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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 83
from Brown Corpus
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Often and too
Often, in working out-of-doors under all conditions of light and atmosphere, a particular passage that looked favorable in relation to the subject will be too bright, too dull, or too light, or too dark when viewed indoors in a mat.
Often fanzine editors (" faneds ") would simply swap issues with each other, not worrying too much about matching trade for trade, somewhat like being on one another's friends list.
Often the training period-the costs of which are in great part covered by the initial fee-is too short in cases where it is necessary to operate complicated equipment, and the franchisee has to learn on his own from instruction manuals.
Often forced to abandon traditional mounted archery for hand-to-hand combat, many samurai found that their swords were too delicate and prone to damage when used against the thick leather armor of the invaders.
Often, the required velocity ( delta-v ) for a mission is unattainable by any single rocket because the propellant, tankage, structure, guidance, valves and engines and so on, take a particular minimum percentage of take-off mass that is too great for the propellant it carries to achieve that delta-v.
Often however, a pessimistic analysis may be too pessimistic, so an analysis that gets closer to the real value but may be optimistic ( perhaps with some known low probability of failure ) can be a much more practical approach.
Often such species form only two spores per basidium, but that too varies.
Often the computer is expected to emulate a strategically thinking " side " similar to that of a human player ( such as directing armies and constructing buildings ), or emulate the " instinctive " actions of individual units that would be too tedious for a player to administer ( such as for a peasant to run away when attacked, as opposed to standing still until otherwise ordered by the player ); hence there is an emphasis on artificial intelligence.
Often, multidirectional cores are used in this way until no obvious platforms are present, and then are reduced through bipolar reduction, until the core itself is too small to produce useful flakes.
Often a special tiled surface is used as well as a painted line, to help blind people using a walking aid, and aid in preventing wheelchairs from accidentally rolling too near the platform edge.
Often heard arguments against OSS are: the API is practically impossible to virtualize, it lacks support for modern audio features such as timer-based scheduling or proper surround sound support, inability of its developers to work with the Linux kernel community, lack of integration with modern kernel features such as the device model, too low-level interface, as well as general rejection of its design with moving a lot of signal processing code into the kernel.
Often, not all the roots die: the roots of some species, notably the English elm Ulmus procera, put up suckers which flourish for approximately 15 years, after which they too succumb.
* Often, the internal consultant requires less ramp up time on a project due to familiarity with the corporation, and is able to guide a project through to implementation — a step that would often be too costly if an external consultant were used.
Often heard among crews was " crummy " ( as in a crummy place to live, not elegant, often too hot or too cold, and perhaps not especially clean ), " clown wagon ", " hack ", " waycar ", " dog house ", " go cart ", " glory wagon ", " monkey wagon " ( a term that indirectly insulted the principal functionary who rode therein, no doubt coined by an engineer ), " brain box " ( the conductor was supposedly the brains of the train, as opposed to the " hogger " or engineer, who was presumed to be pigheaded ), " palace ", " buggy " ( Boston & Maine / Maine Central ), " van " ( eastern and central Canada, usage possibly derived from the UK term for the caboose ), and " cabin ", or a variation heard at least on the Southern Railway, " cab ".
Often, too much camber will result in the decrease of braking performance due to a reduced contact patch size through excessive camber variation in the suspension geometry.
Often, meat is well prepared, but too far in advance of consumption.
Often, too, the ghost leaves some item such as a scarf or travelling bag in the car.
Often, the ant colony will bring in too many Large Blue caterpillars.
Often there is no convenient bus service, and the distance is too far for walking, thus forcing the school run.
Often, a pitcher who walks a lot of batters strikes out a lot, too, but that wasn't the case with Moore.

Often and social
Often, methods of promoting development and social justice to are critiqued as being imperialistic, in a cultural sense.
Often this involves stressing what are now conservative views of free-market economics and belief in individual responsibility, with social liberal views on defence of civil rights, environmentalism and support for a limited welfare state.
Often, the term " critical theory " is appropriated when an author ( perhaps most notably Michel Foucault ) works within sociological terms yet attacks the social or human sciences ( thus attempting to remain " outside " those frames of enquiry ).
Often represented as stages through which people pass as they mature, developmental theories describe changes in mental abilities ( cognition ), social roles, moral reasoning, and beliefs about the nature of knowledge.
Often, the visual effects are an enticement to attract public attention to social issues.
Often, complex legislation bundles a series of provisions together as a means of addressing a social or governmental problem ; those provisions often fall in different logical areas of the Code.
Often, hyperlexic children will have a precocious ability to read but will learn to speak only by rote and heavy repetition, and may also have difficulty learning the rules of language from examples or from trial and error, which may result in social problems.
Often it promotes nationalism and social welfare policies.
Often used in the social sciences, and especially in economic analyses of education and health interventions, field experiments have the advantage that outcomes are observed in a natural setting rather than in a contrived laboratory environment.
Often social obligations within the network are characterized in familial terms.
Often referred to by other kids as a “ psycho ”, he is afflicted with numerous mental and social disorders and is on " everything from Ritalin to Rogaine.
Often, but not always, the harasser is in a position of power or authority over the victim ( due to differences in age, or social, political, educational or employment relationships ) or expecting to receive such power or authority in form of promotion.
Often the " infected " person is someone who is perceived as " different " and bears some kind of social stigma: of the opposite sex, disabled, someone who is shy or withdrawn, someone who has peculiar mannerisms, etc.
Often BDD co-occurs with emotional depression and anxiety, social withdrawal or social isolation.
Often there is a matched submission display, which the threatened individual will make if it is acknowledging the social dominance of the threatener ; this has the effect of terminating the aggressive episode and allowing the dominant animal unrestricted access to the resource in dispute.
Often in collaboration organisations and networks they work to advance an agenda of economic, social and environmental justice.
Often they find new jobs while still being paid by their old companies, costing nothing to the social security system in the end.
Often compared to the French-language Les Temps modernes, it is associated with Verso Books ( formerly New Left Books ), and regularly features the essays of authorities on contemporary social theory, history and philosophy.
Often referred to as a " social observer ," Vowell has written six nonfiction books on American history and culture, and was a contributing editor for the radio program This American Life on Public Radio International from 1996 – 2008, where she produced numerous commentaries and documentaries and toured the country in many of the program ’ s live shows.
Often jokes revolve around the social practice of the Jewish religion:
Often the trend lines were generated by the accounting department, and lacked discussions of demographics, or qualitative differences in social conditions.
Often, though not in the case of the Tekna, the Berber-Arab elements of a tribe's cultural heritage, reflects social stratification.
Often, these actions only make sense in a social context of a shared work activity.

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