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Page "lore" ¶ 426
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Now and when
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
Now, of course, that the Russians are the nuclear villains, radiation is a nastier word than it was in the mid, when the US was testing in the atmosphere.
Now, when everything was opening up to him -- even the court of Louis 15!!
Now Hans had given Ma something of his -- we both had when we thought she was going straight to Pa -- something valuable ; ;
Now you go outside and beckon me when it's safe ''.
Now when Henri was just 12 he was only 4' 10'' '' tall and weighed an astounding 72 pounds, and his greatest desire was to pack on some weight.
Now when Henri has completed four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 1, the professor allows him about a five-minute rest period before starting him on four complete Push-Pull Super-Sets No. 2.
Now with P fixed at Af, Af-values occur when the corner Af crosses C, and are among the values of S such that Af.
Now as you step inside, instead of seeing particles orbiting around like planets, you see waves and ripples very much like the ripples that you get on the surface of a pond when you drop a stone into it.
Now it was nine years later, and it wasn't spring but winter when I returned.
Now I can only write, and that only when I get out of pain.
The difficulty is heightened when songs merge, as in " Now "/" Later "/" Soon ", because all three have to be performed in the same key, limiting the ability to pick a comfortable key for each singer.
Now, when many currencies are fiat money, the " promise to pay " consists of the promise to accept that currency to pay for taxes.
:: Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.
) Now when the car goes uphill the decrease in speed is measured, and the throttle position changed to increase engine power, speeding the vehicle.
After a brief and unpopular animated series in 1973 by Nippon Television, Doraemon remained fairly exclusive in manga from until 1979 when a newly formed animation studio, Shin-Ei Animation ( Now owned by TV Asahi ) produced an anime series of Doraemon.
... Now when I was playing classical music I wouldn ’ t dare get away from what I was reading.
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.
" Similarly, Louie Kemp, in his article for Jewish Journal, wrote: " You might remember him as Don Vito Corleone, Stanley Kowalski or the eerie Col. Walter E. Kurtz in " Apocalypse Now ," but I remember Marlon Brando as a mensch and a personal friend of the Jewish people when they needed it most.
Later commenting on A Razor for a Goat, Richard Kieckhefer noted that when the book was first published " it was recognised as a biting critique of the views of Margaret Murray … Now, forty years later, Rose's book may perhaps seem more of a revisionist work within Murray's school of interpretation.
" Now Burma has to defend itself if it was bombarded at any international forum ," he said when winding up a debate at committee stage for the Foreign Ministry.
Now called Calabar, the city remained an important port shipping ivory, timber, beeswax, and palm produce until 1916, when the railway terminus was opened at Port Harcourt, 145 km to the west.
Now, according to our definition, Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is complete, and whole, and of a certain magnitude … As therefore, in the other imitative arts, the imitation is one when the object imitated is one, so the plot, being an imitation of an action, must imitate one action and that a whole, the structural union of the parts being such that, if any one of them is displaced or removed, the whole will be disjointed and disturbed.
Now, when another node wired into the Ethernet wants to talk to the dial-up node, it will ask on the network for the MAC address of 192. 168. 0. 254 and find the access server's MAC address.

Now and so
Now turn around so I can see your face ''.
Now all his desires centered on `` rediscovering and singing of the prosaic and yet beautiful world of men and objects so long barred from me by a barbed wire fence ''.
Now, if I were you I would just plan to repair the old church so it would last for five or ten years.
Now, you probably share the widespread Western belief that the Lord Buddha is the most compassionate of the gods, much more so than Jehovah and Allah and the rest.
Now Af Af so Af.
Now while he uses talk, caresses or requires caresses from her, his bride will sympathetically understand the situation and eagerly help him restore his physical situation so they can have the consummation they both so eagerly desire.
Now the drinking of wine ( and happily so!!
Now again in 1961, in England, there is perhaps nothing in the religious sphere so popularly discussed as Christian unity.
Now Teng on the contrary possesses granaries and treasuries, so the ruler is supporting himself by oppressing the people ’.
For Queen Anne also, the Ramillies campaign had one overriding significance – " Now we have God be thanked so hopeful a prospect of peace.
Now the remainder of dividing either a or b by d is also of the form ax + by since it is obtained by subtracting a multiple of from a or b, and on the other hand it has to be strictly smaller in absolute value than d. This leaves 0 as only possibility for such a remainder, so d divides a and b exactly.
Now setting all of the X < sub > s </ sub > equal to the unlabeled variable X, so that the product becomes, the term for each k-combination from S becomes X < sup > k </ sup >, so that the coefficient of that power in the result equals the number of such k-combinations.
Now, however, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the feet of the Great Bear constellation do sink below the horizon from Rome and especially from Athens – so Ursa Major gets to cool her feet and legs in the sea, in spite of Ovid ; however, Ursa Minor ( Arcas ) does remain completely above the horizon, even from latitudes as far south as Honolulu and Hong Kong.
: Now she's at restand so am I.
Now 357 − 255 = 102, so the next pair is
Now suppose that we have just tossed four heads in a row, so that if the next coin toss were also to come up heads, it would complete a run of five successive heads.
By the Chinese Remainder Theorem, this ring factors into the direct product of rings of integers mod p. Now each of these factors is a field, so it is clear that the only idempotents will be 0 and 1.
In The Understanding of the Brain ( 1973 ), Eccles summarizes his philosophy: " Now before discussing brain function in detail I will at the beginning give an account of my philosophical position on the so-called ' brain-mind problem ' so that you will be able to relate the experimental evidence to this philosophical position.
Now in her late thirties, Pickford was unable to play the children, teenage spitfires and feisty young women so adored by her fans, nor could she play the sleekly elegant heroines of early sound.
Now the people were prepared and so half of them answered " yes " while the other half replied " no ".
Now observe the identity so that
:" Now if Q ( x ) is a partial recursive predicate, there is a decision procedure for Q ( x ) on its range of definition, so the law of the excluded middle or excluded " third " ( saying that, Q ( x ) is either t or f ) applies intuitionistically on the range of definition.

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