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On and comparison
The first paper from his years of study in Paris appeared in Frankfurt am Main in 1816, under the title of Über das Conjugationssystem der Sanskritsprache in Vergleichung mit jenem der griechischen, lateinischen, persischen und germanischen Sprache ( On the Conjugation System of Sanskrit in comparison with that of Greek, Latin, Persian and Germanic ) ( Windischmann contributed a preface ).
In the fourth edition ( 1866 ) of On the Origin of Species Darwin wrote that " the periods during which species have undergone modification, though long as measured in years, have probably been short in comparison with the periods during which they retain the same form.
On one hand, the document says that non-Catholic Christian ecclesial communities that have not preserved a valid episcopate and the genuine and integral substance of the Eucharistic mystery are not Churches in the proper sense and that non-Christians are seriously deficient in terms of access to the means of salvation in comparison with those who in the Church have the full means of salvation.
On the track, their cars were regarded by many as well-designed for their tiny budget ( in comparison to front-runners such as Ferrari and McLaren ), their low position recognised as a result of a lack of funds ( and engine power ) rather than a poor car.
On April 12, 1977, President Jimmy Carter commuted Liddy's sentence to eight years, " in the interest of equity and fairness based on a comparison of Mr. Liddy's sentence with those of all others convicted in Watergate related prosecutions ", leaving the fine in effect.
On 31 August 2011 Cyprus Airways issued its results for the first half of 2011 which showed a loss of € 29, 3 million in comparison to a loss of € 25, 5 million for the respective period of 2010, recording an increase of € 3, 8 million.
On the basis of this comparison, the program could decide to undo what it had started, complete what it had started, or keep things as they are.
On the other hand, Webster's title character in The Duchess of Malfi is presented as a figure of virtue by comparison to her malevolent brothers, and in facing death she exemplifies classical Stoic courage.
On 6 January, negotiations began with the main guerrilla group, the URNG, but this time under the auspices of both the United Nations and the Organization of American States ( OAS ), and with a reduced role of the Guatemalan military in comparison with the previous negotiations.
On the other hand, the necessity of a more stringent selection process for military service, especially in terms of physical prowess and health, restricts the pool of potential recruits in comparison to those a civilian police force could select from.
On page 52 of the book How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff, it is used in a temperature comparison ( both had annual means of 61 degrees ) with the deserts of Southern California as an example of the importance of knowing the range of data used to calculate an average mean.
On the subject of Pat Buchanan's famously combative Culture War Speech at the 1992 Republican Convention, which attracted controversy over Buchanan's aggressive rhetoric against Bill Clinton, liberals, supporters of reproductive and gay rights, and for his comparison of American politics to religious warfare, Ivins famously quipped that the speech had " probably sounded better in the original German ," noting the similarity between the concept of " culture war " and the Kulturkampf of Otto von Bismarck's Germany.
On January 20, 2007, Military Chief General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. announced the identity of the corpse has been confirmed, through a DNA comparison with a brother of the militant conducted by the American FBI.
On the comparison to Dylan, Forbert said, " You can't pay any attention to that.
On the other end of the focal length spectre, Leni Riefenstahl used extreme telephoto lenses to compress large crowds in Triumph of the Will while their allmighty Führer Adolf Hitler is seen through normal lenses and often from a low angle to appear tall in comparison.
On October 16, 1997, Excite purchased Netbot, a comparison shopping agent.
A generation later, Thomas Cajetan vigorously defended Papal authority in his " On the comparison of the authority of pope and council ".
On the contrary, perception of equity and job satisfaction were not related when the outcome in the equity comparison was one of Herzberg's hygiene factors.
On the audio commentary of the Hong Kong Legends ( Region 2 ) DVD, Bey Logan reveals that Chan's last period film, Dragon Lord ( 1982 ), had under-performed at the Hong Kong box office in comparison to the previous one, The Young Master ( 1980 ).
