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Page "learned" ¶ 156
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Now and thing
Now good definition is one thing that all of us can acquire with occasional high-set, high-rep, light-weight workouts.
Instead, the philosopher encounters a problem :" Now, if the ' to be ' of a thing could be conceived apart from that which exists, it should be represented in our mind by some note distinct from the concept of the thing itself ....
Pale, lifeless face, tired painful eyes, and only speaking about the same thing: ' Now it all doesn ’ t matter, I declined the Prize.
The Russian stated: "' Now, if he does not say the right thing to them we are all done for '"-On the stretcher Marlow could see Kurtz shouting.
Now let us understand the exact meaning of the expression historical Judaism … Looking at Judaism from a historical point of view, we become convinced that there is no one aspect deep enough to exhaust the content of such a complex phenomenon as Judaism … Accordingly, Torah-less Judaism … would be an entirely new thing and not the continuation of something given …
Now, recall that a universal, like greenness, is supposed to be a single thing.
Now ... the play was the thing, and everything else was subservient to that play.
In a footnote to the preface of Blaze, dated 30 January 2007, King wrote of Rage: " Now out of print, and a good thing.
Now, the next big thing being worked on is an astonishingly accurate version of the mythic Spa Francorchamps Belgian track with its 1967 sixties layout. Originally, the track included in the game, suffered some unaccuracies. Spa 67 release is expected for 2012.
Now, each thing has certain potentialities as a result of its form.
Now one of these ambassadors from the people of Alexandria was Apion, ( 29 ) who uttered many blasphemies against the Jews ; and, among other things that he said, he charged them with neglecting the honors that belonged to Caesar ; for that while all who were subject to the Roman empire built altars and temples to Gaius, and in other regards universally received him as they received the gods, these Jews alone thought it a dishonorable thing for them to erect statues in honor of him, as well as to swear by his name.
Now he presents his Problemata ( problems ): " Abraham has gained a prescriptive right to be a great man, so that what he does is great and when another does the same thing it is a sin.
Now with Shima Katase looking like she would surpass Ayaka as well, the same thing almost happened.
In Joshua Then and Now by Mordecai Richler, the title character's father Reuben Shapiro has a unique understanding of the bible based upon his days as a prize-fighter, when the only thing to do in the hotel room was read Gideon's Bible.
He was in fact denounced as a sexually ambiguous figure in his time most notably by William Pulteney, then leader of the Opposition and as cited above, by Alexander Pope in his " Sporus " portrait: " Let Sporus tremble / What that thing of silk ... His wit all seesaw between that and this / Now high, now low, now master up, now miss / And he himself one vile antitheseis ...".
When later questioned, Krenwinkel claimed that the only thing going through her mind at the time was that " Now he won't be sending any of his children off to war.
In a footnote to the preface of Blaze ( dated 30 January 2007 ) King wrote of Rage: " Now out of print, and a good thing.
*" Now, there's a funny thing "
In a footnote to the preface of the more recent Bachman book Blaze ( dated 30 January 2007 ) King wrote of Rage: " Now out of print, and a good thing.
*" Now, that's the thing aboot debt.
Ed Sullivan: " Now, what do you consider the most important thing in rocket travel?
Now a thing is not declared to be soft through yielding to a heavy blow, for walls yield to the battering-ram.
Now you can feel the power without touching a thing.

Now and for
Now under me I could see him for what he really was, a boy dressed up in streaks of paint.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
Now we peered anxiously for any speck of land in the Pacific, for this interminable bailing would have to stop soon.
Now, she just sat there looking at him, without an expression except concern for him.
Now it did not occur to him even to wonder whether it was wise for Robinson to dive again: Rob was his boy, the kid he had rescued from the streets, the object of his pride.
Now we must become vague, for we are approaching one of the nation's most guarded secrets.
`` Now that Bruno Walter is virtually in retirement and my dear friend Dimitri Mitropoulos is no longer with us, I am probably the only one -- with the possible exception of Leonard Bernstein -- who has this special affinity for and champions the works of Bruckner and Mahler ''.
Now this concern for the freedom of other peoples is the intellectual and spiritual cement which has allied us with more than forty other nations in a common defense effort.
Now and then, the President would call for `` Little Jack, Master of the Hounds '', which was his nickname for a messenger who had worked in the White House since Teddy Roosevelt's administration, and discuss the welfare of some one of the animals.
Now omitting for a moment some recent developments we can say the Saxon Shore hypothesis of Lappenberg and Kemble has undergone virtual eclipse in this century.
Now he was married to a beautiful girl, had a small son, and lived in an expensive apartment and worked for the movies.
Now the Stone Harbor bird sanctuary, 31 acres of magic attraction for exotic herons, is threatened, but the battlefront extends far beyond our state.
Now he is apparently expected to give up his evenings -- and Sundays, too, for this is coming.
Now, if I were you I would just plan to repair the old church so it would last for five or ten years.
Now and then he would disappear for several days.
`` Now he'll choke for sure ''.
`` Now drive carefully, for God's sake ''!!
Now unsolder and disassemble the frame except for the two 12'' '' and the first two 3-3/4'' '' bars ( `` A '' and `` B '' pieces ), which are soldered together.
Now you're ready for a whirlwind sightseeing tour of America's most exciting city.
Now, check for leaks in your hoses and hose connections, around the freeze-out plugs, gaskets, water pump seals and heater fittings.
Now did Welch truly become the man of the hour, and everything that followed in the procedure of Justice was a new triumph for him.
`` Now '', he said, `` we got to put in some outlets for them power tools ; ;

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