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On and death
On the death of their father, they returned to their home in Batavia, New York.
On the anniversary of her father's death she poured out with agonized tears her feelings of guilt about not having attended his funeral.
On Blanche Jacobs, Kitti Gilborn's death had a quite different effect.
On the other hand, Christian faith knows that death is more than the natural termination of temporal existence.
On home sets children were watching the death throes of men who were shot before the paredon, the firing wall.
On the day of his wife's death he wrote two verses from the Psalms, and the prayer, ' O Lord, God of Mercy, unite me in Heaven with those whom you have permitted me to love on earth.
On his death Charlemagne's remains were interred in the cathedral and can be seen there to this day.
On the death of Alexander, around 242 BC, Olympias assumed the regency on behalf of her sons, and married Phthia to Demetrius.
On the death of Edgar in 1107 he succeeded to the Scottish crown ; but, in accordance with Edgar's instructions, their brother David was granted an appanage in southern Scotland.
On attaining his majority at the age of 21 in 1262, Alexander declared his intention of resuming the projects on the Western Isles which the death of his father thirteen years before had cut short.
On 26 June, Alexei died in the Petropavlovskaya fortress in Saint Petersburg, two days after the senate had condemned him to death for conspiring rebellion against his father, and for hoping for the cooperation of the common people and the armed intervention of his brother-in-law, the emperor.
On the death of her father in 526, her son succeeded him, but she held the power as regent for her son.
On Silo's death, he was elected king by Adosinda's allies, but the magnates raised his uncle Mauregatus to the throne instead.
On the other hand, loss of control of cell death ( resulting in excess apoptosis ) can lead to neurodegenerative diseases, hematologic diseases, and tissue damage.
On Arnulf's death in 899, he was succeeded as a king of the East Franks by his son by his wife Ota ( died 903 ), Louis the Child.
On the death of Emperor Constantine I, Athanasius was allowed to return to his See of Alexandria.
On his death, Ammannati won the competition for the continuing of this assignment over other famous sculptors, such as Benvenuto Cellini and Vincenzo Danti.
On the death of Louis II in 1417 it reverted to Savoy, and, although Count René again retook the area for Provence in 1471, it had returned to Savoyard dominance by the start of the 16th century, by which point the County of Provence had become united with the Kingdom of France due to the death of Count Charles V in 1481.
On the death of Ahaz, c. 715 BCE, his son Hezekiah followed a policy which Isaiah saw as dangerous, waging war on the Philistine cities and on Edom even though territory under direct Assyrian control ( i. e., the former kingdom of Israel ) now came to within a few miles of Jerusalem.
On Tiglath-Pileser's death Israel rebelled, resulting in an Assyrian counter-attack and the destruction of the capital, Samaria, in 721 after a three-year siege.
On the death of Pope Honorius II a schism broke out in the Church.
On Queen Victoria's death, they did not have a general staff, a permanent divisional and corps organization, or enlistment by conscription.
On Elizabeth's death in 1603, the 1559 book, substantially that of 1552 which had been regarded as offensive by the likes of Bishop Stephen Gardiner as being a break with the tradition of the Western church, had come to be regarded in some quarters as unduly Catholic.
On the death of Charles II his brother, a Roman Catholic, became James II.

On and 1934
On the night of 14 May 1934, Mandelstam was arrested at his home based on a warrant signed by NKVD boss Genrikh Yagoda.
On the weekend of 30 June 1934, he gave order to the SS to seize Röhm and his lieutenants, and to execute them without trial ( known as the Night of the Long Knives ).
On 12 March 1938, German troops marched into Austria, where an attempted Nazi coup had been unsuccessful in 1934.
On 19 June 1934, the US Congress passed a joint resolution authorizing the President to join ILO without joining the League of Nations as a whole.
On 22 June 1934, the ILO adopted a resolution inviting the US government to join the organization.
On 20 August 1934, the US government responded positively and took its seat at the ILO.
