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Nursed and back
Nursed back to health by a sister, the young man found refuge amongst the foothills of the Drakensberg.
Nursed ( grudgingly ) back to health by Jaelle, High Priestess of Dana, Paul recovers and is named Pwyll Twiceborn, Lord of the Summer Tree.

Nursed and .
Nursed in his final moments by a remorseful von Rauffenstein, de Boeldieu laments that their usefulness to society ( as aristocrats ) will end with this war.
Nursed by his wife and mother, he made a slow and painful recovery against medical expectation.
The wrinkled old Nokomis / Nursed the little Hiawatha and educates him.

back and health
As a result, he was sent to a hospital in Arizona until his health improved enough for him to come back to Washington to work in the Government service.
Nevertheless, Mrs. Lewis was still solicitous of his condition: let him do as he wished, let him sleep with chambermaids if he must, but, she begged Blackman, try to keep him from drinking a great deal and bring him back in good health.
Bill Veeck's health is back to the dynamo stage, but his medics insist he rest for several more months before getting back into the baseball swim.
There were no depressingly serious cases: the ward doctor sometimes teamed up with the chaplain to serve as a marriage counselor -- sometimes the Navy sent people back to the States to preserve a marriage -- but mental health as a rule was very high.
His health gradually recovered and in 1796 he went back to sea, holding a series of commands and responsible posts in the wars against the French.
Despite his ill health, Haley began compiling notes for possible use as a basis for either a biographical film based on his life, or a published autobiography ( accounts differ ), and there were plans for him to record an album in Memphis, Tennessee, when the brain tumor began affecting his behavior and he went back to his home in Harlingen, Texas, where he died early in the morning of February 9, 1981.
" For a short time he attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Totnes, South Devon, but his health forced him back to private tutors for a time.
In 1954, when Camilla was nine, the family moved back to Saint Peter, because of seven-year-old Nan's poor health.
One is to take the NHS back more towards health prevention by tackling issues that are known to cause long term ill health.
Scaling back the bureaucracy, strengthening local government, assisting peasants, throwing Albania open to foreign investment, and improving the country's bleak transportation, public health, and education facilities filled out the Noli government's overly ambitious agenda.
Nicholas Balabkins concludes that " as long as German industrial capacity was kept idle the economic recovery of Europe was delayed " and that " To nurse Europe back to economic health the Marshall Plan scrapped the early postwar economic chains of Germany.
The naturist philosophy has several sources, many of which can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany, though the concepts of returning to nature and creating equality are also cited as inspiration.
She nursed him back to health following the loss of his right lower leg at Saint Martin and subsequent return to the Netherlands to recuperate.
Steven Soderbergh was attached to direct an adaptation of the television series with George Clooney set to star but had to back out due to health issues.
Lois took him to see many doctors and spent all her available time trying to nurse him back to health, but his condition worsened and he died in February 1920, just before his fourth birthday.
His health had deteriorated during this stay and he was not able to go back to Argentina.
The last two paragraphs of Church's editorial are read by actor Sam Elliot in the 1989 film Prancer, about Jessica Riggs, a little girl who believes the wounded reindeer she is nursing back to health belongs to Santa.
She became so ill that Cook sent her back to Brodess, where her mother nursed her back to health.
) Garfield was forced to return home, where his wife nursed him back to health and their marriage was reinvigorated.
But young Clara was determined to save him, and nursed him back to health.
She was given a pass by General William Hammond to ride in army ambulances to provide comfort to the soldiers and nurse them back to health and lobbied the U. S. Army bureaucracy, at first without success, to bring her own medical supplies to the battlefields.

back and SeaWorld
But on at least three occasions, a beached common dolphin in California was nursed back to health at SeaWorld, San Diego but deemed unfit to release back to the ocean.
According to Marineland's website, due to the loss of Ikaika, who was transferred back to SeaWorld in fall of 2011, it's suggested that there are no more Splash Sessions, just underwater viewing for Marineland's only orca, Kiska.
Out and back steel coasters smaller than 200 feet in both height and drop such as Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Antonio have sometimes been erroneously referred to as hypercoasters.

