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still and greater
To reach a still greater audience of location-minded manufacturers, our industrial advertising budget for the fiscal year was increased from $32,000 to $40,000, and the Industrial Building Authority's financial participation was upped from $17,000 to $20,000.
But during nighttime hours the skywave radiations are reflected from the ionosphere, thereby creating the possibility of one station's rendering service, via skywave, at a much greater distance than it can through its groundwave signal, and at the same time vastly complicating the interference problem because of the still greater distance over which these skywave signals may cause interference to the signals of stations on the same and closely adjacent frequencies.
In the future, quantitative demand will be greater because of the expansion of the economy, and the qualitative need will be greater still.
At greater distances from the sun, the situation is still less certain.
With loud huzzahs for the artistic success of the Presbyterian-St. Luke's Fashion show still ringing in her ears, its director, Helen Tieken Geraghty ( Mrs. Maurice P. Geraghty ) is taking off tomorrow on a 56 day world trip which should earn her even greater acclaim as director of entertainment for next summer's International Trade fair.
Although every Major League Baseball team cultivates fans from outside its immediate metropolitan area, and even though the greater Phoenix area has 2 / 3 of the statewide population, Colangelo still decided to call the team the " Arizona Diamondbacks " rather than the " Phoenix Diamondbacks ".
The clouds which strike Kathiawar and Kutch are deprived of a great deal of their moisture by the hills in those countries ( now the majority of this region is in Gujarat state within independent India ), and the greater part of the remainder is deposited on Mount Abu and the higher slopes of the Aravalli Range, leaving but little for Merwara, where the hills are lower, and still less for Ajmer.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are likely to be the best choice of pharmacotherapy for many patients with panic disorder, but benzodiazepines are also often used, and some studies suggest that these medications are still used with greater frequency than the SSRIs.
However, the length and weight of pieces was still set with some Baroque characteristics: individual movements still focused on one affect or had only one sharply contrasting middle section, and their length was not significantly greater than Baroque movements.
CRTs are still popular in the printing and broadcasting industries as well as in the professional video, photography, and graphics fields due to their greater color fidelity, contrast, and better viewing from off-axis ( wider viewing angle ).
The advantages to this system compared with unfretted instruments ( see below ) include relative ease of tuning ( with around half as many strings to keep in tune ), greater volume ( though still not really enough for use in chamber music ), and a clearer, more direct sound.
He is still seeking greater autonomy from China, although Dolma Gyari, deputy speaker of the parliament-in-exile has stated " If the middle path fails in the short term, we will be forced to opt for complete independence or selfdetermination as per the UN charter ".
In the Ophite and Sethian systems, which have many affinities with that last mentioned, the making of the world is ascribed to a company of seven archons, whose names are given, but their chief, “ Yaldabaoth ” ( also known as " Yaltabaoth " or " Ialdabaoth ") comes into still greater prominence.
Eastern Berlin has a distinctly different visual aspect, partly because of the greater survival of prewar façades and streetscapes, some still showing signs of wartime damage, and partly because of the distinctive style of urban Stalinist architecture used in the GDR.
Transistors are much cheaper, and so more elaborate designs that give greater efficiency but use more parts are still cost-effective.
However, the erroneous stamps still circulate among philatelists and have greater value than the corrected stamps.
Reynolds went on to arguably even greater achievements as a coach, a position to which he was first appointed, jointly with Harry Hunter, in 1939 ( this was while Reynolds was still a player ).
Of still greater importance, though, was the widespread American concern about the possibility of a so-called " Soviet beachhead " opening up in the Western Hemisphere.
King Chlothar I ( 558 – 561 ) ruled the greater part of what is now Germany and made expeditions into Saxony, while the Southeast of modern Germany was still under influence of the Ostrogoths.
The abundance of helium-3 is thought to be greater on the Moon ( embedded in the upper layer of regolith by the solar wind over billions of years ), though still low in quantity ( 28 ppm of lunar regolith is helium-4 and from one ppb to 50 ppb is helium-3 )< ref name =" F. H. Cocks 2010 ">, and the solar system's gas giants ( left over from the original solar nebula ).
