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Some Related Sentences

::" and O
::" Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is with you!

::" and news
::" When the King heard the news he was distraught for the loss of his wife and manifested his feelings using mourning clothes, after all, they were married for twenty years, and yet remained completely himself apart from a brief time in Bohemia, he never really disscussed the matter "

::" and home
::" To the memory of Jean Dreyfus " ( at whose home Ravel recuperated after he was demobilized )
::" I dropped Hassett in a Shield match at home in 1947 off spinner Mick Raymer before the perky little Victorian had scored.

::" and people
::" Senate people-and Roman " = " The Senate and Roman people "
::" I need very much to feel the warmth of my people around me, there is work to be done and I will get the strength from my people to finish the business.
::" I wanted to learn about Christ – about the Old Testament, which had been his Bible, and the New Testament, which was the Bible about him ; about the history of the church, which had been founded on the faith that through him God had not only revealed his innermost nature and his purpose for the world, but had released into the world a fierce power to draw people into that nature and adapt them to that purpose …. No intellectual pursuit had ever aroused in me such intense curiosity, and much more than my intellect was involved, much more than my curiosity aroused.
::" Godric came as mysteriously alive for me as Bebb had and, with him, all the people he knew and the whole medieval world he lived in.
::" The Muhammedans, an alien people ,... by shylockian methods become prosperous like Jews.
::" We love our children, but it's weird when you consider that in the next century, you're going to have people in nursing homes with names like Heather and Debbie.
::" Mr. Speaker: If the will of the people is to prevail, if justice is to be done, there can be no question of my expulsion from the house.
::" The tabernacle of God is with men, and he shall dwell with them, and God Himself shall be with them, and shall be their God, and they shall be his people.
::" For the people of the West.
::" During a certain period in the not too distant past, Japan, following a mistaken national policy, advanced along the road to war, only to ensnare the Japanese people in a fateful crisis, and, through its colonial rule and aggression, caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly to those of Asian nations.
::" To achieve future prosperity, we need more and talented people.
::" JJ believes that most people who are interested in what he calls D & S, what I call ' our thing ' and Bill Borher calls wiitwd ( what it is that we do ) and most people on ASB call BDSM, are interested in power exchange.

::" and here
::" For here is the chief and most confounding objection to excessive skepticism, that no durable good can ever result from it ; while it remains in its full force and vigor.
::" Most of you in here are of my vintage: we're ignored by the media.
::" And here are some other pix you can download and use "
::" South Granville " redirects here.

::" and we
::" We have no idea how consciousness emerges from the physical activity of the brain and we do not know whether consciousness can emerge from non-biological systems, such as computers ... At this point the reader will expect to find a careful and precise definition of consciousness.
::" If anyone imagines that we are stating the case too strongly, let him try an experiment with the first bright boy he meets by asking,
::" We loved the time we spent with you,
::" So long, we sure had a good time!
::" In a classical philosophical opposition we are not dealing with the peaceful coexistence of a vis-à-vis, but rather with a violent hierarchy.
::" Science is the best defense against believing what we want to.
::" He is a notorious terrorist, and we have very clearly and publicly announced what is going to happen to notorious terrorists who commit heinous crimes of the type Mr. Basayev has been involved in.
::" There is a darkness greater than the one we fight.
::" Just as we deem the legislative intent manifest to tax the stockholder with respect to such accumulations only if and when, and to the extent that, his interest in them comes to fruition as income, that is, in dividends declared, so we can perceive no constitutional obstacle that stands in the way of carrying out this intent when dividends are declared out of a pre-existing surplus.
::" Much influenced by Marcel Duchamp he is an essentially interrogative artist, constantly questioning artistic conventions and the assumptions on which we base our aesthetic judgements.
::" We veered a little to the left after we came to Tilford, at which place on the Green we stopped to look at an oak tree, which, when I was a little boy, was but a very little tree, comparatively, and which is now, take it altogether, by far the finest tree that I ever saw in my life.
::" Roose is one of the cleanest custodians we have, but he apparently is a trifle superstitious about his football garments, for he seldom seems to trouble the charwoman with them.
::" Nor can we find words to express our thanks to the city of New Orleans, for the noble and generous manner in which she responded to our call for help.

O and Stranger
Other seminal noir sleuths served larger institutions, such as Dana Andrews's police detective in Laura ( 1944 ), Edmond O ' Brien's insurance investigator in The Killers, and Edward G. Robinson's government agent in The Stranger ( 1946 ).
Also appearing are Jubal Harshaw, a major character in Stranger in a Strange Land ; Dr. Galahad, of Time Enough for Love ; and Manuel Garcia O ' Kelly Davis, the first-person voice of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.
Kill the Moonlight also contained the single, " The Way We Get By ," which was popularized by its placement on the movie Stranger than Fiction ( released later, in 2006 ) as well as the teen drama The O. C.
In the 1990s she appeared in a series of straight-to-video releases including The Stranger: Breach of the Peace, and as Liz Shaw in the P. R. O. B. E.

