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Often and criteria
Often the aim will be to achieve an alphabetical or numerical ordering that follows the standard criteria as described in the preceding sections.
Often, even diseases that are quite clearly infectious do not meet the infectious criteria.
Often the wind chill and visibility values will reach blizzard criteria ; however the duration of the event is often slightly less than that required for a blizzard warning in both the US and Canada.
Often, moral criteria are part of a much broader shift away from commodity markets towards a deeper service economy where all activities, from growing to harvesting to processing to delivery, are considered part of the value chain and for which consumers are " responsible ".
Often, the criteria used to divide up works into genres are not consistent, and may change constantly, and be subject of argument, change and challenge by both authors and critics.
Often, when software is designed by a committee, the original motivation, specifications and technical criteria take a backseat and poor choices may be made merely to appease the egos of several individual committee members.
Often the precise circumstance to call for a hit-and-run occurs with a two balls, one strike count on a hitter, as this situation may meet all of the above criteria, depending on who is at bat and who is on base, but it can occur at other times.

Often and had
Often these listeners would refer Sandburg to persons who had similar ballads or ditties.
Often, individuals have had one or more major depressive episodes.
Often posted on bulletin boards, clipped strips had an ancillary form of distribution when they were faxed, photocopied or mailed.
Often a profession had its own " origin myth " which established models for members of the profession to imitate ; for example, the knights tried to imitate Lancelot or Parsifal.
Often after the director has had his chance to oversee a cut, the subsequent cuts are supervised by one or more producers, who represent the production company and / or movie studio.
Often he built conversations he had with parishioners after the worship service into focused speeches or organized goals he would then present to a larger audience via his various media outlets.
Often some attempt was made to smooth and shape the blade so it had less water resistance.
Often, she lamented that she never had her hero for herself.
Often algorithms for those problems had to be separately invented and could not be naïvely adapted from well-known algorithms – Gaussian elimination and Euclidean algorithm rely on operations performed in sequence.
Often, in instances of this sort, if the courtesan had satisfactorily served a benefactor, that benefactor would, when ending the affair, pass them on to another benefactor of wealth as a favor to the courtesan, or set them up in an arranged marriage to a semi-wealthy benefactor.
Often copied, the Catalog appealed to a wide cross-section of people in North America and had a broad influence.
Often this form of relief is in practical terms more valuable to a litigant ; for example, a plaintiff whose neighbor will not return his only milk cow, which had wandered onto the neighbor's
Often, secondary buyouts have been successful if the investment has reached an age where it is necessary or desirable to sell rather than hold the investment further or where the investment had already generated significant value for the selling firm.
Often these conflicts took place soon after the settlement of New Zealand, generally after a taniwha had attacked and eaten a person from a tribe that it had no connection with.
Often, a Judenrat had a group for internal security and control, a Jewish Ordnungspolizei.
Often a portrait and a Madonna and Child had a leaf each.
Often these were further supplemented by troops loyal to particular duchies which had sided with one or more of the belligerents.
Often regarded in the context of D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, which had appeared five years earlier, critics have considered Micheaux's project as a response to Griffith.
Often, during her younger days as a wife and mother, she had been creative in her home by, for example, using housepaint to decorate a fireboard — but her earliest works used embroidery rather than paint.
Often this is explained by assuming Tromp had not followed orders, but although he is indeed infamous for his usual insubordination, this time he simply had not seen the sign flags and the look-out of the centre mistakenly reported a confirmation sign.
Often accompanying the Duke inspecting the troops in the royal parks, it was not long before the boy had set his heart on becoming a soldier himself.

Often and moral
Often represented as stages through which people pass as they mature, developmental theories describe changes in mental abilities ( cognition ), social roles, moral reasoning, and beliefs about the nature of knowledge.
Often these concerns arise when rights come into conflict with other legal or moral issues, sometimes even other rights.
Often associated with blood and soil conservatism, it posits the nation or the state or the nation state as an end and a moral good, rather than a means.
Often, politicians subscribe to a moral order system or belief about the role of governments in public life that guides biases towards provision of health care as well.
Often, the moral of movies featuring a town bully is that if the rest of the town bands together, they can rid themselves of the town bully.
Often, brief jail terms were served by participants for violations of decency laws, and their works were targets of moral outrage.
Often the " very special episode " concerns a moral issue.
Often he would convey a moral or illustrate a motto: a snake lying coiled under grass ; a skull on plants in bloom.
Often they function as paid teachers responsible for religious education classes held in mosques where children learn basic moral values and correct ritual practices.

Often and bases
Often, but not always, RTS games require the player to build an army ( ranging from small squads of no more than 2 units, to literally hundreds of units ) and using them to either defend themselves from a virtual form of Human wave attack or to eliminate enemies who possess bases with unit production capacities of their own.
Often arguments from the radical center are that policy should be based around ordinary people, but that the political left bases policy around what is best for the state and that the political right bases its policy around what is best for the markets.
Often, it matters little each way whether these examples are restored or original as the value is determined on a case by case bases by the individual buyer.
Often he doesn't even bother escaping, but simply transmits his thoughts into a robot body at one of his secret bases.

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