back and San
In the 2001 NFL Draft, the Falcons orchestrated a trade with the San Diego Chargers, acquiring the first overall pick ( which was used on quarterback Michael Vick ) in exchange for wide receiver / return specialist Tim Dwight and the fifth overall pick ( used on running back LaDainian Tomlinson ).
Born in Los Angeles, Walsh played running back in the San Francisco Bay Area for Hayward High School in Hayward.
Turning the club over to managers later revealed to be dishonest left Wills in desperate financial straits with heavy debts to the IRS for back taxes that caused him to sell many assets including, mistakenly, the rights to " New San Antonio Rose.
From the documentation compiled by the Civil Aeronautics Board investigation, a possible key to the plane's disappearance was found, but barely touched upon by the Triangle writers: the plane's batteries were inspected and found to be low on charge, but ordered back into the plane without a recharge by the pilot while in San Juan.
Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, to Linda Carroll, now a psychotherapist, and Hank Harrison, a publisher who had some association with the Grateful Dead ; consequently, Love was included in a group picture on the back of the band's album Aoxomoxoa ( 1969 ).
Although Latin Jazz is most popularly associated with artists from the Caribbean ( particularly Cuba ) and Brazil, young Mexican Americans have played a role in its development over the years, going back to the 1930s and early 1940s, the era of the zoot suit, when young Mexican American musicians in Los Angeles and San Jose began to experiment with banda, a Jazz-like Mexican music that has grown recently in popularity among Mexican Americans such as Jenni Rivera.
Parking nightmares had plagued the city as far back as the 1950s, the little park lacked modern amenities, and New York City, which in 1957 had lost both its National League teams ( the Dodgers and the Giants ) to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, was actively courting Reds owner Powel Crosley.
During the Dark Avengers ' arrival in San Francisco to enforce martial law and squelch the anti-mutant riots occurring in the city, Xavier appears ( back in his wheelchair ) in the company of Norman Osborn and publicly denounces Cyclops ' actions and urges him to turn himself in.
They advanced to the third round of the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs after defeating the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks both in six games, coming back three straight after the Sharks ' 2 – 1 series lead.
Spending much of his childhood in Ferndale, he was moved at age 12 to San Clemente, California, where he spent a short time in a Catholic high school before he went back to public school to graduate from high school a year early.
All the coastal cities were back under Mexican control except San Diego, where the Mexicans had Stockton pinned down and under siege.
The territory's boundaries had not been defined in the 1762 Treaty of Fontainebleau that ceded it from France to Spain, nor the 1800 Third Treaty of San Ildefonso ceding it back to France, nor the 1803 Louisiana Purchase agreement ceding it to the United States.
Apparently not the least embarrassed by this turnabout, the Medici later came back to Michelangelo with another grand proposal, this time for a family funerary chapel in the Basilica of San Lorenzo.
The main system can be traced back to 1891, when the northern line was built between San Juan ( Martín Peña sector ) and the town of Manatí.
But Desmond came to his home in San Francisco one day while Dave was out back hanging diapers on a laundry line, and Iola let him in and took him to Brubeck.
They soon headed back to the Rio Grande after briefly occupying San Antonio.
Writer Roy Thomas responded, " we like to think that an enthusiastic ALL-STAR booster at one of Adam Malin's Creation Conventions in San Diego came up with the best name for it a few months back: ' Retroactive Continuity '.
In the 1990s, San Francisco International Airport proposed filling in hundreds more acres to extend its overcrowded international runways in exchange for purchasing other parts of the bay and converting them back to wetlands.
But despite the Giants ' great record, the Atlanta Braves — fueled by solid seasons from David Justice, Ron Gant, Deion Sanders and their midseason acquisition of Fred McGriff from the San Diego Padres — came back from a ten-game deficit to the Giants to win the NL West by a single game.
2 penalties and a 4-yard sack pushed them back to their own 37, but on third down, Collinsworth's 49-yard reception from Anderson moved the ball the San Francisco 14-yard line.
But San Francisco linebackers Dan Bunz, Jack " Hacksaw " Reynolds and cornerback Ronnie Lott tackled him for no gain, giving the ball back to the 49ers.
San Francisco drove 78 yards in 8 plays, culminating in a 33-yard touchdown pass from Montana to reserve running back Carl Monroe to give them a 7-3 lead.
Miami then had to punt again on their ensuing possession, and San Francisco defensive back Dana McLemore returned the ball 28 yards to the 49ers ' 45-yard line.
The 49ers ( now led by Steve Young ) tried to run out the clock on their ensuing possession, but San Francisco running back Roger Craig had the ball dislodged by nosetackle Erik Howard, and Lawrence Taylor recovered the fumble in mid-air with 2: 36 remaining.

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