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handful and has
Knowledge that thousands of school districts are involved and observation that school desegregation has occurred in only a handful in 1959-1960 leads to a conclusion that desegregation-from-court-order is slow.
As of today, the Law Reform Commission recommendation still stands and has not as yet been acted upon ; the Firearms Act consists of the initial 1925 Act amended by approximately eighteen separate Acts and is well understood by only a handful of those directly involved in its drafting, amendment or usage.
Though place names survived the deurbanized Sub-Roman and early Anglo-Saxon periods, and historiography has been at pains to signal the expected survivals, archaeology shows that a bare handful of Roman towns were continuously occupied.
Though the Philistines adopted local Canaanite culture and language before leaving any written texts ( and later adopted the Aramaic language ), an Indo-European origin has been suggested for a handful of known Philistine words that survived as loanwords in Hebrew.
However, only a handful of episodes later in " Sub Rosa ", we see that neither Beverly or Jean-Luc has been able to let go of those feelings and they are back to where they started, trying to pretend the feelings don't exist and that they have no problem being " just friends " with one another.
Senegal is one of only a handful of countries to have a near-enclave within its borders — the small nation of The Gambia in the interior, which has a 740 km border with Senegal.
Somalia has some of the best telecommunications in Africa: a handful of companies are ready to wire home or office and provide crystal-clear service, including international long distance, for about $ 10 a month.
Currently, the island is inhabited by only a handful of families, and has a small cemetery and summer restaurant.
is steeped with references to the 1960s popular music scene ( at one point a list of 200 fictional bands performing at the Walpurgisnacht rock festival is reeled off ( including a handful of actual bands of the 60s ), and there are numerous references to the famous rock and roll song, " Rock Around the Clock "), and has influenced many bands and musicians.
The " king cheetah " has only been seen in the wild a handful of times, but it has been bred in captivity.
Omaha has been featured in recent years by a handful of relatively big budget motion pictures.
Since the 1990s, a handful of films ( such as Spider-Man 2 ) have used it for this purpose, but the usage of digital intermediate for compositing has largely negated these issues.
In the Russian language the vocative case has been almost entirely replaced by the nominative ( except for a handful of vestigial forms, e. g. Bozhe and Gospodi " Lord!
It has a handful of fluent speakers today.
An ongoing battle for " generational ownership " has motivated a handful of marketing mavens and cultural commentators to coin and / or promote their own terms for sub-segments of the baby-boom generation.
Numerous species are very poorly known, the Fiji Petrel has only been seen a handful of times since its discovery and the breeding colonies of the New Zealand Storm Petrel, Hornby's Storm Petrel and Heinroth's Shearwater have never been located.
Dominica's small manufacturing sector is almost entirely dependent on agriculture, and the island has built up a handful of successful industries specializing in soaps and other agricultural byproducts.
UCI has small sections in a handful of other countries.
Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world, excluding a handful of city-states and small countries with populations under 10m, such as Malta and Hong Kong.
Due to Belgium's often-complicated politics, restructuring has led to decisions seen by some as illogical, such as the decision to mount the ( very uncommon ) CMI 90 mm cannon on the Piranha 3 ( munition is very scarce and only made by a handful of manufacturers ; it will probably be supplied by Mécar ).
The Morehead Planetarium was, when it opened in 1949, one of only a handful of planetariums in the nation, and it has remained an important town landmark.
However, the character quickly faded away and has made only a handful of comics appearances since the mid-1930s.
It has a capacity of 32, 689 and is one of only a handful of stadia in Europe to meet UEFA's Four Star criteria.

handful and produced
Of the more than 200 studio albums I ’ ve produced in the past forty plus years, there is a handful ; maybe fifteen or so that I can actually listen to from top to bottom.
There are approximately 400 brightener types listed in the Color Index, but less than 90 are actually produced commercially and only a handful are commercially important.
This factory had only produced a handful of cars by the time war started in 1939.
have seen an increasing use in the craft-brewing sector of the industry with a handful of breweries having produced beers that were primary fermented with pure cultures of Brettanomyces spp.
