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Page "editorial" ¶ 838
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Now and course
Now Richards, of course, is known as a deep thinker as baseball managers go.
`` Cathy was in tears, of course, and I heard Myra say, ' Now be good, and at Christmastime I'll send you a wonderful present from Paris ' ''.
: Now my course is tough:
In September 2011, Eurotalk released the " Learn Klingon " course in its Talk Now!
Now it is empirically certain that there would be some suffering before all those alive on any proposed destruction day were to die in the natural course of events.
For example, the first 15 digits of the mathematical constant pi ( 3. 14159265358979 ) can be encoded as " Now I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics ".
Now the course of events started to speed up.
While in jail, White listened to Elvis Presley singing " It's Now or Never " on the radio, an experience he later credited with changing the course of his life.
Now the tournament is hosted at the TPC at Deere Run course in Silvis, Illinois.
In 1970, she published an article in the Atlantic Monthly, " Let Us Now Appraise Famous Writers ", an exposé of the Famous Writers School, a correspondence course of questionable business practices founded by Bennett Cerf.
Now that you accept A and B and C and D, of course you accept Z.
Now it is, of course
Over the course of the series, he works for a real estate transaction services firm ( Rick Bahr Properties ), a rest stop supply company ( Sanalac ), Elaine's company ( Pendant Publishing ), the New York Yankees ( his longest running job ), a playground-equipment company ( Play Now ), an industrial smoothing company ( Kruger Industrial Smoothing ), and other places.
Now reporting from inside the White House, the reporters used their new location to interview guests entering or leaving the White House or confirm pieces of information from the President's secretaries as they passed through in the course of their duties.
Now, the Company supports charities, including Vision Aid Overseas, and research in the field of optics and conducts training and professional development including the two-year correspondence course for optical technicians that has national accredication in the British National Qualifications Framework.
Now, students take a one-semester technical drawing class ( a compacted version of the former drafting course ), and a semester of introductory computer science, which introduces NetLogo and Racket.
This second part of monologue always began with the catchphrase " Now I don't want to get off on a rant here ..." and ended with the phrase " Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
" Now, of course, having failed in every attempt to subdue the Glades by frontal attack, we are slowly killing it off by tapping the River of Grass.
Now, students accrue most of their clinical hours in the course of their training and internship.
Now, this is of course an extreme result resulting from the real rigidity taking the form of a constant real marginal cost.
Now alone, Lowell reprograms the drones to perform surgery on his leg and sets the Valley Forge on a risky course through Saturn's rings.
Now of course the Prime Minister wants to split hairs and states that he didn't say it, but when he mouthed it, it was readily recognizable by me as to what he said and what he meant.
Now the term road course often is used as a catch-all phrase for any racetrack that is not an oval, with even combined circuits ( or Rovals as they are sometimes called ) such as the 24-hour sports car version of Daytona being referred to as a road course.

Now and Russians
Now it was time to see that the Russians got fair treatment.

Now and are
Now, are you going to take me or am I supposed to walk ''??
Now we must become vague, for we are approaching one of the nation's most guarded secrets.
Now let us imagine a wing of B-52's, on alert near their `` positive control ( or fail-safe ) points '', the spots on the map, many miles from Soviet territory, beyond which they are forbidden to fly without specific orders to proceed to their targets.
Now the basic question to be asked in this situation is what motivates the manipulators, that is, what are their values??
Now the English are painfully silent about my missing hands.
Now place 12 pieces 1/2'' '' sq. on this edge as we did before and space them with the 5-3/4'' '' long `` tappets '', as they are called.
Now unsolder and disassemble the frame except for the two 12'' '' and the first two 3-3/4'' '' bars ( `` A '' and `` B '' pieces ), which are soldered together.
`` Now we are leaving humor and comedy behind again '', Moreland protested.
Now with P fixed at Af, Af-values occur when the corner Af crosses C, and are among the values of S such that Af.
Now, looming on the horizon are such things as estimated totals, calculated risks and I.B.M. machines.
Now the original absent sitter must decide whether the statements are meaningful to him.
Now one hears that heat and hot water are used instead.
Now, the picture is clouded, and even US Sens. James O. Eastland and John C. Stennis, who remained loyal to the ticket, are uncertain of their status.
Now, apparently happier under new managers, Mays and Mantle, the perfect players, are behaving as though they're going to pass those previous peaks.
Now, not only are there considerably more laity as students and professors at Oxford, but there are also numerous houses of religious orders existing in respectable and friendly relations with the non-Catholic members of the University.
Now that Israel enjoys relative prosperity and a reduction of tensions, the secularists are less disposed to compromise.
`` Now don't tell me what a good ball player you are.
Now all the bodies are missing, like they got up and walked away ''.
Now the Jats are major land holders in the region.
Now poppies are grown under a strict licensing regime.
With the battle still not won, Marlborough had to rebuke one of his cavalry officers who was attempting to leave the field – " Sir, you are under a mistake, the enemy lies that way ..." Now, at the Duke's command, the second Allied line under von Bulow and the Count of Ost-Friese was ordered forward, and, driving through the centre, the Allies finally put Tallard's tired horse to rout, not without cost.
Now, plants are considered to be organisms that obtain their energy from sunlight by means of photosynthesis and some closely related, chlorophyll-free parasitic plants.
Now we are ruled over by mediocrities.

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