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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 209
from Brown Corpus
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Often and is
Often the historian must consider the use of intuition or instinct by those individuals or nations which he is studying.
Often work of this sort is presented as calligraphy -- the pure utterance of the brush stroke seeking only absolute painteresque values.
Often it is thin and fragile and gives way readily to the male organ at the first attempt at intercourse.
Often they are able to get in only because the area is declining economically.
Often one of the " treatments " is none, so the treatment group can act
Often the relatives plead with him not to do this, since they know they may never see the person again .</ br > Rieux works to combat the plague simply because he is a doctor and his job is to relieve human suffering.
Often, the fact that sometimes only a thin surface layer of violet color is present in the stone or that the color is not homogeneous makes for a difficult cutting.
Often it is said to be " about " long.
Often, if only one of the allophones is simple to transcribe, in the sense of not requiring diacritics, then that representation is chosen for the phoneme.
Often, if the skill is being used in a functional object, people will consider it a craft instead of art, a suggestion which is highly disputed by many Contemporary Craft thinkers.
Often the Aegis is described as the bag in which Athene carried her shield and the serpent who was her son.
Often, this is the case with a large bridge that serves as an entrance to a city, or crosses over a main harbor entrance.
Often the " small ball " model is associated with the National League, while power hitting is seen as more associated with the American League.
Often this irregular shape is due to their many centers of ossification or because they contain bony sinuses.
Often one assumes a priori that the algebra under consideration is unital: for one can develop much of the theory by considering and then applying the outcome in the original algebra.
Often, these materials are then converted into finished products, and a significant amount of value is added.
Often, a borough is a single town with its own local government.
Often that number is put at 800 million.

Often and recognized
Often the commander of an army was himself a member of the General Staff, but it was now institutionally recognized that not only was command leadership important, but effective staff work was a significant key to success in both pre-war planning and in wartime operations.
Often the only dynamics considered are diffusion and binding / unbinding interactions, however, in principle proteins can also move via flow, i. e., undergo directed motion, and this was recognized very early by Axelrod et al ..
Often regarded as one of the most important recording engineers in music history, Van Gelder has recorded several thousand jazz sessions, including many widely recognized as classics, in a career spanning more than half a century. Van Gelder has recorded many of the great names in the genre, including Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Grant Green, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane, and many others.
Often, retail loss prevention departments are recognized as the compliance monitors of their organization's policies and procedures as well as the team responsible for protecting their organization's assets, whether those assets are considered tangible assets, such as merchandise / physical inventories, cash, or facilities, or other valued assets, such as the company ’ s employees, consumer records, or the company's brand.

Often and all
Often one floodlight high in a tree will provide all the light you need at much less expense.
Often, in working out-of-doors under all conditions of light and atmosphere, a particular passage that looked favorable in relation to the subject will be too bright, too dull, or too light, or too dark when viewed indoors in a mat.
Often, such bonds have no particular orientation in space, since they result from equal electrostatic attraction of each ion to all ions around them.
Often, however, the phytoleim is lost and all that remains is an impression of the organism in the rock — an impression fossil.
Often depending on which constitutional category ( above ) a head of state belongs to, they may have some or all of the roles listed below, and various other ones.
Often one is interested in the case where then N particles are all of the same type ( for example, the 18 electrons orbiting a neutral argon nucleus ).
Often, when I come in here, I find Muslims all over the floor, in the aisles, up and down.
Often, all of the surfaces exposed to the vacuum must be baked at high temperature to drive off adsorbed gases.
Often many individuals will work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although some designers will cover them all.
Often, all of these terms are not known, so most analyses compare measured yields with external standards of known composition.
Often the effort ( manpower, computer, and other resources ) required, the time limits on when the solution is needed, and the cost to compile, process, and analyze all the data required for deterministic or other complicated procedures preclude their usefulness or favor the faster, simpler heuristic approach.
Often there have been few implementations matching all of the critical elements of the specification, and existing implementations were incomplete or inadequate.
Often, the organ did not feature a keyboard at all, rather buttons or large levers which were operated by a whole hand.
Often all of these terms were agreed upon and written down by the pirates, but these articles could also be used as incriminating proof that they were outlaws.
Often sketches are first improvised by the actors and written down based on the outcome of these improv sessions ; however, improvisation is not necessarily involved in all sketch comedy.
Often there a third character is included at the destination to add further suspicion to the girl's existence by informing the driver that they haven't seen anyone all night.
Often, the individual consumes about 3-4 times the RDA's specification Toxicity of vitamin A is believed to be associated with the intervention methods used to upgrade vitamin A levels in the body such as food modification, fortification and supplementation, all of which are employed to combat vitamin A deficiency Toxicity is classified into two categories: acute and chronic toxicities.
Often all members of the constituent presbyteries are members of the synod.
Often, if one claimed to be the Emperor of China with the Mandate of Heaven, then all other regimes within the country were either considered rebel or tributary.
Often a clear saturation is not seen at all.
Often this file ( maintained by the user ) contains either useful information about the user's current activities, similar to micro-blogging, or alternatively all manner of humor.
Often the petiole and midvein are a rich red color in midsummer and early autumn, though this is not true of all red oaks.
Often it is assumed that there is a " derived ministerial responsibility " for all members of the Royal House.
Often, these processes directly affect each other: ice sheets, water, and sediment are all loads that change topography through flexural isostasy.

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