On December 29, 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt transferred control of Johnston Atoll to the United States Navy in order to establish an air station, and also to the Department of the Interior to administer the bird refuge.
On 29 June 1934, Terboven married Ilse Stahl, Joseph Goebbels ' former secretary and mistress.
On 17 April 1934, French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou issued the so-called " Barthou note " which led to concerns on the part of Hitler that the French would ask for sanctions against Germany for violating Part V of the Versailles treaty.
On December 29, 1934, the US Navy assumed jurisdiction over Kingman Reef.
On graduating in 1934, he took a job as a shipping clerk in Birkenhead.
On 28 April, Hitler denounced the 1934 German – Polish Non-Aggression Pact and the 1935 Anglo-German Naval Agreement.
On 30 June 1934 the SS and Gestapo acted in coordinated mass arrests that continued throughout the weekend.
On April 20, 1934, ( as a prelude to the Night of the Long Knives ), Göring transferred the Gestapo to Himmler, who was also named chief of all German police forces outside Prussia ; two days later Himmler named Heydrich the head of the Gestapo.
On 21 November 1934, the German University had to hand over the insigniae to the Czechs.
On 16 March 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act, which requires an annual stamp purchase by all hunters over the age of sixteen.
On July 12, 1934, an adventurer named Boris Skossyreff issued a proclamation in Urgel, declaring himself Boris I, sovereign prince of Andorra, simultaneously declaring war on the Bishop of Urgell.
On the band's tour through the segregated South in 1934, they avoided some of the traveling difficulties of African-Americans by touring in private railcars.
His books of poetry include Poems 1913 and 1914 ( 1914 ); Poems Translated from the French ( 1914 ); Three Poems ( 1916 ); The Barn ( 1916 ); The Silver Bird of Herndyke Mill ; Stane Street ; The Gods of the World Beneath, ( 1916 ); The Harbingers ( 1916 ); Pastorals ( 1916 ); The Waggoner and Other Poems ( 1920 ); The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War ( 1922 ); Old Homes ( 1922 ); To Nature: New Poems ( 1923 ); Dead Letters ( 1923 ); Masks of Time: A New Collection of Poems Principally Meditative ( 1925 ); Japanese Garland ( 1928 ); Retreat ( 1928 ); Winter Nights: A Reminiscence ( 1928 ); Near and Far: New Poems ( 1929 ); A Summer's Fancy ( 1930 ); To Themis: Poems on Famous Trials ( 1931 ); Constantia and Francis: An Autumn Evening, ( 1931 ); Halfway House: A Miscellany of New Poems, ( 1932 ); Choice or Chance: New Poems ( 1934 ); Verses: To H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor, ( 1936 ); An Elegy and Other Poems ( 1937 ); On Several Occasions ( 1938 ); Poems, 1930-1940 ( 1940 ); Shells by a Stream ( 1944 ); After the Bombing, and Other Short Poems ( 1949 ); Eastward: A Selection of Verses Original and Translated ( 1950 ); Records of Friendship ( 1950 ); A Hong Kong House ( 1959 ); Poems on Japan ( 1967 ).
On September 8, 1934, at 16: 20 Kasian Chernuha, Vitaly Abalakov and Ivan Lukin, three members of a Soviet expedition, reached the summit at an altitude of.
On 30 June 1934, Hitler, accompanied by the Schutzstaffel ( SS ), arrived at Bad Wiessee where he personally placed Ernst Röhm and other high-ranking SA leaders under arrest.
On October 16, 1934, a force of 130, 000 soldiers and civilians under Bo Gu and Li De attacked the line of Kuomintang positions near Yudu.
On May 5, 1934, Attorney General Cummings rendered an opinion on the meaning of the terms " default " and " partial default " used in the Act.
On 12 February 1934 the police arrived at the Hotel Schiff to search for weapons.
On July 27, 1934, the city was renamed Ulan-Ude.

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