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Page "fiction" ¶ 905
from Brown Corpus
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Now and she
Now, she just sat there looking at him, without an expression except concern for him.
Now Britain has decided to seek admission to the European Economic Community and it seems certain that she will be joined by some of her partners in the loose Free Trade Area of the `` Outer Seven ''.
Now she was intensely alive, anguished ; ;
Now Hans had given Ma something of his -- we both had when we thought she was going straight to Pa -- something valuable ; ;
Now she could let out the three parakeets without fear they would be stepped on or that Stowey would let them out one of the doors ; ;
Now there was no work in the fields, nor would there be till it rained, and she did not know where he went.
Now, riding this hospital bus, feeling isolated and utterly alone, I knew that she was genuine and unique, quite unlike any girl I had known before.
Now wait a minute, she told herself, think about it ; ;
Now her modern tapestries have been exhibited on two continents and, at 26, she feels she is on the threshold of a whole new life in Los Angeles.
Now she must be thinking of a boy-name, something special.
Now, having been sent halfway around the world on a job she had not asked for, Tommy was being humiliated at every turn.
`` Now you know she could've, but she isn't that kind of girl.
The very night after her father's funeral she had thought, though never admitted to a soul: Now I can go.
Now, if this were Vivian next door to him and if, for some obscure female reason, she kept her clothes in the refrigerator, they would not be pink.
She won an award for the Van Halen music video of the song " Right Now ", which she produced.
The Smiths song " Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now " refers to Caligula: " What she asked of me at the end of the day / Caligula would have blushed ".
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.
Now based in British Columbia, she describes herself as a " painter derailed by circumstance.
Now in her late thirties, Pickford was unable to play the children, teenage spitfires and feisty young women so adored by her fans, nor could she play the sleekly elegant heroines of early sound.
Now about 34, she has had an affair with an officer in her household and has allegedly plotted to overthrow Valentinian, who has sent her to a convent at Constantinople.
After giving birth, she would always say " Now take it away!
Now signed to the Decca label, she had several popular hits while recording with such artists as the Ink Spots, Louis Jordan, and the Delta Rhythm Boys.

Now and kept
Now we do know this, that if thought is kept single and steady, Dhyana results.
Now that Parks was a full-fledged star, Columbia kept him busy in elaborate productions ( including a couple of costume epics ) until he appeared in the sequel, Jolson Sings Again ( 1949 ), which was another huge boxoffice hit.
Now kept in the Kansong Art Museum ( 간송 미술관 ; 澗松美術館 ), it is South Korean National Treasure number 70 and has been a UNESCO Memory of the World Register since October 1997.
After Nag's Head landlord Mike was imprisoned for embezzlement in the episode " If They Could See Us Now ", Sid took over and kept that role for the remainder of the series.
The title track " Falling into You " and " River Deep, Mountain High " ( a Tina Turner cover ) made prominent use of percussion instruments ; " It's All Coming Back to Me Now " ( a remake of Jim Steinman's song ) and a remake of Eric Carmen's " All by Myself " kept their soft-rock atmosphere, but were combined with the classical sound of the piano ; and the number-one single " Because You Loved Me ", which was written by Diane Warren, was a ballad that served as the theme to the 1996 film Up Close & Personal.
Now those under 18 are kept separate in line with the age of majority and world expectations.
Now, around 40, 000 sheep are kept on the island.
Now the focus of a manhunt, Popov is kept hidden at Horizon's secret base in Kansas.
The book appears in the film Apocalypse Now, among those kept by the character, Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando, along with The Golden Bough.
While CBC Prince Edward Island decided to name their new supper hour newscast Compass and CBC Vancouver kept Canada Now, CBET stayed with the CBC News at Six name rather than returning to its original Newsday name.
Now, take the scaling limit as the string scale goes to zero with the string coupling kept fixed.
Some ( see also Preterism ) believe that the Great Commission was already fulfilled based on the statements " And they went out and preached everywhere ," ( Mark 16: 20 ), " the gospel that you have heard, which was proclaimed in all creation under heaven ," ( Colossians 1: 23 ), and " Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery which has been kept secret for long ages past, but now is manifested, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the eternal God, has been made known to all the nations ," ( Romans 16: 25 – 26 ).
She also appeared in " Dont Forget Me Now " By Stephen King where Gregory plays a character in which she lives a daily life but is abused by her mom and heads to an insane asylum where she is kept under surveillance 24 / 7 to keep a record of her actions and her sleep at night.
Now ready to pursue the solo career his loyalty to Frank and delayed maturity had kept on the back burner, Jack goes to Frank's house to mend fences.
Now, its a day when the streets are overflowing with market stalls and the pubs are kept extremely busy.
Now the defender who kept spades wins his stiff honour and must lead a spade to dummy's winner.
The show kept rolling, and Allen Bestwick, continuing on a theme of rude driving and behavior of some drivers, quipped, " Now, that's rude.
Murrow and Friendly had produced a notable See It Now episode on the topic the previous fall, when the show probed the case of Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Milo Radulovich, who had lost his security clearance because of the supposed leftist leanings of his sister and father — evidence the Air Force kept sealed.
Although " A Fool Such As I " was kept off the top spot the following week, " It's Now or Never " was able to reach the top giving Elvis 21 # 1 singles.
Now any " Golden Euros " kept by a player were added to the board, replacing blanks and any that were revealed earned that player € 10, 000, but it did not count towards their 3 wheels.
Now she is kept from sin if she leaves her will there where she is planted, that is, in the One who has given it to her freely from His goodness.
Now, there is none left, except for the few vials they have kept for themselves.
Now pretender to the Kingdom of Majorca and the Principality of Achaea, James was kept in close confinement in Barcelona until 1362.

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