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Old and Custom
In Montreal, English born architect John Ostell worked on a significant number of remarquable constructions in the Georgian style such as the Old Montreal Custom House and the Grand séminaire de Montréal.
Also of interest are the High Lighthouse ( 1818 ); the unusual Treadwheel Crane ( late 17th century ); the Electric Palace Cinema ( 1911 ), one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas to survive complete with its original projection room and ornamental frontage still intact and operational ; the Old Custom Houses on West Street ; and a number of Victorian shopfronts.
There is little notable building from the later parts of the 20th century, but major recent additions include the lifeboat station and two new structures for Trinity House ; that organisation's office building, next door to the Old Custom Houses, was completed in 2005.
Thus, Wicca in particular is sometimes referred to by its proponents as " The Old Religion ", a term popularised by Margaret Murray in the 1920s, while Germanic neopaganism is referred to in some of its varieties as Forn Sed (" Old Custom ").
Tourism is important, particularly in the summer months, and plans are being made for the redevelopment of the seafront ; a notable building in the town is Bangor Old Custom House.
The Old Custom House
The Old Custom House, which was completed by Hamilton in 1637 after James I granted Bangor the status of a port in 1620, is a visible reminder of the new order introduced by Hamilton and his Scots settlers, and is one of the oldest buildings in Ireland to have been in continual use.
* Bangor Old Custom House
* Washington Post The Sacrifices of Albania's ' Sworn Virgins ': A Rockville Filmmaker Tells Of an Old Custom That Both Liberates and Limits Women.
* 1936 An Old Spanish Custom
As well as the other Custom Shop instruments, the Custom Artist guitars are available either as Team Built or Master Built items, some being exact replications of the specific artist's original instrument, better known as " Tribute " series ( featuring various degrees of " relicing ", such as Closet Classic, New Old Stock, Relic and Super Relic treatments, depending the model ).
A more romanticized name for Norse religion is the medieval Icelandic term Forn Siðr or " Old Custom ".
** " It's An Old Spanish Custom " ( from Carnival In Flanders )
This has particularly been taken to refer to the medieval English " Great " or " Old Custom " wool tax of 1275, which survived until the fifteenth century.
Mike Vallely, Rodney Mullen, Bob Burnquist, Chad Muska, Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Eric Koston, Paulie " The Wheels Of Fury " Ten-Year Old Skating Madman, Custom Skater, and Eric Sparrow are the main ones.
* The Invader ; ( 1935 ) aka An Old Spanish Custom ;
* Custom House, City of London, a building in the City of London next to Old Billingsgate Market, UK
Gaster's final major work, the two-volume tome Myth, Legend, and Custom in the Old Testament ( 1969 ), was similarly an abridgement and updating of Frazer's Folk-lore in the Old Testament.
* Dawne Czasy w Piosence, Poezji i Zwyczajach ( Old Times in Song, Poetry and Custom ), 1924
The Old Custom House
The Old Custom House of Bangor is a 17th century tower and adjoining tower house.

Old and House
His other alma mater, the Royal Polytechnic Institution ( now the University of Westminster ) has named one of its student halls of residence Alexander Fleming House, which is near to Old Street.
After her death, Josiah was married to Abiah Folger on July 9, 1689, in the Old South Meeting House by Samuel Willard.
Franklin's birthplace site directly across from Old South Meeting House on Milk Street is commemorated by a bust ( sculpture ) | bust above the second floor facade of this building
Benjamin Franklin was born on Milk Street, in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1706 and baptized at Old South Meeting House.
The inaugural board meeting of the Corporation of the College in the English Colony of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations was held in the Old Colony House in Newport, Rhode Island.
The dilapidated Old Montagu House was demolished and work on the King's Library Gallery began in 1823.
Old Town House, 1790
* Richard Trethewey, plumber on This Old House
* The Edward Jenner Museum & Old Cyder House Conference Centre
The oldest standing home in Richmond, the Old Stone House, is in use as the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, though Poe never lived there.
The remaining wing of the Old Palace, Hatfield House.
Sometime between the time after Same As It Ever Was, was released, and Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again, House of Pain made a demo tape with the following songs on it: Intro, 3rd Stone From The Sun, Choose Your Poison ( remix ), Irish Pride, Reaching Out, Same Old Game, and Womb To The Tomb.
As the Old Town House bell sounds to mark the new year, the balls are set alight and the swingers set off up the High Street from the Mercat Cross to the Cannon and back, swinging the burning balls around their heads as they go.
* Matter, Evelyn P. The Great House Rapp House Constructed 1826 and Frederick Rapp House Constructed about 1828 at Old Economy.
Old House of Keys, Castletown
The library is located in the " Old House " at Adams National Historical Park in Quincy, Massachusetts.
He began to formulate plans to kidnap Lincoln from his summer residence at the Old Soldiers Home, three miles ( 5 km ) from the White House, and to smuggle him across the Potomac River into Richmond.
He is best remembered for his work in the horror film genre, having directed such classics as Frankenstein ( 1931 ), The Old Dark House ( 1932 ), The Invisible Man ( 1933 ) and Bride of Frankenstein ( 1935 ).
Next from Whale were Impatient Maiden and The Old Dark House, both in 1932.
Impatient Maiden made little impression but The Old Dark House is credited with reinventing the " dark house " subgenre of horror films.
* The Old Dark House ( 1932 )

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