Now the Sirens have a still more fatal weapon than their song, namely their silence.
In Slate, Sam Anderson wrote in the article " And Now for Something Completely Deficient " that though Idle " has earned a spot in Comedy Heaven for his Python days ... his jokey ' exposure ' of his own exploitation ( he has called tours ' Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python ' and ' The Greedy Bastard Tour ') is more irritating than funny.
Now you are weaker than a woman ; try to lift the box.

Now and at
Now, she just sat there looking at him, without an expression except concern for him.
Now, the next morning, they were anchored at The Elbow and the boat was riding directly over the underwater ledge where the green water turned to deepest blue and the cliff dropped straight down 600 fathoms, with the weighted line beside it ; ;
Now, a close look at the schools in and around the ten largest cities, including New York, has shattered this optimism.
Now, Adam, in the gray light of afternoon, stared across at the hut opposite his tent, and thought of Simms Purdew lying in there in the gloom, snoring on his bunk, with the fumes of whisky choking the air.
Now Abel turned his head to look at his brother.
Now she kept herself protectively ready to laugh again and sure enough he pointed at her with his index finger and said `` Toot ''!!
Now with P fixed at Af, Af-values occur when the corner Af crosses C, and are among the values of S such that Af.
Now let's look at the evidence that shows the increase in desegregation and such increase as a result of court order.
Now that this is at odds with our meaning may be shown as follows.
Now when, so to speak, the cream has been skimmed off, and the items in the successful categories separated out, the sitter can be asked to consider and rate only this concentrated `` cream '', where the sensitive is at her best.
Now turn left at the Via dell' Arco Del Monte to the Piazza Dei Pellegrini.
Now, I do not doubt that, among the people at the U.N. that day, there were Stalinist and professional revolutionists acting out of the most cynical motives.
Now time is also the concern of the fictional narrative, which is, at its simplest, the story of an action with, usually, a beginning, a middle, and an end -- elements which demand time as the first condition for their existence.
Now he looked at her.
The poem consisted of only two words, the word `` Wait '', repeated over and over at irregular intervals and with different inflections, and then the word `` Now ''!!
About halfway through the second bottle, Charlie looked at me across Pops, who was sitting between us and asked `` Now ''??
Now a quiet-spoken, middle-aged man, Fiedler is an aeronautical engineer for Lockheed's Missiles and Space Division at Sunnyvale, where he played a key role in the development of the Navy's Polaris missile.
Now a family man with three children, Fiedler lives in a quiet residential area near the Lockheed plant at Sunnyvale.
Now her modern tapestries have been exhibited on two continents and, at 26, she feels she is on the threshold of a whole new life in Los Angeles.
Now although an atom is small, we can still in imagination have a look at it.
Now it seemed almost as if Jesus were looking down at me with sadness in His eyes, saying:

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