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Oldham and et
et: Oldham Athletic AFC

Oldham and ")
* Greenacres, Greater Manchester, ( also known as " Greenacres Moor ") in Oldham, United Kingdom
The Oldham County boys ' basketball team made its 16th trip to the State Basketball Tournament ( The " Sweet 16 ") in March 2012.
* Ned Oldham bass, backing vocals (" Come a Little Dog ")

Oldham and even
Further variations are to be found within the regions identified below ; for example, towns located less than from the city of Manchester such as Bolton, Oldham and Salford, each have distinct accents, all of which form the Lancashire accent, yet in extreme cases are different enough to be noticed even by a non-local listener.
In 1851, collieries employed over 2, 000 men in Oldham, although the amount of coal in the town was somewhat overestimated however, and production began to decline even before that of the local spinning industry.
Venables did not even make it onto the shortlist of three managers selected by the Football Association-surprisingly this included Joe Royle of Oldham Athletic, who by that stage had yet to even manage a club in the top flight, let alone win any silverware or qualify for a European competition.
They easily defeated Leeds 35-2 in the Championship final, and managed an even greater margin of victory in the Challenge Cup, crushing St Helens 37-3 at Oldham.
Andrew Loog Oldham produced Five by Five and even contributed liner notes ( a tradition begun here ) where he lists the band's achievements thus far ( and stretches the truth by claiming The Rolling Stones ' debut album had spent 30 weeks at # 1 when it, in fact, was at the top for 12 ).

Oldham and very
South Oldham High School in particular, is ranked very highly among state high schools, having been named a national blue ribbon school of excellence.
His very first league goal for the Reds had come on 16 October 1993, when an 87th minute equaliser at home to struggling Oldham Athletic saved the Reds from what would have been one of the biggest Premier League shocks of the season, with a last gasp own goal giving Liverpool a 2 1 win.
Dislike for Manchester United is also very common amongst Oldham supporters, partly fuelled by the FA Cup Semi Final meetings in 1990 and 1994, and partly due to the large number of Manchester United supporters living in the Oldham area.
There is also, possibly, a second significance to the " dom " of which Hugh Oldham, as a churchman, would have been very well aware.
The poem was written in the Oldham dialect of English, and was very popular in the 19th century.
Robins played a very important part in winning the FA Cup for Manchester United in 1990, which was the first trophy of manager Alex Ferguson's reign at the club, scoring the winning goal in the semi-final replay against Oldham Athletic.

Oldham and did
As a result, Oldham played no part in the initial period of the Industrial Revolution, although it did later become seen as obvious territory to industrialise because of its convenient position between the labour forces of Manchester and southwest Yorkshire.
Perhaps surprisingly, the town did not fall victim to any of the race riots which blighted parts of Northern England, including nearby Oldham and Burnley, over the summer of 2001.
In early May 1963, the band's manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, said Stewart should no longer be onstage, that six members were too many for a popular group and that the burly, square-jawed Stewart did not fit the image.
The next season, Oldham did not have the same cup success, but instead found success by winning the Second Division and returning to First Division for the first time in 68 years.
* Mick Jones A long-term assistant to Warnock, the pair did not speak for several years after Jones opted to remain at Plymouth Argyle as manager after Warnock was sacked, rather than follow him to Oldham Athletic.
and slip from the title race after that to finish 4th, but they did reach the final of the Manchester Premier Cup, losing by a last minute goal to Droylsden at Oldham Athletic's Boundary Park.
The railway did not prosper in its first few years and plans were quickly made for the railway line to come nearer the town centre of Oldham.
It did so, to all traffic between Chadderton Junction and Oldham Werneth on 7 January 1963.
Hunslet did not top the championship table at the end of the season, coming behind Oldham, whom they defeated 10-12 in a championship replay after the first match was drawn 7 apiece.
National League Two-Despite winning more games and losing less games than Barrow but only winning 1 bonus point ( to Barrow's 5 points ) all season Oldham finished 3rd in National League Two on points difference behind Barrow who came 2nd and Gateshead who won the league, Oldham would again have to face the route of the play offs and like the previous year Oldham again reached the National League Two Grand Final, this time against Doncaster and like 2007 Oldham again lost to miss out on promotion to National League One losing 18-10 at Warrington's Halliwell Jones Stadium, as a result of not gaining promotion to National League One coach Steve Deakin did not have his contract renewed.
The official in charge of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, Frances Oldham Kelsey did not rely on information from the company of Richardson-Merrell, which did not include any test results.
Oldham turned down the post but did accept the hospitality of the Earl at his seat at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottinghamshire.
However the commission rejected the proposed alternative name ( Oldham West, Chadderton and Royton ) because it was too long and they did not believe that there was a significant amount of support for a name change.
Following this, he did his national service and while stationed in Aldershot joined Farnham rep. Normington joined the Repertory Theatre in Oldham in 1950, and from 1959 to 1962 he worked at the Library Theatre in Manchester.
On 5 October 1990 Pollitt joined Oldham Athletic on a month's loan as back-up for Jon Hallworth but did not make a senior appearance during his time at Boundary Park.
They did however enlist in support, Jody Stephens ( Big Star, Golden Smog ) on drums, Jamie Hoover ( The Spongetones ) on bass, with Spooner Oldham ( Dan Penn, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young ), and Jim Dickinson playing organ and piano on several other tracks.

