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Page "romance" ¶ 103
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Now and she
Now, she just sat there looking at him, without an expression except concern for him.
Now Britain has decided to seek admission to the European Economic Community and it seems certain that she will be joined by some of her partners in the loose Free Trade Area of the `` Outer Seven ''.
Now she was intensely alive, anguished ; ;
Now Hans had given Ma something of his -- we both had when we thought she was going straight to Pa -- something valuable ; ;
Now she kept herself protectively ready to laugh again and sure enough he pointed at her with his index finger and said `` Toot ''!!
Now she could let out the three parakeets without fear they would be stepped on or that Stowey would let them out one of the doors ; ;
Now there was no work in the fields, nor would there be till it rained, and she did not know where he went.
Now, riding this hospital bus, feeling isolated and utterly alone, I knew that she was genuine and unique, quite unlike any girl I had known before.
Now wait a minute, she told herself, think about it ; ;
Now her modern tapestries have been exhibited on two continents and, at 26, she feels she is on the threshold of a whole new life in Los Angeles.
Now, having been sent halfway around the world on a job she had not asked for, Tommy was being humiliated at every turn.
`` Now you know she could've, but she isn't that kind of girl.
The very night after her father's funeral she had thought, though never admitted to a soul: Now I can go.
Now, if this were Vivian next door to him and if, for some obscure female reason, she kept her clothes in the refrigerator, they would not be pink.
She won an award for the Van Halen music video of the song " Right Now ", which she produced.
The Smiths song " Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now " refers to Caligula: " What she asked of me at the end of the day / Caligula would have blushed ".
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.
Now based in British Columbia, she describes herself as a " painter derailed by circumstance.
Now in her late thirties, Pickford was unable to play the children, teenage spitfires and feisty young women so adored by her fans, nor could she play the sleekly elegant heroines of early sound.
Now about 34, she has had an affair with an officer in her household and has allegedly plotted to overthrow Valentinian, who has sent her to a convent at Constantinople.
After giving birth, she would always say " Now take it away!
Now signed to the Decca label, she had several popular hits while recording with such artists as the Ink Spots, Louis Jordan, and the Delta Rhythm Boys.

Now and must
Now we must become vague, for we are approaching one of the nation's most guarded secrets.
Now the detective must save his own skin by informing on the girl he loves, who is also the real murderer.
Now come, Garry, we must go quickly.
Now the government must do that ; ;
Now times have changed, and I must pretend that hair doesn't grow on my face.
Now Af and Af must both be tangent points on the T component in the f-plane ; ;
Now the original absent sitter must decide whether the statements are meaningful to him.
Now they must survive the Honored Matres, whose reckless conquest of the Old Empire threatens Bene Gesserit survival.
Now, the oldest and most powerful of the three Serpent Rider brothers, Eidolon, must be defeated to free Thyrion.
The idea that specifically the interdependence between parts would have implications for the origins of living things was raised by writers starting with Pierre Gassendi in the mid 17th century and John Wilkins, who wrote ( citing Galen ), " Now to imagine, that all these things, according to their several kinds, could be brought into this regular frame and order, to which such an infinite number of Intentions are required, without the contrivance of some wise Agent, must needs be irrational in the highest degree.
In 1935, Australian-born composer Percy Grainger, who also had a deep interest in music made before Bach, arranged Dowland ’ s Now, O now I needs must part for piano.
Some years later, in 1953, Grainger wrote a work titled Bell Piece ( Ramble on John Dowland ’ s ‘ Now, O now I needs must part ’), which was a version scored for voice and wind band, based on his previously mentioned transcription.
Now, voters must consider whether the alternative option is closer to their original preference ( Bara and Weale 2006 ).
As the Speaker was about to rise to put the question, Cromwell whispered to Harrison, " Now is the time ; I must do it.
Besides Zarathushtra's Gathas, Plato gives the earliest surviving account of a " natural theology ", around 360 BC, in his dialogue " Timaeus " he states " Now the whole Heaven, or Cosmos, ... we must first investigate concerning it that primary question which has to be investigated at the outset in every case ,— namely, whether it has existed always, having no beginning of generation, or whether it has come into existence, having begun from some beginning ".
Now, according to our definition, Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is complete, and whole, and of a certain magnitude … As therefore, in the other imitative arts, the imitation is one when the object imitated is one, so the plot, being an imitation of an action, must imitate one action and that a whole, the structural union of the parts being such that, if any one of them is displaced or removed, the whole will be disjointed and disturbed.
Now, if we wish to maintain the notion of a convected density, then we must generalize the Schrödinger expression of the density and current so that the space and time derivatives again enter symmetrically in relation to the scalar wave function.
Now each alderman must submit himself for re-election at least once in every six years.
Now, 2 or 4 more X's must be made, depending on whether 1 or 2 X's were used initially, respectively.
The Almighty has said, no doubt: ' Now here are these two unaccountable freaks ; they came in together, they must go out together.
Now, the survivors must attempt to escape both Toomey and the " Langoliers ".
Now, if ever, we must do more than make peace with them ; we must achieve collaboration and alliance on equal terms.
After the fight, Chávez commented to Haugen ; " Now you know I don't fight with taxi drivers " and a bloodied Haugen sportingly responded, " They must have been tough taxi drivers.

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