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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1289
from Brown Corpus
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course and I
I am with you, of course, Tomas ''.
Of course, males play a role there, but believe me when I say you wouldn't enjoy yourself one bit on Eromonga.
of course, I was willing.
Of course, I shall conduct Mahler and Bruckner works in the coming season, as usual.
What I am here to do is to report on the gyrations of the struggle -- a struggle that amounts to self-redefinition -- to see if we can predict its future course.
Whether you experienced the passion of desire I have, of course, no way of knowing, nor indeed have I wished with even the most fleeting fragment of a wish to know, for the fact that one constitutes by one's mere existence so to speak the proof of some sort of passion makes any speculation upon this part of one's parents' experience more immodest, more scandalizing, more deeply unwelcome than an obscenity from a stranger.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
I am not aware of great attention by any of these authors or by the psychotherapeutic profession to the role of literary study in the development of conscience -- most of their attention is to a pre-literate period of life, or, for the theologians of course, to the influence of religion.
`` I should, of course '', he said, `` like any other man, be honored and gratified should the Democrats see fit to nominate me.
I must have written to say how much I had enjoyed his fine book The Building Of Eternal Rome, and I found he had not regretted giving me the highest mark in his old course on the later Latin poets, although in my final examination I had ignored the questions and filled the bluebook with a comparison of Propertius and Coleridge.
Harcourt replied: `` I do really hope you can achieve serenity in the course of time.
`` Of course I am '', he said.
`` I try to treat Daniel as if he were normal, though of course I realize he is far from that at present.
Of course, having this desire, I am very interested in education.
He knows me as your niece, which, of course, I am.
I'd have been more impressed if I hadn't remembered that she'd played Hedda Gabler in her highschool dramatics course.
Of course I had to give her Eileen's address, but she never came near us.
-- Why, course I can.
You may stay as long as you wish, of course, but if arranging for the care of the girls must take time into account, I think a day or two should be enough to finish our business in ''.

course and hope
To hope to cover just one region of this land and to enjoy all of its sights and events and, of course, to bring back pictures of your experiences, requires advance planning.
Of course, if your pool is close to the house, your wife can always add it to her housekeeping chores ( you hope ).
There was, of course, no hope it really would be that simple.
They hope, of course, to reclaim the non-Catholic population to the Catholic faith, and at every Sunday Benediction they recite by heart the `` Prayer for England '':
Berlin is first in the queue, and I have the hope that we ’ ll succeed in the course of this year.
" When asked in 2002 if she still desired to win the world championship she said, " Chess is my profession and of course I hope to improve.
::“ We certainly cannot hope directly to compare their effects except within a limited future ; and all the arguments, which have ever been used in Ethics, and upon which we commonly act in common life, directed to shewing that one course is superior to another, are ( apart from theological dogmas ) confined to pointing out such probable immediate advantages …
" Absurd creation, of course, also must refrain from judging and from alluding to even the slightest shadow of hope.
There the social and ecclesiastical reforms in the spirit of the Enlightenment, which had been undertaken by Emperor Joseph II ( 1765 – 90 ) and his minister Kaunitz touched the supremacy of Rome so nearly that in the hope of staying them Pius VI adopted the exceptional course of visiting Vienna in person.
Another fraction led by Commander Wolfgang Wegener argued that because of superior British shipbuilding capacity that Germany could never hope to build a “ balanced fleet ” capable of winning the Entscheidungsschlacht, and that as such, the best use of German naval strength was to build a fleet of cruisers and submarines that would wage a guerre de course (“ war of the chase ”, a strategy of seeking to destroy the British Merchant Marine instead of the Navy ).
" Shaun O ' Connell in the New Boston Review notes that " those who see Seamus Heaney as a symbol of hope in a troubled land are not, of course, wrong to do so, though they may be missing much of the undercutting complexities of his poetry, the backwash of ironies which make him as bleak as he is bright.
Sir Archibald never visited the gorge and in due course the traditional owners, the Bunaba people, hope that it will be more generally known by its Aboriginal name, Darngku.
Writing in the United Irishman, on 12 February, Mitchel anticipated the Government's response to his open letter to Lord Clarendon: " Yes, of course you will prosecute before long ; in self-defence, I hope, you must ...
As you can imagine my heart was in my mouth all through the deathbed scene, hoping against hope that the old man would not give way, that is, take the course he eventually did.
But of course we hope you reform yourself.
He took an officers training course at Fort Benjamin Harrison in hope of earning a commission, but was not among the those chosen to become an officer.
Władysław of course did not lose hope of changing his fate, but for now he had to accept the postponement of his return, particularly when Conrad III started the Second Crusade with King Louis VII of France to the Holy Land the next year.
Once again, during the course of the even more widespread and lethal World War II the hope of somehow definitively ending all war ( including preemptive war ) was seriously discussed.
The Re-Círio marks the end of the celebrations, with a shorter course, but with no less emotion, for the Saint's farewell, with tears, waving with white handkerchiefs, hope and thanks, to the Gentil Bittencourt chapel, bringing a feeling of lightness and renovation to expect for another year.
* Susan Weissmann, Victor Serge: The course is set on hope.
He began by outlining how public hope had been lost over the course of the war, saying: " we have lost faith that the government can lead us to victory.
Despite his anti-Nazi plotting, Goerdeler continued to submit memoranda to Hitler and the other Nazi leaders out of the hope that he might somehow convince them to change course.
" The safer course, naturally, is to do for ourselves during life what we hope others will do for us after death.

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