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Observing and mountain
Observing that Mount St. Helens did not possess visible vents, Hyde suggested that pressure would increase until the mountain exploded.

Observing and got
Observing the situation, Diane Vacca at Women's Voices for Change quoted Chinese blogger Hecaitou: " She ’ s got blood on her blade, and her clothing smells of gunpowder .”

Observing and idea
Observing nearby examples and exploring their characteristics can give us an idea of what was happening in the early universe as the light we see from these distant galaxies left them when the universe was much younger ( see redshift ).
Observing the movements of the stars he infers the notion of time, the first abstract idea won from the darkness of chaos.

Observing and for
* Observing evidence for contact between languages, which may indicate approximately when and where they were adjacent to each other.
Observing fasts is not permitted for menstruating women.
The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin, which means " Observing the Sounds ( or Cries ) of the World ".
* Additionally, there is the Advanced Observing Program ( AOP ) for advanced amateur astronomers.
* Observing At Kitt Peak-General Overview for Observers and Staff
Observing what he thought was the planet Mercury ( later identified as Jupiter ), he needed a reference star for comparing positions and picked a previously unremarked third-magnitude star nearby.
While on Sado, he won many devoted converts and wrote two of his most important doctrinal treatises, the Kaimoku Shō ( 開目抄: " On the Opening of the Eyes " ) and the Kanjin no Honzon Shō ( 観心本尊抄: " The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind ") as well as numerous letters and minor treatises whose content containing critical components of his teaching.
Two of his works from this period are the Senji Shō ( 撰時抄: " The Selection of the Time ") and the Hōon Shō ( 報恩抄: " On Repaying Debts of Gratitude "), which, along with his Risshō Ankoku Ron ( 立正安国論: " On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land "), Kaimoku Shō (" The Opening of the Eyes "), and Kanjin no Honzon Shō (" The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind "), constitute his Five Major Writings.
The Gohonzon is described as an object for focus of devotion in Nichiren ’ s letter: “ The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind ” which is acknowledged by most followers of Nichiren Buddhism.
* Adventures in Deep Space: Challenging Observing Projects for Amateur Astronomers.
* Observing the environment for hazards
Observing that fires were a constant and catastrophic problem for area residents, the Chamber lobbied to begin a fire protection district in the Valley.
These include: the Centre d ' Observació de l ' Univers ( Centre for Observing the Universe ), or PAM, of Montsec, which is an ambitious project that combines research, education and diffusion within the field of cultural and scientific tourism ; the establishment of the Tren dels Llacs ( Lakes Train ), a touristic railway that connects the provincial capital to the Pre-Pyrenees ; the creation of new exhibition spaces ( including the Museum of Lleida, the Paper Dresses Museum of Mollerussa and the Skiing Museum of the Val d ' Aran ); the organisation of routes to help discover the natural, cultural and monumental treasures of Lleida ( with the Castles of Sió Route, the Pyrenean Counties and Nostalgic Pallars Route, the Wine Route of Les Garrigues, and the Literary Routes of Pallars, etc.
Observing in the studio a panel Protogenes had prepared for a painting, Apelles walked over to the easel, and taking up a brush told the servant to tell Protogenes " this came from me ," and drew in colour an extremely fine line across the panel.
Observing the eruption from his ship for another two days, as well as again at a later point in the expedition, Beebe recorded how numerous birds and marine animals were killed after either failing to escape the lava, or drawing too close to it in an attempt to scavenge other animals that had died.
* Observing children being treated for problematic behavior, such as use of force in sex play, often using dolls having genitals
GSFC manages operations for many NASA and international missions including the Hubble Space Telescope ( HST ), the Explorer program, the Discovery Program, the Earth Observing System ( EOS ), INTEGRAL, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ( SOHO ), the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer ( RXTE ) and Swift.
* Humidity Sounder for Brazil MW radiometer instrument on NASA's Earth Observing System satellite Aqua launched in May 2002
Observing the special day, the bill noted, provides opportunity for people to “ remember the life of Susan Butcher, an inspiration to Alaskans and to millions around the world .”
The Earth Observing System ( EOS ) is a program of NASA comprising a series of artificial satellite missions and scientific instruments in Earth orbit designed for long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, atmosphere, and oceans of the Earth.
This experiment consists of the CAPL-2 Hitchhiker payload designed as an in-orbit microgravity demonstration of a cooling system planned for the Earth Observing System Program and the Thermal Energy Storage-2 payload, part of an effort to develop advanced energy generation techniques.
Observing the 40th anniversary of the incident in 2010, lunar module pilot Fred Haise wrote a letter thanking the UTIAS team for its contribution.

Observing and which
Observing logs typically record details about which objects were observed and when, as well as describing the details that were seen.
* Each night, Kitt Peak Visitor's Center hosts the Nightly Observing Program, which allows visitors to arrive in the late afternoon, watch the sunset, and use binoculars and telescopes to view the cosmos.
Observing a sufficient number of iterates ( 624 in the case of MT19937, since this figure is the size of the state vector from which future iterates are produced ) allows one to predict all future iterates.
Observing that the Victory was about to pass close astern, the Salvator del Mundo, which had more or less been disabled, judiciously hauled down her flag as soon as some of Victory's bow guns came to bear.
Two types of self are commonly considered-the self that is the ego, also called the learned, superficial self of mind and body, an egoic creation, and the Self which is sometimes called the " True Self ", the " Observing Self ", or the " Witness ".
Observing the capitalist industrial system in England, Sismondi saw that unchecked competition both resulted in producers all increasing individual production ( because of lack of knowledge of other producers ' production ) this was then seen as forcing employers to cut prices, which they did by sacrificing workers ' wages.
Observing the limited perseverance, energy, and application of mortals, he makes the Veda fourfold, to adapt it to their capacities ; and the bodily form which he assumes, in order to effect that classification, is known by the name of Veda-vyasa.
For convenience, some VOR stations also transmit local weather information which the pilot can listen in to, perhaps generated by an Automated Surface Observing System.
" Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation also has a project called RECON ( River, Estuary and Coastal Observing Network ) which includes a " network of eight in-water sensors that provide real-time, hourly readings of key water quality parameters.
" Observing " or " observant " participation has also been used to describe fieldwork in sexual minority subcultures by anthropologists and sociologists who are themselves lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender ; the different phrasing is meant to highlight the way in which their partial or full membership in the community / subculture that they are researching both allows a different sort of access to the community and also shapes their perceptions in ways different from a full outsider.
Observing, O Lord, these Thy gifts and commands, we placed upon Thine Altar these offerings of bread and wine, beseeching Thee in the abundance of Thy goodness and compassion, that by the power of that same Spirit by which uncorrupt virginity conceived Thee in the flesh, the Undivided Trinity may sanctify these oblations, so that, when they shall be received by us with no less fear than veneration, whatever there be of life harmful to the soul may wither, and that what has withered may in no wise live again.
Eventually, however, developments at the conference led to the establishment of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCC ), of which the Kyoto Protocol is a part, and to the establishment of the Global Climate Observing System ( GCOS ), a global observing system of systems for climate and climate-related observations.
Observing CO is an indirect indicator of the presence of molecular hydrogen gas ( the most abundant molecule in the universe ) which is difficult to detect directly.
Observing living organisms in nature suggests that the step before procreation is to establish a territory within which they may hunt, breed, and ensure the growth of their offspring.
Observing new landscapes from a rail carriage, for example, she selected images which served as powerful metaphors of time and motion in the construction of racial identities.

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