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Numan and village
But Dijkgraaf Vos, the chairman of the meeting, believed the village should me named after the first Ambachtsheer, Gerard Numan.

Numan and town
* Gary Numan ( born 1958 ), musician, lives in the town
The Gongola then runs south to the Benue river, joining it opposite the town of Numan.
* Numan, Nigeria-A town in Adamawa State

Numan and England
Following the harassment of his wife while his family was walking on High Street and the 2011 England Riots Numan filed papers to emigrate to the United States.

Numan and has
Numan has become acknowledged and respected by his peers, with such musicians as Dave Grohl ( of Foo Fighters and Nirvana ), Trent Reznor ( of Nine Inch Nails ), and Marilyn Manson proclaiming his work an influence and recording cover versions of old Numan hits.
Numan has recently completed a four-date run of gigs in Australia and will be touring the UK in the coming months.
Numan is a positive atheist and has incorporated anti-religious motifs and images in his music.
Numan is known for his love of flying, a passion which has featured in some of his music videos (" Warriors ", " I Can't Stop ").
The track has been a UK Top Twenty hit for Numan in three successive decades: on its original release in 1979 ( making number one ); in 1987 as the ' E Reg Model ' remix ( making number 16 ); and again in 1996 following its use in an advertisement for Carling Premier beer ( number 17 ).
Numan has regularly performed the song on stage since its original release and it appears on all but one of his official live albums to date.
Most recently ( 2009 ), Kane has toured Australia acting as support for electro legend Gary Numan.
Numan joined Twente at the close of the 1990 – 91 season where he has scored goals even as a defender.
Slade has worked with Gary Numan, Tom Jones, Olivia Newton-John ( as co-members of the band Toomorrow ), and Uriah Heep.
The album has been cited as influencing the goth rock, darkwave and science fiction elements of work by artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Gary Numan, John Foxx and Nine Inch Nails.
" Because Numan once again owns the rights to this footage, it is speculated that he has refused the broadcast rights to the clip.
His style of house music has been compared and inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk, Prince, Gary Numan, and Nitzer Ebb.
Blue has cited Gary Numan, Type O Negative, and Black Sabbath as the album's influences.
The song was a hit for The Drifters in 1963, reaching # 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been covered by many artists such as The Coasters, The Dave Clark Five, The Chipettes, Eric Carmen, Bobby Darin, Percy Faith, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis, James Taylor, Gary Numan, Tito Puente, Lou Rawls, Buddy Rich, Paul Rodgers with Jeff Beck, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Sly & the Family Stone, Livingston Taylor, Neil Young, and Widespread Panic.

Numan and .
* As a result of a quarrel between Numan III, the Lakhmid ruler, and the Persian Chosroes, the Persian border with Arabia is no longer guarded.
Numan is considered a pioneer of commercial electronic music.
When Numan was 15 years old, his father bought him a Gibson Les Paul guitar, which he regards as his most treasured possession.
Later he picked the name " Numan " from an advert in the " Yellow Pages " for a plumber " A. Neumann ".
Numan rose to prominence at the end of the 1970s as front man, writer and producer for Tubeway Army.
A few months later Numan found success in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with " Cars ", which peaked at No. 1 in the UK in 1979 and No. 1 in Canada and No. 9 in US in 1980.
The Pleasure Principle was a rock album with no guitars ; instead, Numan used synthesisers fed through guitar effects pedals to achieve a distorted, phased, metallic tone.
Around this time, Numan also developed his distinctive style.
According to Numan, this was an unintentional result of acne ; before an appearance on Top of the Pops, he had " spots everywhere, so they slapped about half an inch of white makeup on me before I'd even walked in the door.
His persona was aloof, alien, and androgynous ; Numan was not seen to be part of the punk or New Romantic movements.
During this period, Numan generated an army of fans calling themselves " Numanoids ", providing him with a fanbase which maintained their support through the latter half of the 1980s, when his fortunes began to fall precipitously.
Numan performing in February 1980.
In 1980 Numan topped the album charts with Telekon, with the concurrent singles " We Are Glass ", " I Die: You Die " and " This Wreckage " reaching No. 5, No. 6 and No. 20, respectively.
The final studio album of what Numan retrospectively termed the " Machine " section of his career, Telekon reintroduced guitars to Numan's music and featured a wider range of synthesisers.
Although considered a success, Numan claimed the tour actually lost him a great deal of money because of the vast expense in mounting it.
Moving away from the pure electro-pop that he had made his name with, Numan then experimented with jazz, funk and ethereal, rhythmic pop.
With his former backing band, Chris John Payne ( Keyboards, Viola ) Russell Bell ( Guitar ) and Ced Sharpley ( Drums ) now reformed as Dramatis, Numan contributed vocals to the minor hit " Love Needs No Disguise " from the album For Future Reference.
Numan supported the album with a concert tour in America in late 1982 ( where he was living as a tax exile ), which were his first series of live shows since his farewell at Wembley.
Warriors was the last album Numan recorded for Beggars Banquet Records, and was supported by a 40-date UK tour ( again with support from robotic mime and music duo Tik and Tok ) – Numan's first live tour in the UK since his Wembley appearances in 1981.