O and send
We must include the standard I / O definitions, since we want to send formatted output
Not wanting to leave his mission, his first action as Pope was to send out appeals for aid to the Crusaders, and at his final sermon at Acre just before leaving to sail for Italy, he famously remarked, " If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning " ( a quote from Psalm 137 ).
O Jatavedas, when thou hast matured him, then send him on his way unto the Fathers ... let thy fierce flame, thy glowing splendour, burn him With thine auspicious forms, o Jatavedas, bear this man to the region of the pious ... Again, O Agni, to the Fathers send him who, offered in thee, goes with our oblations.
Ra reveals his intention to send the atomic bomb brought by O ' Neil, which was to be used to destroy the Stargate to prevent invasion if a threat is discovered, back to Earth ; its destructive power is now to be enhanced 100-fold with an accompanying shipment of his quartzite-like material to produce cataclysmic results.
Other systems may send hardware commands directly to peripheral devices or I / O controllers that cause an extremely simple input operation ( such as " read sector zero of the system device into memory starting at location 1000 ") to be carried out, effectively loading a small number of boot loader instructions into memory ; a completion signal from the I / O device may then be used to start execution of the instructions by the CPU.
Subsequently a number of Fox O & O's and affiliates also now send out the AFD No. 10 flag over their HD local news and syndicated programming with graphical elements optimized for 16: 9 to allow that programming to appear in widescreen format on 4: 3 analog sets.
'" That off-season, Jackson sought an increase in salary, and Athletics owner Charlie O. Finley threatened to send Jackson to the minors.
Brian's advisor, Maelsuthain O ' Carroll, documented in the ' Book of Armagh ' that, in the year 1005, Brian donated twenty-two ounces of gold to the monastery and declared that Armagh was the religious capital of Ireland to which all other monasteries should send the funds they collected.
Finally a policeman arrives to send the drunken customers home, the pub is closed up, and the customers disappear singing into the night as a drunken HCE, clearing up the bar and swallowing the dregs of the glasses left behind, morphs into ancient Irish high king Rory O ' Connor, and passes out.
" Teenage Scientologist Erin O ' Donnell had written to her non-Scientologist aunt, " If you try to ring me I will not answer, I will not read any mail you send, and I refuse to have anything to do with you in any way whatsoever.
If the CPU, for example, wants to send information out on COM1, it writes to I / O port 0x3F8, as this I / O port is " connected " to the UART IC register which holds the information that is to be sent out.
A link is a point-to-point communication channel between two PCIe ports, allowing both to send / receive ordinary PCI-requests ( configuration read / write, I / O read / write, memory read / write ) and interrupts ( INTx, MSI, MSI-X ).
Although Rivaud retook the village, O ’ Reilly had taken Stortiglione by 2: 00 pm, and in the north, Ott prepared to send FML Joseph von Schellenberg ’ s column to support Gottesheim.
O ' Neill then releases it in Ireland ( for supporting the terrorists ), England ( for oppressing the Irish and giving them a cause ), and Libya ( for training said terrorists ); he demands that the governments of the world send all citizens of those countries back to their countries, and that they quarantine those countries and let the plague run its course, so they will lose what he has lost ; if they do not, he has more plagues to release.
O ' Hare's plan required the Carrier's Fighter Director Officer ( FDO ) to spot incoming enemy formations at a distance and send a " Bat Team " section consisting of a TBF Avenger torpedo bomber and two F6F Hellcat fighters toward the Japanese intruders.
O ' Connor sent him back to Cairo to ask Wavell's permission to advance on Tripoli but, in the meantime, Churchill had instructed Wavell to send troops to the aid of Greece, thus effectively ending Operation Compass.
Have mercy on us, O God, in accordance with Thy great mercy, and send forth upon these holy gifts, here set forth, Thine all-holy Spirit, ( bowing ) the Lord and giver of life, enthroned with Thee, God and Father, and Thine only-begotten Son, co-reigning, consubstantial and co-eternal, who spoke by the Law and the Prophets and by Thy New Covenant, who came down in the form of a dove upon our Lord Jesus Christ in the river Jordan, and rested upon him, who came down upon Thy holy Apostles in the form of fiery tongues in the upper room of holy and glorious Sion on the day of Pentecost.
: Priest: Therefore, O Most-holy Master we sinners and Thine unworthy servants also, having been vouchsafed to minister at Thy holy Altar, not because of our righteousness, fot we have not done that which is good on the earth, but because of Thy mercies and Thy compassions, which Thou hast poured out richly upon us, dare to draw night unto Thy holy Altar ; and having presented the sacred emblems of the Body and Blood of Thy Christ, we pray Thee, and we call upon Thee: O Holy of Holies, through the favour of Thy goodness send Thy Holy Spirit down upon us, and upon these Gifts presented here, and bless them, sanctify, and manifest them.

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