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Olympic and medalists
* List of Olympic medalists in diving
Category: Olympic gold medalists for the Netherlands
Category: Olympic medalists in athletics ( track and field )
Category: Olympic silver medalists for Ireland
Category: Olympic silver medalists in art competitions
Category: Olympic gold medalists for Uganda
Category: Olympic medalists in athletics ( track and field )
Category: Olympic gold medalists for the United States
Category: Olympic medalists in figure skating
Category: Olympic gold medalists for Ukraine
Category: Olympic silver medalists for Ukraine
Category: Olympic medalists in gymnastics
Category: Olympic gold medalists for the United States
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This article includes lists of all Olympic medalists since 1896, organized by each Olympic sport or discipline, and also by Olympiad.
At the 1928 Olympic trials, Nurmi was left third in the 1, 500 m by eventual gold and bronze medalists Harri Larva and Eino Purje, and he decided to concentrate on the longer distances.
Nurmi lived to see the renaissance of Finnish running in the 1970s, led by athletes such as the 1972 Olympic gold medalists Lasse Virén and Pekka Vasala.
Many former Clan athletes later represented Canada during the Olympic Games, including gold medalists Carole Huynh and Daniel Igali, and Olympic medalists Sue Holloway and Hugh Fisher.
Category: Olympic gold medalists for Norway
Category: Olympic bronze medalists for Norway
Category: Olympic medalists in athletics ( track and field )

Olympic and show
Charles was a contestant in the Celebrity Poker Club tournament ( 2004 ) on Challenge, where he reached the semi-finals, and in the Channel 4 reality game show, The Games ( 2005 ), which documented the contestants ' intensive training regime and each live Olympic Games-style sporting event, in which he came fourth overall in the men's competition.
In addition to dancers and performers, former Olympic champions Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill skated on sheets of Teflon that were embedded on the tops of large platforms that were placed on the field for the show.
By the time she was 16, she earned a berth on the U. S. Olympic track and field team and came home from the 1956 Melbourne Games with an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 100 m relay to show her high school classmates.
An early form of show jumping first was incorporated into the Olympic Games in 1900.
Most show jumpers are tall horses, over, usually of Warmblood or Thoroughbred breeding, though horses as small as have been on the Olympic teams of various nations and carried riders to Olympic and other international medals.
In 2005, the popular British automotive show Top Gear aired its " Winter Olympics special ", an episode of various Olympic event-themed challenges involving cars, set in the surrounding area of Lillehammer.
Among the better-known graduates are screenwriters for the television show Friends David Crane and Marta Kauffman, political activists Abbie Hoffman and Angela Davis, journalist Thomas Friedman, Congressman Stephen J. Solarz, physicist Edward Witten, novelist Ha Jin, political theorist Michael Walzer, actress Debra Messing, philosopher Michael Sandel, Olympic Silver Medalist fencer Timothy Morehouse, social and psychoanalytic theorist Nancy Chodorow, and author Mitch Albom.
Image: BBC New Media Village04. jpg | The BBC Media Village, on the site of the Olympic Stadium ( visible in the Background of BBC 1 prime time show " The One Show ").
The first-ever Suicidal Tendencies DVD Live at the Olympic Auditorium, featuring the full show recorded in Los Angeles back in 2005, was finally released on January 26, 2010 by Fontana Distribution via the band's own imprint, Suicidal Records.
Although competitions involving horse riding had been included in the programme of 1900, this was the first appearance of modern Olympic staples such as dressage, eventing and show jumping.
Sportsmen born in the town have included Surrey and Middlesex cricketer Ted Pooley ( 1842 – 1907 ); Eddie Parris ( 1911 – 1971 ), the first black player to play international football for Wales ; Olympic gold medal winning show jumper Richard Meade ( born 1936 ); and two more Wales international footballers, Ollie Burton ( born 1941 ) and Paul Parry ( born 1980 ).
( Often items were manufactured to coincide with the promotion of a motion picture, television show or special event ( e. g. Olympic games ), and are past their prime price.
" He added: " Forty years after the saddest moment in Olympic history-when eleven Israeli athletes and sports officials and a German police officer were killed by Palestinian terrorists-it would have been an excellent opportunity to show to everyone that the sports world stands united against terrorism ... Nobody wants to ' politicize ' the Olympic Games, as the IOC seems to suggest, but Baron Rogge and his colleagues on the IOC Executive have utterly failed-or refused-to grasp the importance of such a symbolic act.
Queer Nation members show up en masse at Macy's department store where Olympic gold medallist Greg Louganis is promoting a new swimsuit line.
Then in 2006, he appeared on the TV reality show Skating with Celebrities on FOX, where he was paired with Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan.
On June 7, 2006 Anita Pointer guest-starred on Celebrity Duets singing with Olympic gymnast Carly Patterson on " I'm So Excited ": on the following night's results show the duo's encore was " Jump ( For My Love )".
TEN performed strongly in the 1980s, highlighted by the broadcast of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, top rated game show Perfect Match, Eyewitness News and early high ratings for acquired serial Neighbours starting in 1986.
During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the channel screened a 17 day, multiple animated show marathon named " Battle of the Animations " involving Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Futurama and King of the Hill.
After moving to the commercial Seven Network in the late 1990s, they scored record TV ratings and gained international notoriety during the Sydney 2000 Olympics with their hit late-night Olympic commentary show The Dream.
The show became so popular that the Australian Olympic Committee included the duo in the Closing Ceremony.
The show was one of the most recognisable on British television, dominating Saturday afternoons on the BBC's main channel and covering nearly every major sporting event in Britain such as the FA Cup final, Wimbledon, the Grand National and the University Boat Race, as well as major international events like the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and the FIFA World Cup.
* Kari Swenson, Veterinarian and 1984 Olympic Women's Biathlon 3 x 5 km relay Bronze Medalist .< ref >< http :// tv. yahoo. com / the-abduction-of-kari-swenson / show / 1468 / castcrew </ ref >

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