said and Every
Every time he moved or said something, the chair creaked again.
`` Every month, f'r three days '', he said happily, `` I take no water into my system, no water whatsoever.
Every Hilbert space X is a Banach space because, by definition, a Hilbert space is complete with respect to the norm associated with its inner product, where a norm and an inner product are said to be associated if for all x ∈ X.
This was to be based on utilitarian principles ; he said: " Every man has a right to that, the exclusive possession of which being awarded to him, a greater sum of benefit or pleasure will result than could have arisen from its being otherwise appropriated.
Every U. S. jurisdiction has its own regulations regarding what, precisely, must be said to a person arrested or placed in a custodial situation.
Approaching Smith one day during spring training, Herzog said, " Every time you hit a fly ball, you owe me a buck.
: “ Every evil is followed by some good ,” as the man said when his wife died the day after he became bankrupt.
Belkis Lora, a relative of a passenger on the crashed flight, said " Every Dominican in New York has either taken that flight or knows someone who has.
Former Feyenoord player Mike Obiku once said " Every time you enter the pitch, you're stepping into a lion's home.
" In an interesting meditation on what he viewed as the harm which would result if Christian ideals were abandoned in Belgium, he said: " Every time society has distanced itself from the Gospel, which preached humility, fraternity, and peace, the people have been unhappy, because the pagan civilization of ancient Rome, which they wanted to replace it with, is based only on pride and the abuse of force " ( Commemorative speech for the war dead of the Battle of the Yser, given by Dom Marie-Albert, Abbot of Orval Abbey, Belgium, in 1936 ).
" Every time I see Emilio, I want to kiss him ", said Ruck.
Every Good Friday, the body is said to reemerge from the waters and wash its hands.
He called them " the former foe, present friend, the American ", and once said, " Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government.
He said: " Every time I picked up a guitar I just got the horrors.
" A woman quoted in the newspaper said " Every Dominican in New York has either taken that flight or knows someone who has.
Every game, he once said, was as inimitable and invaluable as a poem.
According to Canon C. 24, " Every priest having a cure of souls shall provide that, in the absence of reasonable hindrance, Morning and Evening Prayer daily and on appointed days the Litany shall be said in the church, or one of the churches, of which he is the minister.
Every action that influences an organization's improvement program in a change agent-client system relationship can be said to be an intervention.
In one statement he said: " Every virile people has established colonial power.
Guitarist Steve Turner has said that the album is his " favorite Mudhoney album as a whole " and many critics agree that the band reached a peak on Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.
" Every once and again there is a pull to return to one's own roots or beginnings, with the perspective of time and experience, to feel the familiar things you once loved and love still ", said McKennitt.
Every word, as they said of Daniel Webster, seemed to weigh a pound.
In song and mimicry they have said, " Every race has a flag but the coon.
Ward said, " Every time Stan came up they chanted, ' Here comes the man!

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