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Nydahl and says
Nydahl says however that sexual orientation is not really important in order to practice Buddhism.
Jørn Borup, a professor of religion at Aarhus University, says that Ole Nydahl is " the most lasting influence on the Buddhist practice scene in Denmark " and " has in many ways been the icon of living Buddhism in Denmark ".

Nydahl and lama
In 1995, Khenpo Chödrak Thenpel Rinpoche named Nydahl a lama on behalf of the Buddhist Institutes of the Gyalwa Karmapa.
Nydahl has been criticised for never going on a three-year retreat, which is a prerequisite for use of the title ' lama ' in some traditions of Buddhism.
" Nydahl was expressly confirmed as a lama by the Shamarpa in 2006.

Nydahl and human
Nydahl is a strong proponent of human rights, and of women's rights in particular.

Nydahl and no
In connection to this, some blame Nydahl for causing the 1992 split of the Karma Kagyu, although there is no evidence of this, and accuse him of breaking the samayas to his teachers, which is deprecated in Vajrayana.
When asked about it, Nydahl has said: " There ’ s no teacher-student relationship involved in that, [...] They ’ re Diamond Way Buddhists, but they ’ re not my students in that moment.

Nydahl and one
Nydahl, along with the Fourteenth Shamarpa, who was one of only four lineage-holders appointed to recognize the incarnation of the Karmapa at that time, supported Trinley Thaye Dorje.

Nydahl and such
Due to his role in the Karmapa controversy, Nydahl has been heavily criticized by the supporters of Ogyen Trinley Dorje, such as the authors Mick Brown and Lea Terhune, a student of Tai Situpa.

Nydahl and from
As a young man, Nydahl was involved in boxing, race car driving and also travelled overland from Denmark to Nepal several times.
He regrets that Nydahl continues to be ignored by Tibet scholars and argues that prevailing negative criticism from a position of suspicion by sociologists and students of New Religious Movements should be counterbalanced by positive criticism from a position of trust by Tibet scholars.

Nydahl and Buddhist
The Triratna Buddhist Community ( formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order ), was founded by Sangharakshita in 1967, and the Diamond Way Organisation founded by Ole Nydahl, who has founded more than 600 buddhist centers across the world.
With his wife, Hannah Nydahl, he founded Diamond Way Buddhism, a worldwide Karma Kagyu Buddhist organization of lay practitioners.
In 1972, Ole Nydahl was appointed a Buddhist teacher by the Karmapa and was sent back to Europe in order to promote Buddhism in the West.
In 1983, the Shamarpa named Nydahl a Buddhist master.
Together with his students, Nydahl has created Buddhist centers that provide access to Vajrayana meditation methods without requiring an understanding of Tibetan language or culture.
Burkhard Scherer, a pupil of both Nydahl and Thaye Dorje, takes a historical-critical approach of Tibetan Buddhist Studies.

Nydahl and because
It was largely because of the work of Hannah and Ole Nydahl that most European Karma Kagyu centers chose to support Trinley Thaye Dorje.

Nydahl and Buddha
According to the Danish Karma Kagyu Lama Ole Nydahl, Buddha saw homosexuality as circumstances making life more difficult, but also explained the reason for homosexuality could be aversion against the opposite sex in a former life.

Nydahl and on
In 1968, Nydahl and his wife Hannah travelled to Nepal on their honeymoon.
In a newsletter dated July 9, 2010, Nydahl responded to questions about the types of practices taught in Diamond Way Centers by stating " I never taught anything I was not asked to pass on by the great Sixteenth Karmapa and that its basis was always the Guru Yogas of the Karmapas.

Nydahl and founded
The Diamond Way organisation founded and directed by Ole Nydahl is also active in Slovakia.

Nydahl and .
Lama Ole Nydahl ( born March 19, 1941 ) is a Danish Lama in the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.
Since the early 1970s, Nydahl has toured the world giving lectures and meditation courses.
Nydahl is the author of nine books in English, including The Way Things Are, Entering the Diamond Way, and Riding the Tiger.
Ole Nydahl was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Denmark.
Upon returning to Europe, Hannah and Ole Nydahl began to teach Buddhism and organize meditation centers, first in their native Denmark, then in Germany and other countries.
Ole Nydahl regularly travels between them during the year giving lectures and meditation courses.
Ole Nydahl believes it essential for people to understand and read the meditations in their own language in order for Buddhism to become truly rooted in the West.
Nydahl, the Shamarpa, and Topgala requested that the letter's authenticity be tested.

