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latter and work
It contracts with outside repair garages for much of the latter work.
The latter is useful for modifying information about some or all forms of a word, hence reducing the work required to improve dictionary contents.
He ordained further that some should be called " Abbreviators of the Upper Bar " ( Abbreviatores de Parco Majori ; the name derived from a space in the chancery, surrounded by a grating, in which the officials sat, which is called higher or lower ( major or minor ) according to the proximity of the seats to that of the vice-chancellor ), the others of the Lower Bar ( Abbreviatores de Parco Minori ); that the former should sit upon a slightly raised portion of the chamber, separated from the rest of the hall or chamber by lattice work, assist the Cardinal Vice-Chancellor, subscribe the letters and have the principal part in examining, revising, and expediting the apostolic letters to be issued with the leaden seal ; that the latter, however, should sit among the apostolic writers upon benches in the lower part of the chamber, and their duty was to carry the signed schedules or supplications to the prelates of the upper bar.
In the Masoretic Text, it appears as a single work, either the first or last book of the Ketuvim ( the latter arrangement also making it the final book of the Jewish Bible ).
In the 20th century the first part of the prologue ( chapters 1: 1-2: 5 ) and the two parts of the epilogue ( 17-21 ) were commonly seen as miscellaneous collections of fragments tacked on to the main text, and the second part of the prologue ( 2: 6-3: 6 ) as an introduction composed expressly for the book ; this view has been challenged in the latter decades of the century, and there is an increasing willingness to see Judges as the work of a single individual, working by carefully selecting, reworking and positioning his source material to introduce and conclude his themes.
The Church Order of Brandenberg and Nuremberg was partly the work of the latter.
The latter functionality also presents a cleaner display, as the aforementioned scaling routine does not always work correctly.
Although Carmilla is a lesser known and far shorter Gothic vampire story than the generally-considered master work of that genre, Dracula, the latter is heavily influenced by Le Fanu's short story.
In the beginning Charles Alston's mural work was inspired by the work of Aaron Douglas, Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, the latter who he met when they did mural work in New York.
There are two separate sections of the work dedicated to Clement ( 5, 11 and 6, 6 ), the of latter which seems decidedly out of place, and Valesius argued that this was evidence that Eusebius never revised his work.
With the work of the latter philosopher, critical theory transcended its theoretic roots in German idealism, and progressed closer to American pragmatism.
The doors of the mosques in Cairo were of two kinds ; those which, externally, were cased with sheets of bronze or iron, cut out in decorative patterns, and incised or inlaid, with bosses in relief ; and those in wood, which were framed with interlaced designs of the square and diamond, this latter description of work being Coptic in its origin.
He subsequently appeared in Rumble Fish ( 1983 ) and The Osterman Weekend ( 1983 ), and received critical recognition for his work in Blue Velvet and Hoosiers, with the latter film garnering him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.
Philo had inferred from the expression, " Let us make man ," of Genesis that God had used other beings as assistants in the creation of man, and he explains in this way why man is capable of vice as well as virtue, ascribing the origin of the latter to God, of the former to His helpers in the work of creation.
He says that Afer and Julius Africanus were the best orators he had heard, and that he prefers the former to the latter, Quintilian refers to a work of his On Testimony, to one entitled Dicta, and to some of his orations, of which those on behalf of Domitilla, or Cloantilla, and Volusenus Catulus seem to have been the most celebrated.
* Surface Loci concerned either loci ( sets of points ) on surfaces or loci which were themselves surfaces ; under the latter interpretation, it has been hypothesized that the work might have dealt with quadric surfaces.
Since the latter is valid over the entire cycle, this gave Clausius the hint that at each stage of the cycle, work and heat would not be equal, but rather their difference would be a state function that would vanish upon completion of the cycle.
Verses in the latter work mention Oxford's knowledge of astronomy, history, languages and music.
A dominant influence on the latter type is Lev Vygotsky's work on sociocultural learning, describing how interactions with adults, more capable peers, and cognitive tools are internalized to form mental constructs.
Formula fiction should not be confused with pastiche ( the mimicking of another work or author's style ), though the latter by its nature may include elements of the former ; the same holds true of some parody and satirical works as well, which may well include formulaic elements such as common stereotypes or caricatures, or which may use formulaic elements in order to mock them or point out their supposedly cliché or unrealistic nature.
The work of post-war Germany's leading novelists Heinrich Böll and Günter Grass provided source material for the adaptations The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum ( 1975 ) ( by Schlöndorff and Margarethe von Trotta ) and The Tin Drum ( 1979 ) ( by Schlöndorff alone ) respectively, the latter becoming the first German film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
At least one important reference work identifies the latter as a film noir despite its early date.

latter and stated
Pfanzagl's axiomatization was endorsed by Oskar Morgenstern: " Von Neumann and I have anticipated " the question whether probabilities " might, perhaps more typically, be subjective and have stated specifically that in the latter case axioms could be found from which could derive the desired numerical utility together with a number for the probabilities ( cf.
