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Official and trading
The second trading block in the morning is key to setting the Daily Official Exchange rates.
* Elvetham Heath Official site of Elvetham Heath Developments, a trading division of Persimmon Homes Limited
The North American version could also be purchased in a bundle that included the game with Transfer Pak, a Nintendo 64 with a gray controller, a second purple controller, the Pokémon Stadium Official Strategy Guide by Prima Games, and a " Cool Porygon " trading card.
* Progfest ' 94 ( the Official Bootleg ) ( 2002 ) ( released for trading among fans )

Official and missions
* Apollo 4 and Apollo 5 Official NASA films for the Apollo 4 and 5 missions.

Official and were
Details were supposed to be kept from the public until after the 2006 postseason as per MLB rules, but the Diamondback page from the 2007 MLB Official Style Guide was somehow leaked around September 25, and local media broadcast printed the new design for all to see.
All staff had to sign the Official Secrets Act ( 1939 ), and were instructed that they should never discuss their work outside their immediate section.
Although there were many IRA men — both Official and Provisional — present at the protest, it is claimed they were all unarmed, apparently because it was anticipated that the paratroopers would attempt to " draw them out ".
Official troop allowances were kept to low levels, and the mass of troops often resorted to extortion or the taking of civilian jobs.
These prices were called the Official and Comparative Standards.
The 2006 census by Statcan, Canada's Official Statistical office revealed that the Irish were the 4th largest ethnic group with 4, 354, 155 Canadians with full or partial Irish descent or 14 % of the nation's total population.
The British Government codified this, to some extent, with the publication of the Official Secrets Act in 1889 and by the time of the First World War multi-tier classification systems were used to communicate information to and from various fronts.
Official scribes then swiftly copied these writings, some copies proving so precise that the originals were put into the library, and the copies delivered to the unsuspecting owners.
Each issue contained biographical information on many major costumed characters ; these biographies were a precursor to Marvel's series of reference material, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which followed shortly on the heels of Contest of Champions.
Official proclamations stated that the DPRK and PRC were in " complete agreement " on all major issues.
In case of Fontaine v. British Columbia ( Official Administrator ) the Court rejected the use of res ipsa loquitur and instead proposed the rule that once the plaintiff has proven that the harm was under exclusive control of the defendant and that they were not contributorily negligent a tactical burden is placed on the defendant in which the judge has the discretion to infer negligence unless the defendant can produce evidence to the contrary.
Infant, child, and maternity services were expanded, while the Official Food Policy Committee ( chaired by the deputy PM and Labour leader Clement Attlee ) approved grants of fuel and subsidised milk to mothers and to children under the age of five in June 1940.
His fictional spy network was so efficient and verbose that his German handlers were overwhelmed and made no further attempts to recruit any additional spies in the UK, according to the Official History of British Intelligence in WW2.
Belgium: The total Includes 35, 000 killed or missing in action and died of wounds Official Belgian government figures for military losses in Europe were 26, 338 killed, died of wounds or accidents and 14, 029 died of disease or missing.
In the early days they were in a " Classified Advertisements " section with subsections " Official Appointments ", " Appointments and Situations Vacant ", and " Travel ", with a list of coach holidays and prices.
In his book-length examination of the strip, Dick Tracy-The Official Biography, Jay Maeder suggested that Gould's critics were largely unsatisfied by his explanation.
In the Official History, ( 1948 ) Brigadier-General James E. Edmonds put British losses at 244, 897 and claimed that equivalent German figures were not available, estimating German losses at 400, 000.
Official opening ceremonies were held on Thursday afternoon, April 27, 1967.
In 2008, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue: The Official Stage Tour embarked on another best of tour, with the intention of visiting many parts of the UK that were missed in the autumn 2007 dates.
Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack and Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack were both released on August 21, 2001.
Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack is nearly the same release as Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version, the soundtrack album for the original game, except that the songs were rerecorded by TOSE, resulting in minor differences, some song titles were slightly changed, and a 45th track was added, " Theme of Love ( Arranged )", which had previously only been released as a piano version on the second track of Piano Collections Final Fantasy IV.
Official magistrates overseeing court cases were not only expected to be well-versed in written law but also to promote morality in society.
* In the second year ( 1662 ) of Kangxi, Hua Official came to patrol the border, people were moved one more time.