On the other hand, the viability of the project for the host government depends on its efficiency in comparison with the economics of financing the project with public funds.
* On the history of comparison in folklore studies
On GameRankings, the PSX and Saturn versions have an average of 90 % respectively, but the N64 version has an average of only 50 % ( Forbes magazine even called the Nintendo 64 MKT a " particularly horrible game " in comparison to the PlayStation / Saturn version Nevertheless, the N64 version was honored in Nintendo Power Awards ' 96, coming second in the category Best Tournament Fighting Game.
On comparison it was found that the inscription in memory of Alexander corresponded, almost word for word, with the first and last verses of the epitaph of the Bishop of Hieropolis ; all the middle part was missing.
* Pranto and llanto, but not chanto – On Portuguese etymology A comparison of sound changes in Portuguese and other Romance languages

On and first
On April 10, 1904, his first child was born, a son named George after the late Senator.
On one visit he stopped at the office of the American, where he was known surreptitiously as `` the Great White Chief '', and for the first time met his managing editor, fat Moses Koenigsberg.
On July 20, the first drawing of numbers occurred in the Senate Office Building before a distinguished group of congressmen and high Army officers.
On his first trip to the finished structure he boasted that he had built a temple grander than Solomon's in Jerusalem.
On this first venture the central storage is 20,000 gallons, in two tanks, or an average of 400 gallons for each of the 50 homes.
On chemical grounds it seems most likely that iodide is first converted to Af and then to Af as the active iodinating species.
On the economic front, the first priority of these countries is to mobilize a vastly increased volume of resources.
On the positivist theory, everything I sought to express by calling it evil in the first case is still present in the second.
On this giddy and oscillating platform over fifty feet from the floor, after a first dusting, we began to wash.
On her first visit the orthodontist will take x-rays, photographs, tooth measurements, and `` tooth prints '' -- an impression of the mouth that permits him to study her teeth and jaws.
On that first day, Blanche literally thought she was going to die, or, at the very least, go out of her mind.
On the final round at Pensacola, the luck of the draw paired Palmer and Player in the same threesome and, although it was far from obvious at the time, the gallery was treated to the first chapter of what promises to be one of the most exciting duels in sport for a long time to come.
On Thursday, the first day of the Masters, the contest between Palmer and Player developed instantly.
On my first Guy Fawkes Day here, I found Catholics as well as non-Catholics celebrating with the traditional fireworks and bonfires, and was told that most Englishmen either do not know or are not concerned with the historical significance of the day.
On the occasion of a pestilence in the 430s BCE, Apollo's first temple at Rome was established in the Flaminian fields, replacing an older cult site there known as the " Apollinare ".
* 1789 – On the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City, George Washington takes the oath of office to become the first elected President of the United States.
On July 23, 1894, the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal organized what is considered to be the world's first motoring competition from Paris to Rouen.
On September 11, 2008, a United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III successfully completed the first landing in Antarctica using night-vision goggles at Pegasus Field.
Parsons released titles under his name ( Try Anything Once, On Air, The Time Machine, and A Valid Path ), while Woolfson made concept albums named Freudiana ( about Sigmund Freud's work on psychology ) and Poe: More Tales of Mystery and Imagination ( continuing from the Alan Parsons Project's first album about Edgar Allan Poe's literature ).
On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to fly in space, reinforcing American fears about being left behind in a technological competition with the Soviet Union.
On May 25, 1961, twenty days after the first US manned spaceflight Freedom 7, Kennedy proposed the Apollo program to Congress in a special address to a joint session:
In 1989 the first part of his On Aristotle Metaphysics was published as part of the Ancient commentators project.
On December 30, 1943, during the Japanese occupation, Subhas Chandra Bose, who was controversially allied with the Japanese, first raised the flag of Indian independence.
On 8 November 1273 Andronikos II married as his first wife Anna of Hungary, daughter of Stephen V of Hungary and Elizabeth the Cuman, with whom he had two sons:

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