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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 19
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greater and importance
A third, one of at least equal and perhaps even greater importance, is now being traversed: American immersion and involvement in world affairs.
By December, 1958, when ' Abdallah Ibrahim became President of the Council, elections had even greater importance.
The economic importance of seed crops actually is even greater, because additional returns are obtained from most of the corn, oats, barley, and sorghum -- as well as the cake and meal from the processing of flaxseed, cottonseed, and soybeans -- through conversion to poultry, meat, and dairy products.
The importance lies in sacrifice for the sake of the greater good ; Islam considers those practicing i ' thar as abiding by the highest degree of nobility.
Of still greater importance are the great deposits at Thorsberg moor ( in Angeln ) and Nydam, which contained large quantities of arms, ornaments, articles of clothing, agricultural implements, etc., and in Nydam even ships.
Whatever may be the date of the institution of the office of abbreviator, it is certain that it became of greater importance and more highly privileged upon its erection into a college of prelates.
His importance is proven once more by the grand funeral given to him by his people: his funeral at sea with many weapons and treasures shows he was a great soldier and an even greater leader to his people.
The reluctance of his Dutch allies to see their frontiers denuded of troops for another gamble in Germany had denied Marlborough the initiative, but of far greater importance was the Margrave of Baden ’ s pronouncement that he could not join the Duke in strength for the coming offensive.
Discipline within the troops is often of greater importance ; at the Battle of Alesia, the Romans were greatly outnumbered but won because of superior training.
As a result of their introduction, bouts became longer and more strategic with greater importance attached to defensive maneuvers such as slipping, bobbing, countering and angling.
The crucial differences with the previous wave can be seen in the downward shift in melodies, increasing durations of movements, the acceptance of Mozart and Haydn as paradigmatic, the greater use of keyboard resources, the shift from " vocal " writing to " pianistic " writing, the growing pull of the minor and of modal ambiguity, and the increasing importance of varying accompanying figures to bring " texture " forward as an element in music.
Its importance was instead conveyed by the height of the tower ( prasat ) rising above it, by its location at the centre of the temple, and by the greater decoration on its walls.
The filter response can also be completely characterized in the frequency domain by its transfer function, which is the Fourier transform of the impulse response h. Typical filter design goals are to realize a particular frequency response, that is, the magnitude of the transfer function ; the importance of the phase of the transfer function varies according to the application, inasmuch as the shape of a waveform can be distorted to a greater or lesser extent in the process of achieving a desired ( amplitude ) response in the frequency domain.
Increasingly, however, it was Freud's idea of fantasy as a kind of ' screen-memory, representing something of more importance with which it was in some way connected ' that was for him of greater importance.
Because of the importance of air superiority, since the dawn of aerial combat armed forces have constantly competed to develop technologically superior fighters and to deploy these fighters in greater numbers, and fielding a viable fighter fleet consumes a substantial proportion of the defense budgets of modern armed forces.
Of still greater importance, though, was the widespread American concern about the possibility of a so-called " Soviet beachhead " opening up in the Western Hemisphere.
Increasing mistrust of the regular armed forces after the Labé plot led to the militia assuming greater importance.
Since this book is so large and Absalon has greater importance than King Valdemar I, this book may have been written first and comprised a work on its own.
Spain and Britain came close to war over ownership of the Nootka Sound on contemporary Vancouver Island, and of greater importance, the right to colonize and settle the Pacific Northwest coast.
The importance of chemically stable humus is thought by some to be the fertility it provides to soils in both a physical and chemical sense, though some agricultural experts put a greater focus on other features of it, such as its ability to suppress disease.
A quickening economic life in Germany increased the number of towns and Imperial cities, and gave them greater importance.
The existing Portuguese interests in Asia proved sufficient to finance further colonial expansion and entrenchment in areas regarded as of greater strategic importance in Africa and Brazil.
The Maghreb had far greater proven wealth than the unknown rest of Africa and a location of strategic importance affecting the exit from the Mediterranean.

greater and however
Undoubtedly, however, the significance of the volume is greater than the foregoing paragraphs suggest.
There is a large variety of models to choose from in most countries, however, including 6-passenger sedans and station wagons and the rental fee isn't all that much greater than for the wee sedans.
The differentiation, however, is not very much greater, as shown by the fact that Athabascan shows 3.46 stems per meaning slot as against 2.75 for Yokuts, with a slightly greater number of languages represented in our sample: 24 as against 21.
After four years, however, the Egyptian rebellion was defeated by the Achaemenid general Megabyzus, who captured the greater part of the Athenian forces.
Older tricyclic antidepressants ( TCAs ) are very anxiolytic as well, however, side effects are greater.
Emphasis on these stories, however, did not really begin until the Middle Ages, when the psychology of the individual became of greater interest.
Since the Belgian Blue ’ s bone structure is the same as a normal cow, however holding a greater amount of muscle, causes them to have a greater meat to bone ratio.
The party is keen to maintain its independent identity however, and argues that the need for a modern Liberal force in British politics has never been greater.
Daniel Amneus, however, argues that when Ross and Angus bring King Duncan's praise, and the news that Macbeth has been granted the title of Thane of Cawdor, the " greater honor " he ascribes to Macbeth is actually his title as Prince of Cumberland.
Trends after 1965 ( like the fall of OZNA and UDBA chief Aleksandar Ranković from power in 1966 ), however, led to the Croatian Spring of 1970 – 71, when students in Zagreb organized demonstrations for greater civil liberties and greater Croatian autonomy.
Modeling objects in this way ignores the fact that matter is made of atoms, and so is not continuous ; however, on length scales much greater than that of inter-atomic distances, such models are highly accurate.
The caracole was not particularly successful, however, and the charge ( whether with sword, pistol, or lance ) remained as the primary mode of employment for many types of European cavalry, although by this time it was delivered in much deeper formations and with greater discipline than before.
There was talk of a Maritime Union of the three provinces to have greater political power ; however, the first discussions on the subject in 1864 at the Charlottetown Conference led to the process of Canadian Confederation which formed the larger Dominion of Canada instead. Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, an archetypal Maritime scene
Experimentally, however, the total kinetic energy is found to be much greater: in particular, assuming the gravitational mass is due to only the visible matter of the galaxy, stars far from the center of galaxies have much higher velocities than predicted by the virial theorem.
The share of Federally managed roads in good quality improved from 14 % in 1995 to 31 % in 2002 as a result of this program, and to 89 % in 2009 the road density increased from 21 km per 1000 km < sup > 2 </ sup > ( in 1995 ) to 889 km ; per 1000 km < sup > 2 </ sup > ( in 2009 ) however, this is much greater than the average of 50 km per 1000 km < sup > 2 </ sup > for Africa.
Generally, however, Enki seems to be a reflection of pre-patriarchal times, in which relations between the sexes were characterised by a situation of greater gender equality.
He maintained, however, that it was not replicability, or even a fundamental theory of ESP that would evolve research, but only a greater interest in unconscious mental processes and a more complete understanding of human personality.
Tornadoes are infrequent at the coast but do occur, however the frequency at which they occur in inland portions of Gulf Coast states is much greater.
Because of the greater size and relative efficiency of the Salvadoran and Guatemalan industrial sectors, however, Honduras bought far more manufactured products from its neighbors than it sold to them.
A value of US $ 195 million to the Honduran economy from assembly industries in 1991 — when the value of clothing exports was greater than that of coffee — was a compelling argument in favor of the shift, however.

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