Here, the gods have captured Loki and his two sons, who are stated as Váli, described as a son of Loki, and " Nari or Narfi ", the latter earlier described as also a son of Sigyn.
" The IACHR also stated that: " The Commission is of the view that the new regime did not have, and does not now have, a policy of violating the right to life of political enemies, including among the latter the former guardsmen of the Government of General Somoza, whom a large sector of the population of Nicaragua held responsible for serious human rights violations during the former regime ; proof of the foregoing is the abolition of the death penalty and the high number of former guardsmen who were prisoners and brought to trial for crimes that constituted violations of human rights.
Gerard Labuda stated that Judith spent her last years of life in Regensburg with her ( supposed ) daughter Adelaide, wife of Count Dietpold III of Vohburg and Cham ; since the date of the marriage between Adelaide and Count Dietpold III was ranked between 1110 – 1118, it's assumed that Judith died after the latter year, in a relative advanced age.
Later, in his Apology ( 1580 ), William stated that his resolve to oppose the King's policies had originated in June 1559, when, during a hunting trip to the Bois de Vincennes together with the duke of Alva and King Henry II of France, to whom both had been sent as hostages to ensure the proper fulfilment of the conditions of the Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis following the Hispano-French war, the latter two had openly discussed a secret understanding between Philip and Henry which aimed at the extermination of the Protestants in both France and the Netherlands ; William at that time had kept silent, but had decided for himself that he would not allow the slaughter of so many innocent subjects.
Even with the latter two, as with Claude, the stated themes of the paintings were mythic or religious.
Although McCall himself did not make any negative attacks, his close supporter, US Congressman Charles B. Rangel, stated that the McCall camp would not necessarily endorse Cuomo in the general election should the latter win.
In the latter, Guinevere willingly becomes Mordred's consort and bears him two sons, though all of this is implied rather than stated in the text.
For the latter year he only stated that it was 525 years after the Incarnation of Christ, without stating when the latter event occurred in any other calendar.
Călinescu recorded Eliade's rejection of objectivity, citing the author's stated indifference towards any " naïveté " or " contradictions " that the reader could possibly reproach him, as well as his dismissive thoughts of " theoretical data " and mainstream philosophy in general ( Eliade saw the latter as " inert, infertile and pathogenic ").
Dumitru G. Danielopol, a fellow diplomat present in London during Eliade's stay in the city, later stated that the latter had identified himself as " a guiding light of Iron Guard movement " and victim of Carol II's repression.
Uncharacteristically, Napoleon, who had stated on a number of occasions that the purpose of any campaign is to destroy the main army of the enemy, opted for the latter course of action and entered the enemy capital on 12 May, only to find the city's strategic bridges over the Danube blown up.
In his latter years, Armstrong stated that he did not know whether or not Christ would return in his lifetime but did know, based on the sequence of events in the Bible, that the Lord's return was approaching.
At the time, notes Vieira, “ given a choice between communism and fascism, many Americans — including Thalberg — would prefer the latter .” Thalberg stated his opinion:
In regard to the latter work, Barruel stated his object would be to defend the Church against the reproach of having deposed kings and having freed their subjects from the oath of allegiance.
George Dudley latter stated:
Some researchers, tracing the links between Ariosophy and Theosophy, stated that the latter relies mostly on " intellectual expositions of racial evolution ".
Money-B has stated that Shock G expressed interest in writing a book and exploring music that the latter would deem unfit for the Digital Underground name.
Peter Hook stated in 2009 that the Haçienda financial problems lost up to £ 18 million during its latter years of existence.
Seemingly weaker than the definition given above, this latter characterization can be shown to be equivalent to the stated definition, since shift-equivariance is a fairly strong condition.
Both authors subsequently tack on 4, 000 cavalry, evidently not part of the 36, 000 or 38, 000, from which it may be inferred that the latter were infantry ( a circumstance not stated by the authors ).
It is all very well for the Midland Railway Company now to plead that they are busily employed in fitting up their passenger trains with continuous breaks, but the necessity for providing the passenger trains with a larger proportion of break power was pointed out by the Board of Trade to all Railway Companies more than 20 years since ; and with the exception of a very few railway companies that recognised that necessity and acted upon it, it may be truly stated that the principal Railway Companies throughout the Kingdom have resisted the efforts of the Board of Trade to cause them to do what was right, which the latter had no legal power to enforce, and even now it will be seen by the latest returns laid before Parliament that some of those Companies are still doing nothing to supply this now generally acknowledged necessity
A definition of the calendar day resembling the modern one was first stated in the latter part of the 13th century.
The Lukka are being accused of attacking the Egyptians in conjunction with the Alashiyans, or Cypriotes, with the latter having stated that the Lukka were seizing their villages.

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