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On and Shabbat
On each day of the holiday other than Shabbat, these are waved in association with the recitation of Hallel in the synagogue, then walked in a procession around the synagogue called the Hoshanot.
On the Shabbat which falls during the week of Sukkot ( or in the event when the first day of Sukkot is on Shabbat ), the Book of Ecclesiastes is read during morning synagogue services in Israel.
On Shabbat, Jews recall the Genesis creation narrative in which God creates the Heavens and the Earth in six days and rests on the seventh.
On Shabbat, the reading is divided into seven sections, more than on any other holy day, including Yom Kippur.
On Shabbat itself, wearing festive clothing and refraining from unpleasant conversation.
On Shabbat during the week of shiva, no formal mourning takes place, but the day is counted as one of the seven.
On Shabbat ( Saturday ) mornings, a weekly section (" parasha ") is read, selected so that the entire Pentateuch is read consecutively each year.
On the Shabbat all six worked in tandem.
On Shabbat, the reading is divided into seven portions ; a Kohen is called for the first aliyah and a Levite to the second, and a member of another tribe for the rest.
A cryptic story in the Babylonian Talmud states that " On the eve of every Shabbat, Judah HaNasi's pupils, Rab Hanina and Rab Hoshaiah, who devoted themselves especially to cosmogony, used to create a delicious calf by means of the Sefer Yetzirah, and ate it on the Sabbath.
On the Shabbat, festivals ( i. e., on Yom Tov and on Chol HaMoed ), and on Rosh Chodesh ( new month in the Jewish Calendar ), a Mussaf ( additional ) Amidah is said, both silently and repeated by the Reader.
On Shabbat, Luria dressed himself in white and wore a fourfold garment to signify the four letters of the Ineffable Name.
On Erev Shabbat ( Sabbath eve ), Jewish people have a custom of singing a song which is called Shalom aleichem, before the Kiddush over wine of the Shabbat dinner is recited.
On completion of the Shabbat, a special braided Havdalah candle with more than one wick is lit, and a prayer is recited.
* On September 6, 1986, gunmen opened fire during a Shabbat service, which resulted in the death of 22 Turkish Jews.
On Shabbat, all forms of mourning are suspended.
* Korban Musaf The additional offerings for Shabbat: " On the Sabbath ... two male lambs ... fine flour for a meal offering mixed with oil and its wine libation ..." based on Numbers 28: 9-10.
On Shabbat, Hasidim wear bekishes, which are usually silk or polyester as opposed to the woollen frock coat.
On Shabbat and Yom Tov, only 7 blessings are said.
On Friday, May 14, 1948, a day before the British Mandate over Palestine expired ( the next day being Shabbat ), the Jewish People's Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, and approved a proclamation declaring the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.
On Shabbat ( Saturday ) mornings, a weekly section ( known as a Sedra or parashah ) is read, selected so that the entire Pentateuch is read consecutively each year.
On a normal Shabbat morning seven people are formally called up to the Torah, and a part of the week's Torah portion is read by or to each of them.