says and does
`` Mr. Gross, your report says that ' our function is investigative and advisory and does not in any way derogate from or prejudice Mr. Bang-Jensen's rights as a staff member.
It says that `` in the event Congress does provide this increase in federal funds '', the State Board of Education should be directed to `` give priority '' to teacher pay raises.
However, B's example of his uncle does not contradict A's statement, which says nothing about non-Republicans.
David D. Friedman says he is not an absolutist rights theorist but is also " not a utilitarian ", however, he does believe that " utilitarian arguments are usually the best way to defend libertarian views ".
Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Ridderbos says " certainty of salvation does not rest on the fact that the church belongs to a certain " number ", but that it belongs to Christ, from before the foundation of the world.
According to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the doctrine of Ahimsa does not say " Kill not " it says, " Love all ".
" Calmer, though cockier and marginally more intelligent than Beavis, Butt-Head is oblivious to subtlety of any sort and is usually completely confident in everything he says and does, no matter how ridiculous or frivolous it is -- unless it has to do with females, in which case he either wavers or comes on too strongly.
" This one does ", says she.
He says relatively little about the achievements of Mercia and Wessex, omitting, for example, any mention of Boniface, a West Saxon missionary to the continent of some renown and of whom Bede had almost certainly heard, though Bede does discuss Northumbrian missionaries to the continent.
Still Job does not curse God, but instead shaves his head, tears his clothes, and says, " Naked I came out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return: Lord has given, and Lord has taken away ; blessed be the name of Lord.
Among ancient sources, the poet Simonides, another near-contemporary, says the campaign force numbered 200, 000 ; while a later writer, the Roman Cornelius Nepos estimates 200, 000 infantry and 10, 000 cavalry, of which only 100, 000 fought in the battle, while the rest were loaded into the fleet that was rounding Cape Sounion ; Plutarch and Pausanias both independently give 300, 000, as does the Suda dictionary.
Second, he does not say that his existence is necessary ; he says that if he thinks, then necessarily he exists ( see the instantiation principle ).
Taken as a physical description of space, postulate 2 ( extending a line ) asserts that space does not have holes or boundaries ( in other words, space is homogeneous and unbounded ); postulate 4 ( equality of right angles ) says that space is isotropic and figures may be moved to any location while maintaining congruence ; and postulate 5 ( the parallel postulate ) that space is flat ( has no intrinsic curvature ).
A proposition that says: " The product of the sum and the difference of a and b should give us the difference of the squares of a and b " does express a normative proposition, but this normative statement is based on the theoretical statement "( a + b )( a-b )= a²-b² ".
When Elijah finds her and asks to be fed, she says that she does not have sufficient food to keep her and her own son alive.
This rule goes beyond that and says, " Since the firearm might fire, assume that it will and make sure no harm occurs when it does.
In the Section on Virtue, and Chapter 32 of the Tirukkuṛaḷ ( c. 200 BC-500 AD ), Tiruvaḷḷuvar says: Why does a man inflict upon other creatures those sufferings, which he has found by experience are sufferings to himself?
Though Garfield can be very cynical, he does have a soft side for his teddy bear, Pooky, food and sleep, but one Christmas he says " they say I have to get up early, be nice to people, skip breakfast, not play with mice ... I wish it would never end.
When Jason asks Brandon what the Omega 13 does, Brandon says that while some people believe it was a bomb capable of destroying all matter in the universe in 13 seconds, he and others believes it is a time machine that sends its user 13 seconds into the past.
Grímnir says that he worries Huginn may not come back, yet more does he fear for Muninn:
Similarly, when a building is demolished, one does not say that the building ' changes '; one says that it is destroyed.
This last keyword provides two reasons for the program's rejection by the compiler: if " PLEASE " does not appear often enough, the program is considered insufficiently polite, and the error message says this ; if too often, the program could be rejected as excessively polite.
He even says, “ I was in love with love .” Finally, he does fall in love and is loved back, by God.
Loki says that Odin does a poor job in handing out honor in war to men, and that he's often given victory to the faint-hearted.
In response to Thor, Loki says that he " spoke before the Æsir ," and " before the sons of the Æsir " what his " spirit urged " him to say, yet before Thor alone he will leave, as he knows that Thor does strike.

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