Major delayed the election in the hope that a still improving economy would help the Conservatives win a greater number of seats, but it did not.

still and importance
Back and forth Duclos had to go, between M. De Cury and Jean Jacques and between the Duke D'Aumont and Jean Jacques again, as his little operetta, The Village Soothsayer, though still unperformed, took on ever more importance.
He became an American legend while still alive, largely because of his kind and generous ways, his great leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples.
Today, the Valley is still largely dominated by agriculture but also has a growing diversity in its economies, partly aided by the importance of post-secondary education centres provided by Acadia University in Wolfville, and the Nova Scotia Community College campuses located in Kentville, Middleton, Lawrencetown, and Digby.
Arguably, terrain is of less importance in modern warfare, due to the advent of aircraft, though terrain is still vital for camouflage, especially for guerrilla warfare.
The Carboniferous coal beds provided much of the fuel for power generation during the Industrial Revolution and are still of great economic importance.
Eastman claimed that one could assess the importance of the ERA by the intensity of the opposition to it, but she felt that it was still a struggle worth fighting.
According to the principal editor of the journal, Leonard Lewisohn: " Although a number of major Islamic poets easily rival the likes of Dante, Shakespeare and Milton in importance and output, they still enjoy only a marginal literary fame in the West because the works of Arabic and Persian thinkers, writers and poets are considered as negligible, frivolous, tawdry sideshows beside the grand narrative of the Western Canon.
While many Marxist concepts are still of importance for modern social science, some specific predictions Marx made have been shown to be unlikely.
Apicius updates the pultes and pulticulae with fancy trimmings such as cooked brains and wine, " illustrating the ever-present desire to improve — to glorify, as it were, a thing which once was or still is of vital importance in the daily life of humans.
Although these postulates cannot be applied in all cases, they do retain historical importance to the development of scientific thought and are still being used today.
While petroleum has decreased in importance in recent years due to depleting reserves and growth in other industries, it is still the mainstay of the economy.
Senior Director of Search states that "... What changed with Yahoo's ranking algorithms is that while we still index the meta keyword tag, the ranking importance given to meta keyword tags receives the lowest ranking signal in our system .... it will actually have less effect than introducing those same words in the body of the document, or any other section.
In any case, the early importance of Poseidon can still be glimpsed in Homer's Odyssey, where Poseidon rather than Zeus is the major mover of events.
-more than 20 in all, can be precisely calculated from chemical structure, even if such chemical molecule is still non existent ), and in this area is concentrated practical importance of contemporary physical chemistry.
This was of crucial importance when France still operated the death penalty: criminals sentenced to death would generally request that the president commute their sentence to life imprisonment.
Although isolation is of great importance in the production of new species, on the whole I am inclined to believe that largeness of area is still more important, especially for the production of species which shall prove capable of enduring for a long period, and of spreading widely.
The surviving proportion of the nine-volume corpus of poetry read in antiquity is small but still constitutes a poetic corpus of major importance.
All forms of natural speciation have taken place over the course of evolution ; however it still remains a subject of debate as to the relative importance of each mechanism in driving biodiversity.
Theology still had precedence, but in the privileges of 1593, the importance of a university to educate secular servants of the state was also emphasized.
The role of the bombings in the surrender of Japan, the ethical justification of the US for using them, as well as their strategic importance, is still hotly debated.
However, even if the religion was losing its importance for Durkheim, it still laid the foundation of modern society and the interactions that governed it.
Of great importance in the ecclesiastical history of England was a council which Stephen opened at Osney on 17 April 1222 ; its decrees, known as the Constitutions of Stephen Langton, are the earliest provincial canons which are still recognized as binding in English church courts.
Robert Reid underscores this importance stating, " while still an undergraduate, Marc wrote the Mosaic software ... that made the web popularly relevant and touched off the revolution " ( p. xlii ).

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