This debate produced a handful of political reforms, approved by the king, including direct and indirect voting, in the 1993 national elections.
The factory had only produced a handful of cars by the start of the war in 1939 ; the first volume-produced versions of the car's chassis were military vehicles, the Type 82 Kübelwagen ( approximately 52, 000 built ) and the amphibious Type 166 Schwimmwagen ( about 14, 000 built ).
A handful of Beetles were produced specifically for civilians, primarily for the Nazi elite, in the years 1940 to 1945, but production figures were small.
The use of budget-cutting animation measures in animation dates at least to the 1920s ; a handful of the Bosko cartoons in the early years of the Looney Tunes series used several visible tricks ( such as mirror images and repeated scenes ) to give the shorts the comparable appearance of the Disney shorts of the same era, even though they were produced on a budget of just over half of their Disney counterparts ( Disney himself was known to recycle animation in his early years as well ); meanwhile, Max Fleischer took the obvious shortcut of recording the entire soundtrack in one session after the animation was completed in his 1930's cartoons ; he also made frequent use of " mumbling " to avoid the need to synchronize animating mouths to voices.
A small handful may have been produced as the ZGRASS-32 after the machine was re-released by Astrovision.
* Andy Kubiszewski has filled in as the drummer for a handful of Prick shows, joined a new project called Affected with Chris Schleyer, written and produced several songs for the popular Russian pop duo t. A. T. u., and has composed music for dozens of TV shows ( including Monster Garage, Monster House, Ax Men, America's Toughest Jobs, The Colony ), SWORDS-Life On The Line, Hillstranded, and most recently Storage Wars.
In addition to producing several hits with Donna Summer, Moroder also produced a number of electronic disco hits for The Three Degrees, two albums for Sparks, a handful of songs on Bonnie Tyler's album Bitterblue as well as her 1985 single " Here She Comes " and a score of songs for performers including David Bowie, Irene Cara, Madleen Kane, Melissa Manchester, Blondie, Japan, and France Joli.
They produced two more full-length albums, The Nephilim and Elizium, plus a live album called Earth Inferno and a handful of singles, before splitting in 1991.
Skoda also produced a handful of the 76. 2 mm variant.
However, recently a handful of animal experiments demonstrated that systemic hyperleptinemia produced by infusion or adenoviral gene transfer decreases blood pressure in rats.
They have produced a handful of games independently, most notably their arcade shooters, Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun.
Turbo Technics even sold their own pre-prepared Sierra known as the Minker ; only a handful were ever produced, as they cost significantly more than Ford's own RS Cosworth.
Many record labels produced mainly 12-inch singles ( in addition to albums ) during the 1980s, such as Factory Records, who only ever released a handful of 7-inch ( 18 cm ) records.
With the increased availability of airstrips in remote communities, fewer amphibious aircraft are manufactured today than in the past, although a handful of amphibious aircraft are still produced, such as the Bombardier 415, and the amphibious-float equipped version of the Cessna Caravan.
The military conflict produced only a handful of killings in 1919, but steadily escalated from the summer of 1920 onwards with the introduction of the paramilitary police forces, the Black and Tans and Auxiliary Division into Ireland.
Still with only a handful of animators, Vinton produced a highly-polished trilogy of 27-minute fairy tales in the late 1970s and early 1980s ; Martin the Cobbler ( 1977 ), Rip Van Winkle ( 1978 ), and The Little Prince ( 1979 ).
During this time, they recorded an album that was to be called ' Wired World ' but was never released, and produced a handful of Utah Saints tracks that have not been released, with titles such as " Star ", " Train " and " Rock ".
Although only a handful of aircraft designs were produced under the English Electric name, two would become landmarks in British aeronautical engineering ; the Canberra and the Lightning.
Only a handful of Mk I's had been produced when the Mk II replaced it on the production lines.
Since the mid-1970s, only a handful of films with private detectives have been produced.

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