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more and than
When they were closer and he saw that one was a woman, he was more puzzled than ever.
They crawled through the north fence and came on toward him, and now he saw that both were young, not more than nineteen or twenty.
There was more to this than Jones had told him.
Ahead of him Gavin turned slightly off the trail and pointed for the Gap, no more than a mile away.
he could feel more than hear the staccato beat of hoofs that fanned out across the prairie to the north.
Her hat had come off and fallen behind her shoulders, held by the string, and he could see her face more clearly than he had at any time before.
He could move very quickly, she knew ( although he seldom found occasion to do so ), but he was more wiry than truly strong.
Joyce had seen him like this once before -- more than once, actually, but on one particularly memorable occasion.
Somehow more terrible than the certainty that he was about to die was the knowledge that Lord would probably not suffer for it: the murder would go unpunished.
You need her even more than you need him ''.
It was to be nothing more than that.
The small half-heartedly tended fields of men who'd spent more time rustling cattle than farming were lying fallow.
`` My reputation's my stock in trade '', Tom mentioned more than once.
`` But honest-to-Betsy, I've seed more hair than that on a piece o' bacon ''.
While no larger than Dutch Springs, this mining supply town had the appearance of being far busier and more prosperous.
But he was more than half-drunk, and his faculties were dulled.
I let up on the accelerator, only to gradually reach again the 60 m.p.h. which would, I hoped, overhaul Herry and the blonde, and as there were cars whose drivers apparently had something more important to catch than had I, Mrs. Major Roebuck settled down to practicing on Corporal Johnson the kittenish wiles she would need when making her duty call on Colonel and Mrs. Somebody in Sante Fe.
`` Yeah, I've heard more about SX-21 than space exploration lately.
Then he took off his wet boots and dropped down into the water to talk with the beasts, needing their comfort more than they needed his.
but four Eromonga women are more than a match for the strongest male that ever lived.
She's got more guts than any other woman in the world.
Keith Sterling had looked down on the Brahmaputra more times than he could remember, during the war days when he flew over the Hump of the world, thinking it high adventure in those times before man was guiding himself through outer space.
But Keith looked down more than up.
The sambur buck, the jungle stag that is even more noble than the Scottish elk.
He was the lawman who survived more gunfights than any other famous gun-slinging character in the book.

more and 6
These expenditures are estimated to be $12.1 billion, an increase of $187 million over 1960, reflecting additional longevity pay of career personnel, more dependents, an increased number of men drawing proficiency pay, and social security tax increases ( effective for the full year in 1961 compared with only 6 months in 1960 ).
Among them, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, are: ( 1 ) shorter work weeks, ( 2 ) higher pay, ( 3 ) longer paid vacations, ( 4 ) better transportation, ( 5 ) earlier retirement, and ( 6 ) more education.
When it comes to rate of early growth, the Indian python leads with a figure of about 3 feet 6 inches per year for the first two years, more or less.
Chapter 6, more methods
Beer was brewed by the Babylonians and Egyptians more than 6 thousand years ago.
It would authorize the Texas Education Agency to establish county-wide day schools for the deaf in counties of 300,000 or more population, require deaf children between 6 and 13 years of age to attend the day schools, permitting older ones to attend the residential Texas School for the Deaf here.
Averaging at least 1. 6 km thick, the ice is so massive that it has depressed the continental bedrock in some areas more than 2. 5 km below sea level ; subglacial lakes of liquid water also occur ( e. g., Lake Vostok ).
Julia Agrippina, most commonly referred to as Agrippina Minor or Agrippina the Younger, and after 50 known as Julia Augusta Agrippina ( Minor Latin for the ‘ younger ’, Classical Latin: ;, 7 November 15 or 6 November 16 – 19 / 23 March 59 ) was a Roman Empress and one of the more prominent women in the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
Afonso I ( 25 June 1109, Guimarães or Viseu – 6 December 1185, Coimbra ), more commonly known as Afonso Henriques (), nicknamed " the Conqueror " (), " the Founder " () or " the Great " () by the Portuguese, and El-Bortukali (" the Portuguese ") and Ibn-Arrik (" son of Henry ", " Henriques ") by the Moors whom he fought, was the first King of Portugal.
An international study of almost 6, 000 men and 11, 000 women found that persons who reported that they drank more than 2 units of alcohol a day had an increased risk of fractures compared to non-drinkers.
* 1949 – In Ecuador, an earthquake destroys 50 towns and kills more than 6, 000.
The anode should be removed and checked after 5 years ( sooner if there is a sodium based water softner inline ), and replaced if 15 cm ( 6 inches ) or more of bare wire is showing.
A full load of 6 Phoenix missiles and the unique launch rails weigh in at over, about twice the weight of Sparrows, so it was more common to carry a mixed load of 4 Phoenix, 2 Sparrow and 2 Sidewinder missiles.
The river has a very variable discharge, ranging from minimum values such as 6 m³ / s to more than 2, 000.
In 1990, Bulgaria had a total of more than 2, 400 tanks, 2, 000 armored vehicles, 2, 500 large caliber artillery systems, 300 fighter and bomber aircraft, 100 trainer aircraft, more than 40 combat and 40 transport helicopters, 4 submarine, 6 fast missile craft, 2 frigates, 5 corvettes, 6 torpedo boats, 9 patrol craft, 30 minesweepers and 21 transport vessels.
However, peaches contain more sucrose ( 6. 66 %) than they do fructose ( 0. 93 %) or glucose ( 1. 47 %).
The report went on to state that the $ 14. 6 billion tunnel system was riddled with more than 400 leaks.
The North American beaver population was once more than 60 million, but as of 1988 was 6 – 12 million.
* Further promises to Zion ( 4: 6 – 7 ) This is another later passage, promising Zion that she will once more enjoy her former independence and power.
Other more recent findings, dated between 7, 000 and 6, 395 BC, come from Jericho, Catal Hüyük, and the ancient Indus Valley cities of Buhen, Mohenjo-daro, Harappa, and Mehrgarh.
2: 13 a little more is learned about him, that he followed Peter's example of not eating with Gentiles ; and from 1 Corinthians 9: 6 it may be gathered that he continued to labor as missionary.
Herodotus records that 6, 400 Persian bodies were counted on the battlefield, and it is unknown how many more perished in the swamps.

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