On and Rosh
On that day the formal New Year for the counting of years ( such as Shmita and Yovel ), Rosh Hashanah (" head of the year ") is observed.
On Rosh Hashanah and other full holidays ( Day of Atonement, Ingathering of the harvest ( Sukkot ), Passover and the Feast of Weeks – Pentecost ) a single Priest perfected two sacrifices in honor of the full holiday, ( Note that festivals such as Hanukah and Purim, are not considered full holidays requiring an extra sacrifice ).
On Rosh Hashanah, something special occurred during the special sacrifice.
" On Rosh Chodesh Kislev, he left his study for the first time in more than a month to go home.
On 28 September Rabbi Hutner and his group were flown back to New York via Europe, and were home in time for the first night of Rosh Hashana.
On Chol HaMoed ( Intermediate Days of Festivals ) and Rosh Chodesh ( New Months ), the prayer Ya ' aleh Veyavo (" May remembrance rise and be seen ...") is inserted in the blessing of Avodah.
On the last Rosh Hashana of his life, Rebbe Nachman stressed to his followers the importance of being with him for that holiday in particular.
* 1890: On September 14, 1890, Ray Frank gave the Rosh Hashana sermon for a community in Spokane, Washington, thus becoming the first woman to preach from a synagogue pulpit, although she was not a rabbi.
On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, in September 1999, a Jewish New Year service was held at the Ohel Rachel Synagogue for first time since 1952.
On the eve of Rosh Hashana 2000, Grossman, a student at Yeshivat Bais Yisroel in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem, hailed a taxi with two friends to visit the Western Wall.
On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, extra prayers are recited and many fast until noon.
" On the day of the incident — Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year — it was manned by 18 Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade Engineering Platoon and the Herev Battalion.
On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Hallel is not said at all, because as the Talmud states ( Arachin 10b ): " Is it seemly for the king to be sitting on His Throne of Judgment, with the Books of Life and Death open before Him, and for the people to sing joyful praises to Him?
On Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, a variety of symbolic foods are eaten:
On Jewish holidays, Rosh Chodesh, and fast days, special sections connected to the day are read.
On January 27, 2008, Rabbi Avraham Friedman was named Rosh HaYeshiva.
On the forenoon of Rosh Hashana, Chaim gets bacon and eggs for his first meal of the day and receives a telephone call from the lady he casually slept with the previous night, whereas Hersh is down by the lakefront guiding his yeshiva scholars in prayer.
On Rosh Hashana, however, these tikkunim could be effected.

On and other
On the other hand, howsomever, maybe you wouldn't either.
On the other hand, we cannot regard artistic invention as pure, uncaused, and unrelated to the times in which it occurs.
On the other hand, the fictional detective does not break strikes or handle divorce cases ; ;
On the other hand, if he wishes to continue in his chosen profession, he must abandon his own code and sacrifice his precious individualism.
On the other hand, Molesworth was naturally assailed in the Tory press.
On the other hand, Arnold's `` The unplumbed, salt, estranging sea '', taken in its context, certainly does so.
On the other hand, Dr. Ezra Styles recorded the following testimony of John Angell, the last disciple of Gorton: ``
On the other hand, he did not want to offend Edward either, and he found himself in a very difficult position.
On the other hand, the consensus of opinion is that, used with caution and in conjunction with other types of evidence, the native sources still provide a valid rough outline for the English settlement of southern Britain.
On the other side are the Celtic survivalists who have taken a tack divergent from both these schools of nineteenth century thought.
On the other hand, the bright vision of the future has been directly stated in science fiction concerned with projecting ideal societies -- science fiction, of course, is related, if sometimes distantly, to that utopian literature optimistic about science, literature whose period of greatest vigor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries produced Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and H. G. Wells's A Modern Utopia.
On the other side of the church was a quiet, well-kept house with shutters and recently painted.
On the other hand, it is no interference with sovereignty to point out defects where they exist, such as that a plan calls for factories without power to run them, or for institutions without trained personnel to staff them.
On the other hand, the new authority of $3,825 million proposed for missile procurement ( excluding research and construction ) in 1961 is $581 million higher than for 1960.
On the other side of the Golden Horn I rode through Eminonu Square, with Yeni Cami, or the New Mosque, which dates from the Seventeenth Century, just across from the entrance to the bridge.
On the other hand, out-of-sight does not lead to out-of-mind when children cannot be easily observed and you have to make a long trek to reach the pool.
On the other hand, the process of obsoleting an old product and introducing the new one is usually mighty expensive.
On the other hand, a similar attack might have been made on City B whose population was known to be lousy.
On the other hand, there are a few antithyroid drugs of this same general type, such as resorcinol, possessing no reducing activity and possibly acting through formation of a complex with molecular iodine.
On the other hand, the temporary reduction in hypothalamic excitability through the injection of a barbiturate into the posterior hypothalamus causes a lessening in frequency and amplitude of cortical strychnine spikes until the hypothalamic excitability is restored.
On the other hand, the null space of Af and the null space of Af together span V, the former being the subspace spanned by Af and the latter the subspace spanned by Af and Af.
) On the other hand, even when the binomial model does not describe well the physical phenomenon being studied, the binomial model may still be used as a baseline for comparative purposes ; ;
On the other hand, the women class members appeared to reach a far greater understanding than have women members in other sections that it is more natural for males as a group to view sex as sex rather than always associating it with love as most women seem to do.

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