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Often and historian
Often called " the first modern historian ", the English scholar Edward Gibbon wrote his magnum opus, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ( 1776 – 1788 ).
Often historians assume, as a general rule, that autochthonous inhabitants survive an invasion as an under-class where they do not retreat to mountain districts, so it is interesting to hear in Deipnosophistae that Philippus of Theangela ( a 4th century BCE historian ) referred to Leleges still surviving as serfs of the " true Carians ", and even later Strabo attributes to the Leleges a distinctive group of deserted forts and tombs in Caria that were still known in his day as " Lelegean forts "; the Encyclopædia Britannica 1911 identified these as ruins that could still be traced ranging from the neighborhood of Theangela and Halicarnassus as far north as Miletus, the southern limit of the " true Carians " of Pherecydes.
Often, as mentioned above, the initial scribe of a text often left notes for the rubricator of where rubrication would be necessary, a fact that helps the modern historian learn of the provenance of the manuscript.

Often and must
Often, the instruction to be fetched must be retrieved from relatively slow memory, causing the CPU to stall while waiting for the instruction to be returned.
Often they are the first port of call to critically ill or gravely injured patients, and must perform a variety of procedures to stabilize such patients, such as intubation, burr hole, cricothyroidotomy, and emergency laparotomy or thoracotomy to stanch bleeding.
Often, for gene transcription to occur, a number of transcription factors must bind to DNA regulatory sequences.
Often, all of the surfaces exposed to the vacuum must be baked at high temperature to drive off adsorbed gases.
Often Tom must protect his new invention from villains " intent on stealing Tom's thunder or preventing his success ," but Tom is always successful in the end.
Often, through-hole and surface-mount construction must be combined in a single assembly because some required components are available only in surface-mount packages, while others are available only in through-hole packages.
Often, a straight clue is not in itself sufficient to distinguish between several possible answers ( often synonyms ), and the solver must make use of checks to establish the correct answer with certainty.
Often, but not always, the player must build specific structures to unlock more advanced units in the tech tree.
Often there is a time limit, usually 30 days, within which a will must be admitted to probate.
Often the frequency of such drills and any special actions that must be taken during such drills are listed in the statute.
Often, however, energy must be added to the process by combustion of fuel or, in the case of some smelting processes, by the direct application of electrical energy.
Often these practitioners must also obtain a license or be professionally registered.
Often the system is set up so that once a call is made to an emergency telephone number, it must be answered.
Often the batsman must be warned first by the bowler who must say " Maori stump warning " or whatever term is colloquially used.
Often there is a clause in the contract that allows this ; for example, if a bond issuer wishes to rebuy a 30 year bond at the 25th year, they must pay a premium.
Often, the equity of the property must be twice the amount of the bail set.
Often what drives the plot is the hero's need to find the object before the villain and use it for good rather than evil, or if the object has been broken by the villains, to retrieve each piece that must be gathered from each antagonist to restore it, or, if the object itself is evil, to destroy it.
Often characterized by " must make " moves, i. e. failure to execute a specific maneuver may result in serious injury or death.
On diesel engines the diesel fuel is still needed to ignite the gas mixture, so a mechanically regulated diesel engine's " stop " linkage and probably " throttle " linkage must be modified to always give the engine a little bit of injected fuel ( Often under the standard idle per-injection volume ).
Often, such licenses are enforced by implementing in the software a product activation or digital rights management ( DRM ) mechanism seeking to prevent unauthorized use of the software by issuing a code sequence that must be entered into the application when prompted or stored in its configuration.
Often, these two buses must operate at the same frequency.
Often the writer of the call does not actually own the underlying instrument, and must purchase it on the open market in order to be able to sell it to the buyer of the call.
Often the conversion must be made to a standard score before the data can be used.

