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On and Decca's
On May 27, 1957, " That'll Be The Day " was released as a single, credited to the Crickets to try to bypass Decca's claimed legal rights.

On and British
On 10 September 2009, following an Internet campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made an official public apology on behalf of the British government for " the appalling way he was treated ".
* On the British game show Countdown, contestants are given 30 seconds to make the longest word from nine random letters.
* On the British game show BrainTeaser, contestants are shown a word broken into randomly arranged segments and must announce the whole word.
On the fall of the great emperor, Louis XVIII presented this statue to the British government, by whom it was afterwards given to the Duke of Wellington.
On June 7, 1809, Shuja Shah signed a treaty with the British, which included a clause stating that he would oppose the passage of foreign troops through his territories.
More recently, the horn section of Antibalas have been guest musicians on TV On The Radio's highly acclaimed 2008 album Dear Science, as well as on British band Foals ' 2008 album, Antidotes.
On their 1950 tour of New Zealand and Australia they also adopted the nickname British Lions, first used by British and South African journalists on the 1924 South African tour, after the lion emblem on their ties, the emblem on their jerseys having been dropped in favour of the four-quartered badge with the symbols of the four represented unions.
On the far right, towards Foulz, the British battalions and squadrons took up their posts in a double line near the Jeuche stream.
On the Great British canal system, the term ' barge ' is used to describe a boat wider than a narrowboat, and the people who move barges are often known as lightermen.
The ship on which Charles Darwin made the voyage which provided much of the inspiration for On the Origin of Species was named HMS Beagle after the breed, and, in turn, lent its name to the ill-fated British Martian lander Beagle 2.
On either side are six ships flying British flags, some in a state of disrepair.
On 7 June 1753, King George II gave his formal assent to the Act of Parliament which established the British Museum.
On November 1918 the large group of Palestinian Arab dignitaries and representatives of political associations addressed a petition to the British authorities in which they denounced the declaration.
On 9 August 1810, the British appeared at Banda Neira.
" On the publication of the Saville report the British prime minister, David Cameron, made a formal apology on behalf of the United Kingdom.
On his birthday, 16 April, City Lights was screened at a gala at the Dominion Theatre in London, the site of its British premiere in 1931.
The British film industry produced a number of highly successful film series, however, including the Doctor series, the St. Trinian's films and the increasingly bawdy Carry On films.
Most British comedy films of the early 1970s were spin-offs of television series, including Dad's Army and On the Buses.
On January 24, 1776, Henry Knox arrived with artillery captured from Fort Ticonderoga, which enabled Washington to drive the British army out of Boston.
On television, the actor Freddie Jones portrayed Claudius in the 1968 British television series The Caesars while the 1985 made-for-television miniseries A. D. features actor Richard Kiley as Claudius.
* Cyril " Blakey " Blake, the bus depot inspector from the 1970s British comedy TV series On the Buses
On 25 May 2006, the then British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was photographed by The Mail on Sunday playing croquet at his official residence, Dorneywood.
* Richard Taylor and Colin Pritchard, The Protest Makers: The British Nuclear Disarmament of 1958-1965, Twenty Years On ( Pergamon Press: Oxford, 1980 ) ISBN 0-08-025211-7

On and London
On April 17, 1610, the sturdy little three-masted bark, Discovery, weighed anchor in St. Katherine's Pool, London, and floated down the Thames toward the sea.
On 22 February 1945, " speaking from London, Agatha Christie introduced the initial broadcast of the Poirot series via shortwave.
On their tour that year ( 1882 ) the Australians played just one Test, at The Oval in London.
Ralph Vaughan Williams produced his most famous settings of six songs, the cycle On Wenlock Edge, for string quartet, tenor and piano ( dedicated to Gervase Elwes ) in 1909, and it became very popular after Elwes recorded it with the London String Quartet and Frederick B. Kiddle in 1917.
On 11 January 1706, Marlborough finally reached London at the end of his diplomatic tour, but he had already been planning his strategy for the coming season.
It began in the 1948 paper, " On the Problem of the Molecular Theory of Superconductivity " where Fritz London proposed that the phenomenological London equations may be consequences of the coherence of a quantum state.
On hearing the news of the revolt, Suetonius hurried to Londinium ( London ), the twenty-year-old commercial settlement that was the rebels ' next target.
* On vous parle de Prague: le deuxième procès d ' Artur London ( 1971 )
On his visits to London, he would do the same.
On June 23, 1942, he returned to London as Commanding General, European Theater of Operations ( ETOUSA ), based in London, and replaced Chaney.
* von Bismark, Friedrich Wilhelm, Graf, Beamish, North Ludlow, ( translator ), On the Uses and Application of Cavalry in War from the Text of Bismark: With Practical Examples Selected from Antient and Modern History, T. & W. Boone, London, 1855
In December 1944 he recorded Quite Early One Morning produced by Aneirin Talfan Davies again for the Welsh BBC but when Davies offered it for national broadcast it was turned down by BBC London .. On 31 August 1945 Quite Early One Morning was broadcast on the BBC Home Service, and in the three years beginning October 1945, Thomas made over a hundred broadcasts for the corporation.
On his last night in London he had another, in the company of fellow poet Louis MacNeice.
* Alan Turing, " On computable numbers, with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem ", Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Series 2, 42 ( 1937 ), pp 230 – 265.
On 9 August 2010, Eagle Rock Entertainment released Live – The Early Years in the UK as a DVD compilation that includes Fusion – Live in London ( 1976 ) along with never before released live performances at Brunel University ( 1973 ) and on a German TV show Rockpalast ( 1974 ).
On 24 September 2008, Film London, the capital ’ s film and media agency launched The New Black, a two year funding and training programme that will expand opportunities for theatrical exhibition of Black film in London.
On 4 March 2004, at a gala ceremony in London, to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association ( FIFA ), the international governing body of football revealed the FIFA 100.
On 9 April 1626 Bacon died of pneumonia while at Arundel mansion at Highgate outside London.
On the outbreak of World War II, Orwell's wife Eileen started work in the Censorship Department in London, staying during the week with her family in Greenwich.
On ITV's regional news show London Tonight, Brooks was described as " a top-selling, rooting tooting, cotton picking, Country and Western star, yeeha!
On May 2, 2011 they announced their new production " Revenge of the Grand Guignol ", which is to be staged in London from October 25 at the Courtyard Theatre, London as part of the London Horror Festival.

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