Oldham and exist
Its earliest parts exist from the site's time as a local workhouse, having been named Oldham Union Workhouse ; Oldham's main hospital was then on the current site of Oldham Sixth Form College.

Oldham and until
Oldham County was a prohibition or completely dry county until January 2005 as the result of a 2004 ' moist ' vote, permitting sales of alcohol in restaurants that seat at least 100 patrons in which 70 %+ of total revenue is derived from sales of food.
From its founding in the 9th century until the Industrial Revolution, Oldham is believed to have been little more than a scattering of small and insignificant settlements spread across the moorland and dirt tracks which linked Manchester to York.
It was not until the last quarter of the 18th century that Oldham changed from being a cottage industry township producing woollen garments via domestic manual labour, to a sprawling industrial metropolis of textile factories.
Said to have over-relied upon the textile sector, as the importation of cheaper foreign yarns grew during the 20th century, Oldham's economy declined into a depression, although it was not until 1964 that Oldham ceased to be the largest centre of cotton spinning.
John Platt was elected in 1865 to become Member of Parliament for Oldham, and was re-elected in 1868 ; he remained in office until his death in 1872.
Oldham Above Town and Oldham Below Town were, from 1851 until c. 1881, statistical units used for the gathering and organising of civil registration information, and output of census data.
Oldham produced all Rolling Stones recordings from 1963 until late 1967 despite having no previous experience as a producer.
Oldham sold his share of the Rolling Stones ' management to Allen Klein in 1966, but continued in his role as the band's de facto manager and producer until late 1967.
A geography teacher from 1960 74, Bennett was elected to Oldham Borough Council in 1964, and served on it until 1974.
In 1988 she became the fostering team leader with the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham until her election to parliament.
He worked as a microbiologist within the NHS for 33 years until 1994, mainly at the Royal Oldham Hospital.
Oldham Athletic's crest from 1983 until 2011
It remained the only public high school in the county until 1989, when the school district was split into two high school attendance zones to handle the population growth resulting from Oldham County's decades-long transition from a rural area to a bedroom community for Louisville.
* 24th ( Service ) Battalion ( Oldham ), The Manchester Regiment ( from December 1915 until May 1916 )
Up until 1996, Saddleworth's official postal county was Lancashire, due to it forming part of the Oldham post town.
Dave Cox coached Oldham for 18 months until December 1978.
Between 1839 and 1844, the area was also the location of Oldham Road railway station, the original terminus for the Manchester and Leeds Railway until the line was extended to Manchester Victoria station in the latter year.
Despite heavy marketing, and many ex-Piccadilly presenters on the new station, Piccadilly 1152 remained Manchester's most popular station, other than sister station Key 103, until the late 1990s when new smaller FM stations in Oldham, Warrington and Bury began to erode away Piccadilly's audience base.
In 1996 97, Town held a mid-table position right up until the middle of March, but then scored just two goals in their last ten games getting thumped 7 0 at Bolton, 5 1 at Oldham and 4 0 at Ipswich in the process ending up in 19th place.
In 1966 Klein bought Andrew Loog Oldham's share of the Rolling Stones ' management, though Oldham continued in his role as the band's producer until late 1967.
During this time she took part in amateur theatre until Carl Paulson, who ran Oldham Rep, asked her to appear in The Boyfriend, which was her professional stage debut.
On 4 March, he joined League One side Oldham Athletic on loan until the end of the season.
Further progress was not made until 1791, when John Rennie was asked to make a new survey in June, and two months later to make surveys for branches to Rochdale, Oldham and to a limeworks near Todmorden.

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