Often and consider
Often, they consider that morality seems to be binding – obligations are seen to convey more than just a preference, but imply that the obligation will stand, regardless of other factors or interests.
Often, if the skill is being used in a functional object, people will consider it a craft instead of art, a suggestion which is highly disputed by many Contemporary Craft thinkers.
Often nasality and laterality are included in manner, but phoneticians such as Peter Ladefoged consider them to be independent.
Often on days when a legislature is not in session, the committees of each house meet and consider the bills that have been referred to them to decide if the assigned bills should be reported for further action.
* Insiders: Often exaggerate the level of support by considering people supporters whose level of activity or support is weak, but also reject those that outsiders might consider supporters because they discredit the cause, or are even seen as adversaries.
* Insiders: Often exaggerate the level of support by considering people supporters whose level of activity or support is weak, but also reject those that outsiders might consider supporters because they discredit the cause, or are even seen as adversaries.
Often mathematicians prefer to consider knots embedded into the 3-sphere, S < sup > 3 </ sup >, rather than R < sup > 3 </ sup > since the 3-sphere is compact.
Often referred to as the " King of the Mile ", many consider him to be the greatest middle distance runner of all time.
Often those who retain the old pronunciation consider the spelling pronunciation to be a mark of ignorance or insecurity.
Often calling themselves by the namesake are highly spiritual and consider vampirism an action required for spiritual evolution and ascension, yet maintain a rigid ethical system in its practice.
Often the term is used in contrast with ars nova, which applies to the musical style of the preceding period from about 1310 to about 1370 ; though some scholars prefer to consider the ars subtilior a subcategory of the earlier style.
Often they go to the same location every year and consider the other RVers that do the same a " second family ".
Often, the return of a benchmark is subtracted in order to consider relative performance, which yields Jensen's alpha.
Often the International Court of Justice will consider General Assembly resolutions as indicative of customary international law.

Often and use
Often designed for anyone to use.
Often in informal, non-technical language, concentration is described in a qualitative way, through the use of adjectives such as " dilute " for solutions of relatively low concentration and " concentrated " for solutions of relatively high concentration.
Often in a post-colonial context, the growing recognition and use of indigenous education methods can be a response to the erosion and loss of indigenous knowledge and language through the processes of colonialism.
Often, fictional depictions of Poe use his mystery-solving skills in such novels as The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl.
Often, the term glass is used in a restricted sense to refer to this specific use.
Often enough, the first records potentially describing use of gunpowder in warfare were written several centuries after the fact, and may well have been colored by the contemporary experiences of the chronicler.
Often, the I – O psychologist would be responsible for training organizational personnel how to use the performance appraisal instrument, including ways to minimize bias when using the rating scale, and how to provide effective performance feedback.
Often local officials were assigned minimum quotas of kulaks to identify, and were forced to use their discretionary powers to " find " kulaks wherever they could.
Often, other languages use multiple words to express some of the different concepts that English relies mainly on " love " to encapsulate ; one example is the plurality of Greek words for " love.
Often one or both parents choose to use Esperanto as the main language in communicating with the children, who thus acquire the language in the way that other children acquire their native languages ; those children then become native speakers.
Often a reactor of this type would use a lead-bismuth eutectic mixture.
Often the leader of the seder and the other adults at the meal will use prompted responses from the Haggadah, which states, " The more one talks about the Exodus from Egypt, the more praiseworthy he is.
Often, what is widely regarded as a deep philosophical problem will vanish, argues Wittgenstein, and eventually be seen as a confusion about the significance of the words that philosophers use to frame such problems and questions.
Often depicting few characters and concentrating a ' single effect ' or mood, it differs from the anecdote in its use of plot, and the variety of literary techniques it shares with the more extensive novel.
Often attributed to a neologism coined by Isaac Bonewits in 1974, Patricia ' Iolana traces the early use of the term to 1976 crediting both Bonewits and Valerie Saiving in its initial use.
Often, a biological or chemical warhead will use an explosive charge for rapid dispersal.
Often a gear reduction is incorporated in order to be able to use a larger more efficient propeller.
Often a hunter will use a combination of more than one technique.
Some auxiliary groups use uniforms that resemble gymnastics outfits: Often, these uniforms are themed, drawing inspiration from the music.
Often, this transaction is termed a sale or lease of the domain name, and the registrant may sometimes be called an " owner ", but no such legal relationship is actually associated with the transaction, only the exclusive right to use the domain name.
Often, a core set of utilities manages the basic installation from these packages and multiple package managers use these utilities to provide additional functionality.
Often, the child has a large vocabulary and can identify many objects and pictures, but cannot put their language skills to good use.
Often, the most economical method of corrosion control is by use of pipeline coating in conjunction with cathodic protection and technology to monitor the pipeline.

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