Official and also
According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are :- “ To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them ....” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27 ( 9 ) of the Companies Act 1976, because, “ it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders .” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.
Later identified as a member of the Official IRA, this man was also photographed in the act of drawing his weapon, but was apparently not seen or targeted by the soldiers.
Official carts that also exist:
The LDS Church's 1981 edition also contains two " Official Declarations " at the book's conclusion, the first renouncing polygamy in 1890, and the second in 1978 announcing the opening of priesthood ordination to all worthy male members including previously restricted members of African descent.
A television cartoon show, Garfield and Friends aired for seven seasons from 1988 to 1994 ; this adaption also starred Music as the voice of Garfield, one of the very last times Lorenzo Music would voice the character was in Garfield's Phone Messages from the Official Garfield site before his death.
Official policy also varies from common practice for the degree Celsius (° C ).
Within a short time, however, a default setting was crafted to take advantage of all aspects of those rules, which has come to be known as the Official Traveller Universe ( OTU ), also known by the primary political entity in the setting, The Third Imperium.
* Official or state terrorism –" referring to nations whose rule is based upon fear and oppression that reach similar to terrorism or such proportions .” It may also be referred to as Structural Terrorism defined broadly as terrorist acts carried out by governments in pursuit of political objectives, often as part of their foreign policy.
Official election returns also show about 2, 000 " scattering votes.
Under Emperor An, Zhang also served as Prefect of the Majors for Official Carriages under the Ministry of Guards, in charge of the reception of memorials ( containing policy and administrative suggestions ) submitted to the throne as well as nominees for official appointments.
He was also highly critical of a decision taken in Belfast by McKee to assassinate members of the rival Official IRA, who had been on ceasefire since 1972.
It was also included in the " Slack Syllabus " in The Official Slacker Handbook by Sarah Dunn ( 1994 ), a satirical guide aimed at Generation X.
After the failure of the Kapp putsch he was marginalized in the Navy, being transferred to the Naval Archives, where for two years he played a leading role in the writing of the Official History of the Navy in World War I. Raeder also was the author of a number of studies about naval warfare, something that resulted in his being awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree honoris causa by the University of Kiel.
Primarily the work of Stephen King's personal assistant, Marsha DeFillipo ( also The Official Stephen King Website Message Board Moderator ),
In 2003 they were nominated for four ARIA Awards for their fourth album The Official Fiction, which also attained platinum status.
Official media coverage of the Zhanfan's presentation focused on his call to avoid " fake news and false reports ( 失实报道 )" but also incorporated the " mouthpiece " comment.
The North American National Scrabble Association publishes the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary ( OSPD ), which is also suitable for Boggle.
The Square is also the home for tkts, formerly known as the Official London Half-Price Theatre Ticket Booth.
Official Nintendo Magazine and GameDaily also attributed some of the initial excitement of the Nintendo 64 system to the release of Super Mario 64.
In February 2009, the Star-Spangled Banner Flag or the Great Garrison Flag ( also known as the 15 Star Flag ) was officially adopted as the Official U. S. Flag of the Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America by authority of the Council Executive Board.
He was also a founding father of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, and left a legacy to the American pure food movement as its " crusading chemist " that was both broad and substantial.
They also publish " Island Life " The Official Guide and Directory of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce.
In addition, there is also a Fire Official who is in charge of the River Vale Bureau of Fire Prevention.
There is also a vehicle for the Chief, a vehicle for the Assistant Chief, both Ford Expeditions and known as 55 and 551 respectively, and two vehicles for the Fire Official.

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